2203. Manosphere

NOTE: At a reader’s request, Gentleman Eric wrote this article. He informs us of some fallout of Feminism made radioactive by men set on revenge.

Others will say this better, but thank you, Eric.


Roosters, Gamecocks, and Capons

‘He rules the roost, she rules the rooster’. So it has been throughout history. Radical Feminism, encouraged by the Political Left, imposed a new paradigm which excluded the rooster. But the male gender did not disappear; however types of males who were once on the fringes rose to prominence.

Now a rooster follows the male nature; defending and providing for his roost, while performing other necessary work. But reactions to Feminism gave us the Manosphere which produces the Gamecock, a rooster who is bred for fighting and competition; and the Capon, a neutered rooster whose only purpose is to be eaten. The Manosphere—which once stood for the rights of men and the dignity of women—has fallen under the misogynist trends of these two types. The Gamecock is represented by the Game movement; the Capon from the so-called Men’s Human Rights Movement; both of which deny male/female compatibility, and both of which accept the terms laid down by the feminists as cultural norms. There is considerable homoeroticism latent in both movements, especially among the MHRM.

Both generally hold a form of gender supremacy, but it is the Game Philosophy which has the most pernicious effects on gender relations (the MHRM is essentially the mirror image of male feminism, which produces Capons as well, though of a different sort).

Not only does Game teach men how to disqualify themselves as suitable husbands/fathers, the male behavior it promotes reinforces the same negative stereotypes of men promoted by the Feminists. Why it is also dangerous is because, like feminism, it employs sexuality as a weapon.

Thus, the Gamecock, true to his namesake, treats gender relations as a war—not the healthy spirit of conquest which is part of the male nature—but indiscriminate conquest for its own sake. The Game blogs are replete with ‘relationship advice’ that sounds like psychological warfare. And to underscore the tendency, they despise all men outside of their movement as inferiors.  But stripped of their neologisms, pseudo-scientific rhetoric, and general pompousness, one sees a common thread running through all their writings: a genuine hatred for women in general. This, in spite of their obsession with sex, is deeply apparent. By extension, of course, the Gamecocks feel nothing but utter contempt for traditional masculinity. In fact, being referred to as a white knight or being accused of behaving with chivalry is considered an insult among their ranks—they laugh at men who respect or value women, because (to their minds), the female nature is inherently corrupt.

     By inherently corrupt, the Gamecocks do not mean the corrupted attitudes of modern women miseducated and disinformed by Feminist culture—what they mean, and explicitly state, is that to be born female is equivalent to being born with a corrupted nature. By their logic, it follows that men are completely justified in controlling that nature, either through force and fear because the corrupted feminine nature will not respond to goodness.

CSW [chaste single women] can avoid entanglements with the Gamecock by being, well CSW. The Gamecock’s only relationship goals are sex and control and he has no power over women who value themselves and their sexuality. Foiled in his attempts at manipulation, the Gamecock falls away and focuses his efforts on easier targets. Since he has no capacity to sustain a relationship, he typically has no desire to continue pursuit of anyone who doesn’t feed his narcissism.

The one type of Gamecock who does pose a danger to women is the one who wraps Game in a cloak of Christianity. The Churchian Gamer—and there are many of them—pose a threat because Christian women may be duped by the pretended Biblical sanction to the Gamecock message. Perverting such concepts as female submission, women as the weaker vessel, the husband as head of the household, &c the Churchian Gamecocks coax otherwise well-meaning women into the Game stratagems.

I use the term ‘Churchian’ because it must be understood that the religion of these men and their camarilla of disciples is Game and not Christianity. It actually resembles, in its teachings, contortions of Scripture most closely resembling the Gnostics. A good way for Christian women to avoid the Churchian Gamecock is to note the absence of a central Christian tenet: any discussion of Love. One can literally search in vain on Churchian Game blogs to find this word even mentioned. If a man talks endlessly about women’s Christian duties of things like submission and obedience, without mentioning either love or reciprocal male obligations, chances are he’s been influenced by Churchian Game.

By all means, stay CSW, if you deserve a rooster instead of a Gamecock or a Capon!

Separately, Eric adds some history to it.

“I actually coined the ‘Gamecock’ term back in my Manosphere days, and opponents of Game still use. It used to be that the Manosphere had an element of bloggers who were trying to fix the relations between men and women. There still are a few, but they are a minority.

“I thought the ‘Capon’ term fit for male feminists and their counterparts in the MHRM. The MHRM used to be A Voice For Men but they’ve largely veered into accepting feminism as the norm, but want feminist social/legal standards to equate to men: ‘Equal Injustice for All’ as their opponents aptly describe their position. It’s essentially male feminism that supposedly wants men to be equal feminists, unlike the traditional male feminists.

