2207. Hits: Tired of Them? Really? Had Enough?

The following seems to be the typical females’ wish list.

1) I’m tired of being hit on. 2) I wish it could be prevented. 3) Except for those men I find desirable for my taste. 4) Even better, how do I attract more than just hits from the hottest hunks and richest guys? 5) Why am I unable to make every desired hit work out to my advantage? There’s one answer to all.

It remains a wish list because women don’t do much about it. They don’t really want to. Though they complain, they are aware that they are complimented. The attention is more important than the discomfort, if that’s what they really feel.

By the numbers above: 1) You may be tired of it but you have to stay home to avoid it and even that won’t stop it all. 2) To prevent it, womanhood has to work together or leave it to government.* 3) To isolate and appeal to those you find desirable and 4) attract the hottest and richest depends on your reaction to keep the ball rolling into something more than just a hit. 5) You’ve not defined clearly to yourself what’s to your advantage. Golden relationship opportunities await in 3), 4) and 5); you’re just not mining it.

Are you interested in mining the gold? It requires the composure and courage to treat all hitters exactly alike in such a way that you earn their respect. It won’t be easy but it can be made simple.

It takes a lot of writing to describe and justify such a simple technique, but if enough ladies are interested….

This is a survey to solicit the importance of the subject. Let me know if you’re interested. If I can make my case, it’s both opportunity and immense advantage to each woman to respond exactly the same to all men who hit on them, including the hottest hunks and richest guys. You can’t equivocate, everyone the same.


*Feminists choose government solutions. Latest development, a city government denies freedom to men. One city (I think in California) has made it illegal to stare at a woman for 30 seconds. More is coming as feminists complain and government responds to their ‘needs’, which disrespects men who then show more disrespect to women. (Manosphere recruits?)


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33 responses to “2207. Hits: Tired of Them? Really? Had Enough?

  1. Cocoa

    Let me know if you’re interested? Always interested sir Guy. Not for the stated reason but to, as you mention above, earn more respect in general.
    I believe I am doing alright but you always add the the wealth of my knowledge and the depth of my feminine nature – which admittedly is partly ignorant.

    May I ask though, the word ‘Hit’ is this a modern word? Slang? What doesn’t mean? Is it a straight compliment, as in ‘I like the colour of your blouse’? Or is it more? Please excuse my ignorance, I always hear the word and I THINK I know what it means, but just making sure so that I am on the same page as my lovely sisters here.

    I am sure it will be such an enriching article(s). Looking forward.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Attention ladies,

      I request that one of you respond to Cocoa with a woman’s definition of Hit. Here’s how she asked:

      “May I ask though, the word ‘Hit’ is this a modern word? Slang? What doesn’t mean? Is it a straight compliment, as in ‘I like the colour of your blouse’? Or is it more? Please excuse my ignorance, I always hear the word and I THINK I know what it means, but just making sure so that I am on the same page as my lovely sisters here.”


    • That Horse Is Dead

      I will take a stab at it, although I think you may have stumped us with the question! I recognize it when I see it, but it’s more difficult to put into words. In my opinion, a hit is an overt expression of attraction or attempt to see if a woman is receptive to his advances.

      • That Horse Is Dead

        To be clearer, I would take the compliment, “I like the color of your blouse” as a hit. Most men who are not interested would not notice your blouse enough to comment about it. He is fishing.

        • Cocoa

          Many thanks THID.
          I think I get it. Hopefully with the following articles I will understand more. Maybe showing interest using a compliment or an indirect way to say I like you rather than the blouse. And I agree, if they are not interested they won’t even notice you let alone your blouse or your earrings!

          I believe I shared this before as I was happy and excited about it. A man told me ‘you are such a girly girl’ . How would you classify this?
          As for me I was happy, didn’t even think what’s in the man’s mind. He was pleasant and respectable.

          Re the 30 seconds staring law. Who’s is going to be there with a stop watch?! Or they are going to take the woman’s (the victim) word for it?!

