2206. Compatibility Axioms #741-750

741. He can’t be successful to himself, if others see him weakened by his wife. His competitors are outside the home. Her dominant attitude can’t be missed there. [255]

742. The sexual pleasures for a woman are outweighed by the other things she needs for a happy life. Men have other interests too and for the most part let sex substitute for whatever is missing. [255]

743. When she makes herself worthy of a man by easily or readily providing sex, it doesn’t matter much if she’s pretty and attractive. Sloppy or comfortable will work for her, but it adds nothing to his reputation for having a good looker. It diminishes her worth as keeper. [255]

744. When you think men are only after one thing, your adolescent side shows. You primarily attract adultolescent men, and they fulfill your prophecy. Mature men figure you offer little else than sex, and they treat you accordingly. [258]

745. Virtual virginity is your best strategy to distinguish mature from immature men. [258]

746. Mature men devote themselves to what they perceive as a good woman, because they seek the pride of fatherhood. Adultolescent men think short term, dislike obligations, have little interest in new responsibility, usually look for another ‘looker’, and promise commitment that has very short legs. [258]

747. You should take advantage of your strengths and give him the appearance of your submissiveness to the man of the house. His perception is reality, and this means whatever he perceives satisfies him. You are far better equipped than he to work out the details to your advantage.[258]

748. A woman’s soft-hearted nature should be reserved for husband and kids. Her hard-headed nature is much more beneficial to her in dating and courtship. Soft-heartedness makes it easier to call a man worthy of her, which makes her vulnerable to join sisters in ex country. Easy to conquer, easy to leave. [260]

749. He cheats on her, so she cheats on him. The former hurts her, the latter terminates their relationship. [260]

750. Women abandon femininity, modesty, high moral standards, and other female strengths just to have a boyfriend or husband they can’t keep. [260]


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7 responses to “2206. Compatibility Axioms #741-750

  1. Cocoa

    I have 2 questions.
    1. Re 747: “and give him the appearance of your submissiveness” is that for prospective wives or for wives?
    2. Re 748: I have a soft heart, extra soft after being a mum, and I also have a very hard head. However, in dealing with people, whether inside home or outside, I don’t find in my nature or I really can’t seperate them. I have a feeling that other females would be the same. In that case I think it is hard to say, I am not married to you yet and all you’re getting is my hard headed side. Now I am married I shall activate my soft heart. I believe they’re intermingled and we can’t separate! Yes?!
    However! If you are only talking about offering her self and sacrificing her assets, in this case you are absolutely right. Just clarifying if you’re talking in general or only when it comes to him trying to convince her to go home with him?

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Re 747: Wives
    Re 748: In general

  2. ari

    Sir Guy,
    This is a great list. However, I am a little confused. You are referring to wives and girlfriends separately at each number.. Yes?

    Your Highness Ari,
    Wives: 741, 747
    Girlfriends: 745, 746, 748, 750
    Both: 742, 743, 744, 749

  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Re: 744 & 746 and the Manosphere article, I saw today that one Churchian Gamer was recommending to his followers that such devotion was a mark of masculine weakness.

    “Mate-guarding is fearful and insecure behavior” he opines “Being possessive is antithetical to the Alpha’s abundance mentality. The Alpha male doesn’t guard his mate(s), because he knows, and they know, that he can replace them with someone as good or better in short order. Far from standing there with his hand possessively guarding her, the Alpha is on the other side of the room talking to younger, hotter girls. In a properly ordered relationship, the woman mate-guards the man.”

    Recall, too, that this is advice ostensibly directed at Christian men.

    Sir Eric,

    And some Christian men will heed what he says. They are the ones whose mothers did not in early childhood teach them to respect others as both persons and of different sex. IOW, their mothers failed to soften the hard-heartedness their sons are born with.

    Red flag, ladies. Even meeting them in church, screen guys (especially alphas who want you to know they are alphas) for how they sincerely respect people. If they don’t respect others without regard for gender, they can’t or won’t respect women or you.

    Are they discourteous to almost everyone on the highway and for little reason? Unconcerned about sick folks or unsympathetic about oldsters in retirement homes or worse? Not empathetic with your family? Can’t be courteous or friendly with those in lower economic life? Rude when restaurant food or service is not ideal?

    Remember, test for softening of his born-with hard-heartedness. Does he always come first? Or is he willing to share his attention and have favorable feelings about others? Or is everyone else (but you of course, or so he claims) either no good or after him?


    • JuJu

      I would just wilt in such a case. I need guarded, not him.

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Sir Eric,


      Leadership and selfish pride/arrogance are opposites. I imagine his real-life relationships with women are highly disappointing to both sides (if he actually has any!).

    • Eric

      I’m still trying to figure out where Christ, the Apostles, or the Doctors of the Church ever taught that male promiscuity and indifference to the feelings of one’s mate was virtuous behavior…

      Sir Eric,
      Figure no longer. Male promiscuity is the direct result of women’s adoption of masculine-style sexual freedom that kills unconditional male respect for the female gender. Indifference to a mate’s feelings arises out of this cause and effect series. Women blame men for not respecting them, which men read as “you should feel guilty,” which men refuse to accept from women, which induces men to seek revenge, which further costs women the conditional respect of one mate for the other, which further inspires men to gather together in the Manosphere.

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