“Capons are more common in Europe, but it is a neutered rooster (it’s meat is considered a delicacy, they taste somewhat like pheasant LOL). So I thought it was an apt description of these types, since they behave like eunuchs, the same way that Gamers behave like gamecocks.”


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  1. Cocoa

    Hi, I have couple of questions and … Well, I am shocked! But happy to learn though…

    1. Any hope for cure for these two types? The first is stripped of his natural inclination to respect, protect and provide for women. The second seems to be stripped of masculinity all together…

    2. How badly are these types spread? Only in western countries? Do you see them flourishing in masculine dominant societies, like the Middle East for example?

    Your Highness Cocoa,

    1. Just below That Horse Is Dead spotlights the solution. Her last sentence: “We need a major revival of chaste single women to get things back on track.” I can’t say it better.

    2. I have no idea as to spreading except that where Feminism has infiltrated, I suspect it has begun. As to the ME, they already have women so disrespected that greater control is unnecessary. Just keep them there.


    • Eric

      Miss Cocoa:
      It’s mostly a reactionary movement to Feminism. Places like Eastern Europe, the Latin Countries, and Asia where women have political/legal equality but still have a strict sense of gender polarity don’t have much of these kinds of movements. Some Game practitioners travel to those places, but have little sexual success, except among the local sluts whom the local men avoid. That doesn’t stop them from bragging about their exploits on the Internet as if they were Don Juan, however.

      Part of the problem is that they’ve internalized feminism themselves. THID below explains what women can do. What the Manosphere should be doing is teaching men to cultivate masculinity and reward non-feminist women with its benefits.

      • Cocoa

        Many thank Eric and sir Guy. So like females who abandoned their nature and how God created them and followed the feminist agenda knowing and sometimes not knowing that it’s slowly destroying her and families, men are doing the same, abandoning their nature and how God created them and follow is manosphere teaching. As a defence or retaliation maybe!

        I pray that these men stumble by pretty, feminine, modest, well raised and true to their nature women, maybe then they will let go of the defensive destructive tactics. Maybe!

        Sir Guy tell me, what do you see, hear or observe in the ME makes you think that men do not respect women?

        Your Highness Cocoa,
        What makes me think it? Study of the culture led me and daily news confirms it.

        • Cocoa

          I ask as most of families and homes operates on the principles you cite here. Just stronger more obvious male dominance. Usually it is only observed outside the house but inside the woman is the operator. She’s the one that holds the budget, usually a very tight one. She raises the kids. She assigns chores but girls in the family get to do most of the chores. Like you won’t see a boy vacuuming or washing dished, hell no!

          They leave the house and you find the man drives the car – my mother only learnt to drive after my father passed away, she didn’t need to. He negotiates with the world and she’s there just watching and observing, probably to see if what they agreed on at home is happening. He pays for everything, but based on how she arranged for the budget to run.

          Virtual and actual virginity is the norm. It is awkward and unpleasant for the girl to approach a man.

          It can be very easy that men slip into disrespect but it depends on how the father treats the mother. No such thing as single mother unless a widow of course. The woman if almost fully dependent on the man. He San misuse and abuse her need for him though. I think that single motherhood harms more than benefit the kids.

          The political and legal systems in some countries do support the women but in most, as far as my understanding, do not.

          I am not sure why I am sharing this! But for a while and since I started studying and reading your articles, I see that the standards and the principles of successful relationships between men and women seems closer in the so called male dominated countries than what I am seeing currently in the west. I also felt a bit of responsibility to shed some light on cultures that seems in the dark. And I don’t trust the media that much anyway. They feed us what they want and not necessarily the truth. They have their hidden agendas.

  2. That Horse Is Dead

    Great article Sir Eric,
    I occasionally read “Doc Love” on askmen.com which I assume is Game. They have a pseudo science using numbers for interest level. My understanding of “The System” as he calls it is the male version of hardtoget (also known as Vague & Unavailable) to use disinterest to capture a woman of interest. The “game” as I see it is to keep her interest level above 70% and his much lower. What seems so sad is that men write in to Doc Love who actually like these women and end up losing her much of the time to which Doc Love says they didn’t work “The System” correctly. Of course younger women are called “babies” and they are not viewed as marriage material due to lack of life experience (I think 18-24). The ultimate goal seems to be to weed out the women who are non-givers who won’t make a good wife some day. So is there any legitimacy to this kind of system if a large majority of women are feminists? It is no wonder men are so confused these days. I also ran across “MGTOW” the other day, an anti marriage movement (men going their own way). We need a major revival of chaste single women to get things back on track.