          • Miss Gina

            I don’t know…this is such a subjective topic. Some men aren’t good with social cues and most men aren’t great, so we have to make allowances. Also, some men in authority (especially in a work or church environment) have a true love for people and may make complimentary comments that are not intended inappropriately. I could see my husband and some other men I know complimenting a woman’s clothing, personality, or appearance innocently. It even could happen several times over many interactions over time, because men live in the moment and aren’t counting how many other times they said something. I also know a married man who touches people on the arm a lot. At first this made me uncomfortable, but I found it is just a part of his enthusiastic way of drawing people into conversation. I think in part you have to take it in context and look for additional cues. For instance, a single coworker may compliment you here and there. Considering the amount of time spent with him, I wouldn’t take much notice. Notice him stealing glances at you, showing up where you are, etc, and it’s something different. A single compliment in a bar, however, can automatically be considered a hit. Just my two cents.

            Your Highness Miss Gina,
            Valuable guidance. Thank you.

  2. Sarina

    Very much interested and appreciative of any explanations. There’s no exception when it comes to hits: whether the guy is nice, attractive or rude, I simply hate this approach, so I don’t care about these guys but I do wanna find a reply fit for all of them.

  3. Sweet Tea

    Absolutely interested in this topic! Looking forward to it.

  4. Emma

    Absolutely interested.

  5. MissBlackbird

    Yes, very much looking forward to this topic.

  6. krysie869

    Totally interested!

    I think I mentioned this in another post, but why would a guy initiate conversation with a woman and maybe even sell himself to her (i.e. talk about his career or childhood, etc and compliment her in some way) and not continue with a hit? I have experienced this with some guys.

    Your Highness Krysie869,
    Sorry, honey, but something in your feedback probably discouraged their interest.

    • Some Other Guy

      Krysie: many men have enough conversational skill to initiate a convo. But many are not skilled enough to know how to recognize that you are interested, and then take that interest to the next level. They have likely been burned before at the point where the conversation transitions from chit chat to expressing interest. Most normal men have no idea when you are interested in them or not. So it takes a strong ego to open themselves up to rejection.

  7. vashti

    Yes I’m very interested

  8. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    I think the California city was San Francisco. It’s also illegal in Seattle.
    According to the census, both cities have the highest populations of homosexuals, I doubt if that’s a coincidence with laws like that.

  9. kebe

    Absolutely interested! Please keep us posted with your thoughts on how best to conduct oneself in such a manner.

  10. Shanna

    I’m interested! This is a great topic.

  11. Some Other Guy

    Regarding leaving it to the government: this is precisely the reason you are seeing a huge decline in men that are even remotely interested in marriage. We have gotten to the point where we have criminalized male desire. Be a man on campus who has a consensual sexual encounter and he may just get thrown in the clink because the girl changed her mind after the fact. A guy gets married and lives in fear that his wife will accuse him of abuse or spousal rape just so she can divorce him and take the kids and his money. Stare at a woman for 30 seconds and get an ordinance violation. Make a joke at work and get fired for sexual harassment. I have been happily married for 26 years, but I tell my boys to stay away from marriage. There are far too many ways for a man to come out on the losing end of the law in marriage.

    There will continue to be a shortage of marriageable men until women stand up and defend men to the politicians who pander to the feminists. I will not try to minimize the damage that rape and spousal abuse pose to women. But criminalizing all men is not the answer to that problem.

    These anti-man laws had good intentions behind them, but they carry some unintended consequences. We are now seeing those consequences come into view.

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    Welcome back. It’s always a pleasure and informative to read you.

    • Eric

      Some Other Guy:
      Another consequence we were discussing is that marriageable men are exploring non-feminist countries/cultures looking for wives. It must be increasingly difficult for American CSWs because, as you mentioned above, men aren’t really expecting to find them here.

    • Miss Eliza

      I take your points but I do think it’s a shame that you’re advising your sons away from marriage. Maybe you could advise them how to find women such as the readers of this blog? I know that’s difficult though because most modern women don’t seem to be like us. It’s just a bit sad to think they might end up old and alone and that you might not have grandkids.

  12. Lady Penelope

    I am most certainly interested! I hope you do elect to write about it.

  13. Miss Gina

    Yes, and especially interested in advice for married ladies ( which I understand probably leads in another direction). I am not sure I get right the balance between faithfulness to husband and polite appreciation for a compliment. Have read at least one article here that touches on the subject but would appreciate more specifics.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    How about this? Men are seldom more pleasant than when they confirm my husband’s compliments. Thank you.