    Your Highness That Horse Is Dead,
    I enthusiasticaly support and ardently endorse your last sentence, but I guess that’s no surprise. I particularly like the way you expressed it.

    • Eric

      Miss THID;
      Thank you! I haven’t read Doc Love but he sounds like a typical Game guru from the description. They all have various formulas and schematas that are ‘infallible’ if worked properly.

      The fact that he disqualifies younger women as marriage material shows he’s a charlatan right off the bat, It’s the feminists who keep advocating delayed marriages and extended adolescence.

      The ‘male hard-to-get’ thing is a major component of Game teaching. They’re under the illusion that women see ‘vague and unavailable’ as a sign of masculine power and strength.

  3. surfercajun

    Gentleman Eric,

    I learned something today…I honestly believe this might say it all… Whoomp!!!! THERE IT IS!!!!

    Thank you for doing this. I feel the magnitude of the difficultly of you struggling to try and finish this for us. A man is never more handsome when giving wise and honest direction to ladies!
    With all sincerity, please let me encourage you to look for and find the sunlight in your current path. 🙂

    In reference to MGTOW… first time i read that was about two years ago talking about the men in Japan. I believe they are refer to grass eaters??? The whole damn thing is so sad and sorted and yes, it is here alive and well in the states… it will take women taking Sir Guy’s advice along with reading and absorbing his article as well as training younger women we have influence over to stop this sorted mess for continuing! Was it Sir Guy that keeps stating: as women go, as goes society.

    Gentleman Eric, I hope in the future we will (hopefully with Guy’s permission) have more articles from you as we miss you when you’re not here! (sweet smile)

    • Eric

      Miss Surfercajun;
      Ha—thank you. It actually didn’t take too much time to write; it’s just that some personal issues came up unexpectedly so writing it got unavoidably postponed.

      ‘As women go, so goes society’ this is why the Cultural Marxists encourage feminism because, through corrupted women they can indirectly corrupt men and children too, and bring down the traditional family &c. And the corruption in much of the Manosphere (along with Male Feminists) proves that the strategy has some effect.

  4. Miss Kitty

    HMM i’ve never heard of the ‘churchian game’ being GNOSTIC
    but then again.. their books are ANTI WOMEN–which came after the bible was written and its a CULT.. and others blame the BIBLE for this, when the bible had nothing to do with this

  5. Tooconfused

    I don’t understand what you mean but game culture being homoerotic, I’m so curious about how that works. Are you saying game cockers are gay or that these men have some kind of sexual bond??

    • Eric

      In spite of their obsession with sexual conquest, the Gamers really don’t care much for the female sex. There’s an obvious bond between then that really reeks of homoeroticism.

      As Sir Guy probably knows from the Navy, it’s typically the guys who boasted the most about their sexual conquests who turned out to be gay. I’ve seen this behavior in gay men a lot.

      In the MHRM, many of its leaders are open homosexuals.

      • Tooconfused

        Oh that confirms what I have already been suspicious about. I was noticing that many of the guys who have pursued me were womanizers, but not the redeemable kind. By being chaste this was the only way to guard myself. I always had this gut feeling these men were gay. In fact more than few of these men gave off this vibe and it had nothing to do with being effeminate – Maybe if you hook up with one too many women in the current sexual marketplace you can turn gay. I don’t know. Have no clue. But it was only these kinds of cads I assumed were on the DL.

        I have heard this with women too. Some very whorish women with more than 50 partners have turned lesbian. Wonder why that is.

        Your Highness Tooconfused,
        This makes the most sense to me. A likely cause for men, so many conquests breed boredom and they seek excitement. As for women, promiscuity breeds guilt and they seek understanding and hope for forgiveness.

        • Meow Meow

          Almost as if too many experiences with the opposite sex leads players (either male or female) to feel a disgust/contempt/boredom for them and so…the turning towards one’s own gender as the “Righteous”/”Smart”/Always correct” ones. It mostly doesn’t lead to true homosexuality but certainly a complete disregard/hate for the thoughts and worth of the opposite sex—more absolute misogyny and brown-nosing each other to see who can put women (or men) down the most. Sort of a pigpile of hate…..Most gay peoples I know were simply “Born that way” and cite examples dating back to childhood when that self-realization first occurred.

          At any rate i love Eric’s article, a lot to think about! Thanks Eric!

          • Eric

            Miss Meow:
            Thank you. Yes, I think there’s a common thread among both types of men: the Capon feels powerless and resentful and under enforced celibacy begins to think homosocially while the Gamecock has sexual escapades out of malice and begins to think homosexually.

        • Miss Gina

          Sir Guy,

          Romans chapter 1 neatly outlines this progression from flagrant sin to reprobate mind to homosexual lifestyle…

          Your Highness Miss Gina,
          Amen, Sister.

  6. Very insightful, Sir Eric. I am especially glad you pointed out one type of predator in the church. We women can be so naive, so it is important to learn what to look for. Male church predators do pose grave danger to women who assume that a man in church is automatically a good man. If Sir Guy would feel led, it would be an excellent topic for a future article.

    • Eric

      The Churchian Gamers are especially bad because they select various passages from Scripture (while conveniently ignoring others) to fool women into thinking that their Game doctrines have Divine Authority behind them. Many go so far as to say that Game is taught in the Bible.

      But this really nothing new. Back in the 2nd Century, St. Clement wrote a refutation of Gnostic sects who were teaching a variation of the same thing!

  7. prettybeans

    Gentleman Eric,

    What an informative article and what a pleasure to read from a reformed gamer.

    I do agree that there is a disturbing homoerotic thread throughout the manosphere as I have observed this myself in addition to the game/warfare techniques being proliferated and what really appears to be a vapid hatred of women.

    As THID says, the solution is a steady conviction to chaste singleness and if I may add to this, ultra femininity.

    Sir Guy,
    Thank you for making access to this material possible.

    My sincere thanks to the both of you as men are never more chivalrous than when they cooperate to reinforce true masculinity and to protect ladies.

    • Eric

      Miss Prettybeans:
      Thank you—I would probably be more of a reformed MGTOW, though. I really never liked Game, or ever practiced it.

      You’re right though, women are going to have to take the lead in combatting these trends among men. In cultures where chaste courtship and ultra femininity are normative among women, men like these are marginalized and monogamy is the rule rather than the exception.

  8. surfercajun

    Gentleman Eric,
    Please don’t think I am stealing your thunder here as I just wanted to say…..


    Much love,

  9. Eric

    Some great comments here; one thing that I should add in addition to women practicing CSW, it would help considerably to educate other women on the qualities that they should seek in a man. A major component fueling movements like these are discouraged men who’ve, all their lives, been watching worthless males rewarded with female attention and sexual favors. Some simply give up and either go MGTOW, gay, or male feminist; others learn from Game that copying thuggish behavior gets (superficial) results.

    • That Horse Is Dead

      Sir Eric,

      There is a large amount of passive men in the church these days. You can read comment after comment of frustrated women on WWNH who experience men who won’t step up to the plate. A perfect example is that recently a man who I would consider good enough for a first date asks me out via email. There are other reports of men passing out their phone numbers. Or, asking a woman out through a friend to make sure she’ll say yes. This just won’t do. So, while we can educate young girls and women on how to look for a man of quality character, we can’t make him demonstrate his masculinity without some “shock and awe” therapy. To me there’s something missing in a man’s character if he’s willing to “go his own way” because the landscape is too competitive. Theodore Roosevelt said that the credit belongs to the man who is in the arena — who errs and comes up short “again and again.” If he fails, at least he fails daring greatly. So, I think that women are the relationship experts for certain. But, if men are getting their worth and value from a woman, then he’s looking in the wrong place. A good book to read about this phenomenon is “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.

      • Miss Gina

        Lady THID,

        You make an excellent point, and that is that without a set of conventional manners, no one quite knows what to do anymore. We end up going our own way, without realizing those “old-fashioned” ways of doing things were there for a purpose. The person on the either end has his or her own ideas of what’s appropriate, but no one is in agreement and people end up with disappointed expectations on both ends. “Anything goes” really doesn’t, does it? Actually, I feel for the guys as much as the ladies on this count.

        I’ve been reading some materials by bloggers Steve and Kim Cooper about a concept they call “re-parenting” as a technique to repair dysfunctional relationships. It probably has wider application than they realize.

      • Eric

        Miss THID;
        To be fair, a lot of men don’t ‘go their own way’ because of the competition—most of them do so because they’ve convinced themselves that ‘all women are like that’ (AWALT). They aren’t the same as the passive men; MGTOWs aren’t approaching women at all.

        I think you’re right, some ‘shock and awe’ is necessary for the passive types. Remember in our culture displays of masculinity are frowned upon, and some men need to feel a ‘safety zone’ before they are comfortable displaying it.