  14. ari

    Interested? You bet I am.
    Thank you for considering our interests and writing about this (I hope) which will help us show men respect even when uninterested in their hits.
    And about Sir Eric’s comment about these laws I am increasingly convinced that heterosexuality is in fact highly offensive to the LGBT people. These laws… The hate is coming from them not the other way around as they would have us think.

    • Meow Meow

      I would say, not hate, fear if anything. i work with many LGBT people in my job and everyone’s an individual, but I have never heard any of them promote hate towards straight people.

      Your Highness MeowMeow,

      Most of us have the same experience. However, the political activists stir hatred because that’s what they learned from other ‘victim’ minorities seeking to win political favor.

      As Marxsts proclaimed half a century ago, “Everything is political except politics and that’s personal.” Translated: Every minute of life should be lived according to Marxist ideology. Today, that translates into using hate, which means it must be lodged in one’s heart. So, look more at what’s happening outside the workplace, in the streets.


  15. Dove

    Tired of getting hit on. Seriously?? When someone makes a pass at you (especially if they don’t tend to be offensive), aren’t you supposed to be flattered?

    If those women who get tired of getting hit on are the same as those who complain about not finding good enough men…goodluck to them.

  16. prettybeans

    Always interested Sir Guy! It is always a pleasure to read and learn from you

  17. Lyndeeloo

    I’m interested in learning more about this topic!

    Until reading this blog and some other helpful resources, I did not welcome being hit on, and didn’t know how to react to being hit on, so I tried to prevent being hit on!

    I had been taught (and believed) that if a man made a pass it was because he “only wanted one thing”, and that if I responded any way other than coldly, I would be sending the message that I was “that type of girl”. As a result, when I was hit on, I didn’t know what to do except to be cold, and the encounters were unpleasant to both the men and myself. I didn’t like those feelings, so I learned to give off the vibe that men should not approach me. As a result, most men did not approach me, but those who did tended to be the kind of men who were not very aware of social cues. Therefore, I began to believe that I was only attractive to weirdos. I couldn’t understand why the good guys didn’t approach me. I had very low self-esteem for a few years.

    I wonder if this is similar to the experience of other women.

    Now, I’m much more comfortable with being hit on, but could always improve on my skills! I welcome advice, Sir Guy!

    One thing I struggle with is how to handle being hit on when my boyfriend is nearby. Sometimes I’m approached and flirted with when we’re out together, but he’s across the room, etc. He usually has a mixed reaction: flattered that other men pay attention to me, but a little angry at the same time. I feel uncomfortable in these situations, and my old instinct to be cold rises up again. But I’m at war with myself because, I don’t want to be rude to the man who is hitting on me. Plus, being cold takes the fun out of the interaction 😉

    Your Highness Lyndeeloo,

    Re with boyfriend in the vicinity.

    Respond as if you’re a wife. Such as, “My boyfriend likes that about me too. He’s right over there. Ask him if it’s okay that (whatever hitter proposed).

    Or, “You’re much like my boyfriend, who’s a very good man. But he’s the one who owns me for now. You don’t qualify but you’re pleasant enough.

    The important thing is to take control and prevent any loss of dignity, worth, or deserving to be hit upon by such a creep that may also creep into your mind.


    • Miss Gina

      Your Highness Lyndeeloo,

      You are not alone. I had the same feelings in my single days.

    • I am married and still get hits (How is a guy supposed to know, after all) So I usually acknowledge by saying something chirpy but not rude—like “Well thank you, Mister.” Brief enough you can cast over your shoulder as you walk away (Assuming you are in a place where you CAN walk away of course!) It seems to bewilder guys—I think they’re happy I said something to acknowledge their appreciation, but the formal “Mr” at the end connotes both respect and distance.

      Your Highness MeowMeow,
      Good technique.

      • surfercajun

        About two years ago I was walking in Lowe’s and I hear from behind me,” I like your skirt.” It was a man’s voice which surprised me. As he walked by I said thank you. For some reason I remember him as he had a beautiful black and red flame helmet. (motorcycle?) I remember him just walking by and wondered to myself why did he say that walking behind me? Interesting enough it is a long 3 yards of flowing denim going all the way down to my ankles. It is very feminine lookin’.

    • Lyndeeloo

      Sir Guy and MeowMeow,

      These are helpful tips!


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