        • That Horse Is Dead

          And it’s exactly that need for a “safety zone” that frustrates so many women until she self-talks her way into asking him out or calling or texting him (or making excuses for his passive behavior) because she doesn’t know WWNH. I’ve also read that men will settle for women who are safe (and not hardtoget) for this exact reason: she poses no threat, no risk, and won’t challenge him beyond comfort level. Sir Guy made a list, I think in the online dating section, but I saved them for qualities to look for in a man: rugged individualism, masculinity, good work ethic, commitment to something bigger than himself, decisiveness, directness, and good problem solving to name a few. This doesn’t exactly sound “safe” to me. As far as the MGTOW group, it sounds as if they are asexual? If not approaching women at all, do they turn to porn or do they just find a women as duty slut? You don’t have to answer, it’s more rhetorical. I do appreciate this article you gave us, very thought provoking.

          • Eric

            Miss THID:
            But when you consider that feminists have educated women to see all men as potential rapists and sexual predators, it’s no wonder men are cautious.

            As for the MGTOWs, most of them turn to porn or other alternative sexuality. The recent advances in robotics technology have many theorizing of a future when women will be replaced by androids.

            • That Horse Is Dead

              I just don’t agree here that men are cautious about asking a woman for a date face-to-face because of the thought of being seen as a sexual predator. Especially if there have been friendly interactions leading up to the asking. As Lady Jill points out below, the church is open season for the Churchian wolves because our men of “character” are wimpy and feminized.

              • Eric

                Miss THID:
                I’ll go into more detail about this in the reply to Miss Jill: but yes, men DO fear this, and with good reason. Feminist laws have thrown such a chilling effect on the modern dating scene that men actually DO weigh the potential legal consequences against their sexual desires. This is of great benefit to the predatory types, who don’t care about consequences.

            • That Horse Is Dead

              “Hey, what are you doing later this week? I’d like to take you for coffee, is there a day you’re free?” — not exactly sexual predator.

              • Shanna

                Lady THID,
                You’re right, it’s an innocent request, but you may be surprised how many women would take offense to being asked out for coffee-especially if the guy doesn’t possess movie star good looks or obvious charm.

            • Beloved

              Hi Eric, you say “The recent advances in robotics technology have many theorizing of a future when women will be replaced by androids.” But Guy has said how important it is for men to conquer an actual person as part of their sexual needs. Also, he has mentioned the whole dominating another person. How do you suppose that might play out when they get tired of their android girlfriends? I would suspect frustration and maybe violence against women?

              • Eric

                Miss Beloved:
                I don’t think that the men who advocate sexbots/androids have thought all the ramifications out very thoroughly. My suspicion is that if there were no women to conquer, they’d subliminate the desire and turn on other men and the world would be in a perpetual state of warfare.

          • prettybeans

            Lady THID or Sir Guy,

            Could you kindly point out where that what-to-look-out-for-in-character list is?

            I’ve not been successful in finding it.

            Thank you.

            Your Highness Prettybeans,
            Don’t think there is one list. However, these articles spotlight many red flags: 765-769, 1412, 1632, 1716, and 1717.

            • prettybeans

              That’s exactly what I was thinking..!
              Thank you Sir

            • That Horse Is Dead

              Sorry I didn’t mean to confuse you, Miss Prettybeans:) I often take notes of things that leave an impression with me for later reference but don’t remember where I find them. @ Lady Shanna, I know there are women who take offense if a man is not charming or good looking — but the women from WWNH are learning to think differently and measure a man by his character and actions that show devotion. I can see how a man may be hesitant to ask for first date (posts “Asking for First Date” I, II, and III, explain this further). However, I stand by my premise that asking a woman out via email, which leaves a paper trail if worried about sexual harassment, is different. It shows a lack of boldness and unwillingness to rise to a challenge, especially when there have been friendly interactions leading up to the asking. At least for me, I am looking for a man willing to step into the arena rather than a play-it-safe kind of guy.

    • Tooconfused

      How is it a reward for those thugs to score the women they do? Unless they scored through penetration after marriage, (which makes no sense b/c thugs + players score before marriage easily) the women they are attracting are usually the same as those thugs. Dumb, insecure, and low quality. Some they score may be beautiful. Who cares? Men easily tire of pumping a beautiful face night after night. Sexual variety reigns in the minds of men. I used to be one of those chicks that thought beauty was everything when it came to how men choose women. Not so. I was able to lure men from dating bombshells to chasing me and believe me when I say I am the epitome of plain jane.

      There are few instances where thugs can get good girls only if that girl was naive and very young. The smarter CSWs would never ever sleep with the players. The other kinds of CSWs may entertain thugs for drinks, dinner, ego stroking and then we ditch them first because we’re busy trying to date good men who are rejecting us. Turns out the good men may be a bit shyer and sophisticated in manners but what good does that do for us when they weigh chasing a CSW against a duty slut??? How many times have I been passed up by a good man for a woman who looks like a warpig? Many. No woman who has dated around is rewarding any thugs. We are way too shrewd by this point.

      Also you shouldn’t feel bad or anything that those girls choose thugs. If they marry the thug they pay dearly -sometimes for life. If they were in a relationship w/ that thug then they usually get pumped and dumped. Heart broken. But again I go back to my initial point. What woman is stupid enough to give her heart to a thug and how is this kind of trophy rewarding for said thug? It isn’t. She is basically a prostitute workin’ pro bono.

      • Eric

        Miss Tooconfused:
        You’re thinking logically; I’m describing how men perceive it. Most men see women as ‘rewarding’ thugs because men aren’t typically thinking through the individual relationship dynamics. Part of the problem goes back to what Sir Guy has said: ‘A man’s greatest fear is insignificance.’ Being considered less than man who isn’t even masculine is doubly fearful.

        The bad part is that the Gamecocks encourage men to behave like thugs in hopes of sexual reward—making the problem even worse. The Gamers as a rule only score ‘dumb, insecure, low-quality’ types, too: and many of them describe their women as ‘prostitutes working pro bono’. But they also believe that those adjectives define ALL women. AWALT is a major flaw in their thinking.

  10. “The one type of Gamecock who does pose a danger to women is the one who wraps Game in a cloak of Christianity. The Churchian Gamer—and there are many of them—pose a threat because Christian women may be duped by the pretended Biblical sanction to the Gamecock message. Perverting such concepts as female submission, women as the weaker vessel, the husband as head of the household…”

    I don’t think you can emphasize the danger of this type of man enough. For someone like myself who saw the ugliness of rampant feminism growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, became a Christian as an adult and wanted to get as far away from feminism as I could, the “Churchian” male was very very deceptive. He still is and he is roaming around in our churches. I think he’s the true “wolf” among the sheep and he is blasphemous because he is intelligent enough to say all the right things and DO just enough of the right things to lure Christian women in.

    The only way to truly discern this type of man (in a day and age when many Christian men are wimpy and feminized) is to watch what he does. Does he keep a job and work uncomplainingly? Have solid, respectful relationships with bosses, parents and siblings? Does he handle frustration without blowing up? Can he join a church and not be head honcho or start his own “ministry” (with his name on it?).

    Discernment takes time. A single woman would do well to ask WISE, insightful Christians for their opinion about such a man’s character but many older Christian leaders have been duped by such a man. Again, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


    • Eric

      Miss Jill:
      That’s an apt description of the Chuchian Gamer. The reason that men of character, though, seek a ‘safety zone’ is because Feminism has taught them to be afraid of interacting with women. In the city where I live, for example, gazing at a woman for more than 30 seconds is considered a sex crime. Seriously, that’s a law here. Women don’t have to be afraid of losing their jobs or being sued or falsely accused for showing normal interest in the opposite sex—men do have worry about these things.

      And also, thanks to feminist no-fault divorce laws, a man is taking a much greater risk committing to marriage than women do.

      Feminism has really created an atmosphere where good men are afraid to act and bad ones can act with impunity. And vice-versa, it’s positioned good women, ironically, into a position where good men have become scarce or unwilling to approach them. The last three censuses have shown that the only American demographic that’s increased are marriages to foreign-born women. The 2010 Census showed that 1/4 married Asian-born women have American-born husbands. The men who are marrying these women are obviously men with the economic means and the desire for marriage & family (the divorce rate in such unions is 18% as opposed to 65% in domestic ones).

      American CSWs have to realize that this is a HUGE number of really desirable men whom they’re losing to their foreign sisters. To marry a foreign girl takes financial stability, initiative, determination, and goals. Those are the kinds of men whom feminist culture is pushing out of the market.

      • surfercajun

        Gentleman Eric,

        That’s interesting post about our foreign sisters. I watched a doc called LOVE ME about men going to the Ukraine to meet and marry women. The set up seems rather cheesy even at ten dollars a pop to send this lady a translated email… one reviewer sums it up like this. If you want to see the most disgusting wedding kiss every filmed, watch the movie towards the very end. As a bonus, you will also get to see a woman dressed as a prostitute walking around a supermarket in a small Texas town. (surfercajun’s note: makes me wonder about the morals of this eh uh lay…I mean lady… sorry!) Overall, an enjoyable film with some cringe worthy moments.

        What this person fails to mention is there seem to be a few scams going on as well and from what I watched, very little done other than the woman’s name taken off the dating site. Seems to be a lot of money spent on the guy’s side. The documentary left me with less than a good fuzzy feeling. One could probably guess there could be a scam on the Asian side as well…. Then again, it guess it is always buyer beware?

        • Eric

          Hi Surfercajun:
          There are a lot of scams going on, taking advantage of men’s situations here. Some men meet foreign women who’ve already come here with their families or are here on business. I interact with some foreign girls online, but in my case they’re all from an area I lived and worked in for awhile, so I know the neighborhood and same people and places they know. So it’s really not much different for me than meeting American women who live in another city.

          A friend of mine married an Italian girl, but he also made extended business trips to Rome—so men who do this probably have better success if it’s a country and culture they know,

          The main issue with foreign vs. domestic women is that the percentages favor the foreign women. A good man just has numerically higher odds abroad.

          • Ely

            Gentleman Eric,
            Interesting I had thoughts about this before on American men marrying or in a LTR with foreign women. In the city I live in I have seen many American men with Asian born women or foreign. I told myself why is that? aren’t American women just as good? What wrong with us?. It intrigued me to search this online and read comments on blogs of American men marrying or in LTR with foreign women. Some men even going abroad with the intentions of possibly marrying a foreign girl. The comments I read was sad to hear and even disappointing. But most of it was some what true. In a blog I read an American men discussing that American women are not feminine (unlike the foreign women) and that he has met more feminist than feminine women.They also mention that today’s generation women don’t like/ don’t want or know how to cook. Someone even warning other men in not marrying an American women. It’s a bit sad to hear that because I’m the opposite of this.

            • Eric

              On Mother’s Day in my city, I went to Chinatown, and I would bet at least 1/3 of the families I saw were mixed race. It was also noteworthy how many looked happy and well-adjusted compared to American families in other parts of town.

              Most of my experiences with foreign women has been in Latin America, and the striking difference is that CSWs are the rule there and not the exception. From what I’ve read of the blogs you’ve cited, it seems to be the same in Europe and Asia. A lot of what’s talked about here on this blog is second nature to most foreign women by the time they’re in their mid-teens. Again, it comes down to the numbers: men are going to go where they have better chances of success.

              • Ely

                “1/3 of the families I saw were mixed race. It was also noteworthy how many looked happy and well-adjusted compared to American families in other parts of town”. Hmm interesting I never noticed that. I have too observe a bit better. I too was in interracial relationship for about 3 1/2 years except It was a reverse role I’m American women and he a foreigner Asian born man (on a student visa). I thought to myself I’ll give him a chance if he treats me well and has the character I was looking for in a husband or a Mr Good enough, then yes I would possibly marry him. But that man has to be really special for me to go that extreme especially if he is a foreigner so he can stay with me in USA.

                But unfortunately he didn’t treat me well, no integrity, selfish, and there was a lot arguments. He even talked a lot about marriage, but there was no good reason for me to sacrifice myself in marrying him, and receiving a green card so easily. I felt I would lose if I was to marry him and he wouldn’t be grateful for what I’ve done for him. I don’t want to sound selfish, but that how I felt and also it’s kinda tough having the women being American and the guy being the foreigner.

                Also another thing what I found a bit disappointing was his thoughts as a foreign man about American women as being or labeled as “easy” based on movies and shows he seen. I remember once he had the nerve to say to me “let’s move in together” knowing very well that I wouldn’t move in with a man unless that man was my husband. I said “yes I would move in, but that man would be my husband not boyfriend” he’s responds was “But I see many American women move in with their boyfriends all the time”, I replied “well not me, if you want to move in I suggest finding someone else who would agree to move in with you”. I had to remind him (because he was comparing to women he’s encounter or what American women are portrayed in American movies) that I was born and raised in USA, but I grew up with Latin American values and morals from my parents. Every since that day he never mention me moving in with him again.

              • Eric

                As you can see, the reverse is also true. Foreign men who don’t want CSWs gravitate towards the Anglosphere where they hope to find easier targets.

                On the other hand, I’ve also talked to high-value foreign men who’ve told me that, after visiting here and dating American women, they’ve learned to appreciate their own women more. American women, overall, do not have a good reputation. Which is sad, because prior to the rise of feminism, foreign men used to come here looking for wives, now American men go abroad looking for wives.

  11. Well now, I’m not sure how I got here, but this post is THE answer to all my questions about this thing called the Manosphere.

    At 27, I’m a woman who hasn’t even been kissed on the lips much less anything else. This is mostly because of how I was raised and the fact that I’m an extremely late bloomer. I always wanted to be married, but my parents told me that no man wanted a woman who was uneducated and that I would find a husband in college/university. That didn’t happen at all, really. Being the ‘religious virgin girl’, I was often overlooked by the guys I liked because I didn’t ‘put out’ and that really made me sad. After college, I had to take care of ill grandmother and when she passed away, I realized that I was still young and still not married.

    I wanted to change that so I started on my ‘dating quest’. I think I came upon this site during those early days and it encouraged me to be more feminine and that was a tough thing to do because I never knew I could be feminine before. And so I decided to improve myself that way, and it worked for a time.

    But then a came upon this thing called the Manosphere and it really made me frightened and depressed. And I thought, “If that’s how men think about women, then I really don’t want to be around men because they are scary.” And it kind of pushed me more towards the feminist’s side of things because the Manosphere was the proof that they were right all along about men. Especially because a lot of the guys commenting are around my age and I didn’t want to marry a man that hated me for being well, a woman.

    So this article actually explains a lot to me and probably stopped me on a dangerous path. Honestly, thank you very much.

    Your Highness Duchessblack,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Glad you stumbled onto us. Smart women are more than welcome.


    • Eric

      Miss Duchessblack:
      Thanks for the positive feedback. Feminism and much of the Manosphere mutually feed off each others’ hatred.

    • Cinnamon


      Leaving behind the”blue pill”/pop culture view of gender relations only to replace it with Manosphere beliefs is like running into Freddie Krueger’s house to escape from Dracula.

      • surfercajun


        …giggles… Thanks! I needed the amusing visual once more!

        Draws circle in the air…. perrfect!

  12. Miss Gina

    To me, so much of this difficulty goes back to young men feeling/being unable to go to a wise father figure for advice and not having gentle but firm feminine moms who spent the time with them that they could absorb and be taught social norms and skills. (Overemphasis these days on socialization of children by other children.) I have to laugh a wry but very sad laugh, thinking of what father (if even around) and mother of so many young people must be like… I think most young men and women deep down want to do right but are very confused. And yet I believe God has some path of restoration. 🙂

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    We’re seven or eight social generations* deep in just what you describe in the first sentence. The shortcomings having compounded every generation until we have a new child-raising subculture in just a half-century. *A new social generation emerges after siblings enter first grade. (New toys, different clothes, modified musical expression, revised cultural standards.)

  13. surfercajun

    Gentleman Eric,

    I know words fail for me putting into writing thankfulness for the article you wrote for us. Even though it scares me that our foreign sisters seem to have a heads up on the rest of us, I know (at least for myself) that I can continue to improve upon what you shared. Perhaps (if this is not so bold and with permission from Guy) another article could be written about the femininity of these foreign women? Maybe we could gain some ground from your knowledge. When you first mention the foreign women speaking directly to me, it made me think of my beautiful Korean friend Lucy. She was so gentle and sweet I liked her instantly! She sold hair jewelry in the Barton Creek mall in Austin. Every two weeks i would go and see her and she was always excited to see me. After awhile she said i did not have to purchase anything, she enjoyed my company. I did not want her to get into trouble so I just about always made a purchase…where am I going with this you ask…well, to make a long story short she quit one day and i never saw her again….. my feelings aside….. I continue to think on her and her sweetness…where ever she is, I hope she is happy… Thanks for allowing the rant. :o)

    • Eric

      Miss Surfercajun:
      It’s hard to define this, but foreign women seem to have an openness and approachability level that Anglosphere women lack. I’ve noticed this myself and other men have told me the same thing. It’s like American women give off a ‘don’t approach me’ vibe, even though some are open and approachable if the man ignores it and proceeds.

      I’ve seen this happen more than once, where I’ve noticed one woman who seemed to stand out from the others in an event or social gathering. Nothing particularly different about their looks or dress, they look like typical single American girls. Invariably, when I talk to them, a European accent comes out.

      I think it has to do with upbringing in a non-feminist culture.

      Sir Eric,

      Re “upbringing in a non-feminist culture.” I agree and take it deeper into the American female psyche.

      1. They don’t like who and what they are. They don’t care enough about themselves to always look GREAT FOR THEMSELVES and to heck with what others think.

      2. It comes from and feeds back into a closed loop, they are not grateful for who they are and what they CAN do for themselves. (Example: mirror time)

      3. Consequently for reason 2, they can’t be grateful for others, which reduces their sense of self-importance, which is their prime motivator in life, which means they are continually discouraged by results in life. Their feminine spirit and female toughness wilt because things don’t turn out as they intend.

      4. And so, when approached by men, they are confused. Do I deserve it? Am I worth it? Will he recognize all that’s wrong with me? How do I hide those things? Is he good enough for sex? Is he the best I can find tonight? He’s such a hottie, how do I not lose him? He strikes me as a gamma but good looking, I’ll have to protect him against all those other gals. IOW, she self-victimizes for the reasons cited in 1-3 above.

      5. By victimizing herself, her self-fulfilling prophecy fulfills from lack of self-respect. Her wish list becomes a gripe list because it makes her feel better.

      Today’s post just happens to be ready about self-respect and being hit upon.


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