2211. Hits: Graciousness Wins Respect

Females are both complimented and blessed when men hit on them.

Your physical attractiveness is complimented by his motivation to hit on you rather than someone else. So, what does ‘blessed’ mean in this context? Each hit is a perfect opportunity to promote who and what you are to both yourself and others. Specifically, to earn more respect from other people and thus promote your agenda with more of their goodwill.

More importantly, it provides opportunity to embellish the respect of others for you as person, woman, and your other roles in life. Example: Dignity adds respect to persons. Standing up to stronger sex adds respect to weaker sex. You earn both self-respect and respect of others by assertively (not aggressively) defending your social status, standing, and preferences (married, independent, picky about associates, discreet about sexual matters, sensitive against pushiness, prejudiced against men who don’t know uninvited hit from pleasant approach).

Being a pushover to men on almost any matter is to lose respect or opportunity to gain more. You won’t like this, but saying “I love you” so early in the relationship game and so often before marriage suggests you’re a pushover. Eat those words, make him earn them. Expressing your feelings makes you feel good, of course, but in the long run respect is more important to keep a relationship going.

Relative to men, women can’t have too much respect. It’s the counterbalance to male dominance. That’s why feminine mystery, female modesty, self-centered vanity, and insistent monogamy work so well. Indirectly, those traits let a woman stand up inside and politely strengthen her will against a man’s will. Being so indirect, she doesn’t push any buttons that might offend him. To him, that’s just the way she is—shrouded in mystery, modest to a fault, vain beyond belief, faithful unnecessarily. When those traits are developed and improved at the mirror, she more easily earns additional respect, which means better foundation for a guy’s love.

Did you get that point? Mirror time leads to better love by some man.

You deserve to be blessed but you have to earn it in today’s social scene. As already proposed in earlier posts, a mighty breakthrough awaits you ladies who fear or resent hits especially from ‘undesirables’. It’s a garden path walk into much greater respect for you as person, woman, and all those other things that you are and do. In effect graciousness dealing with ‘undesirables’ (for your life) sells you as highly respectable person. Observers note that they also deserve at least your graciousness, which is an indirect compliment to them, which adds to their respect of you.

I know you neither want to be told how to handle hitters or to change to something you view as fearful or too difficult for your spirit as woman. But you can’t enjoy more of life’s potential advantages unless you change your game plan.

Consequently, its more reason you ladies should welcome all hits and should teach yourselves to gain all the benefits available.

Reminder: Welcome every hit and treat every hitter exactly the same. Hottie, undesirable, or weirdo, exactly the same. In the face of tough times of what to do next, especially those times that discombobulate most people, a woman’s graciousness shines brighter than her attractiveness.

We’re not done with hits; the interconnections are almost endless, but you’ll have to put up with some repetition necessary to sustain the context each time. More tomorrow.


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4 responses to “2211. Hits: Graciousness Wins Respect

  1. eighteen

    Reblogged this on myfemininecore.

  2. Miss Gina

    Graciousness is something we ladies have to figure out on our own these days. I see it as delicacy about others’ feelings handled in such a way that they never feel hurt or exposed but valued instead, even when receiving a negative response. It does not look like sickening sweetness, but it is related to discretion. At the same time, the practitioner maintains high self-respect and good boundaries, which only makes the graciousness more appreciated. It is not the same as being a doormat or just overlooking all offenses, though part of it may at times be overlooking some offenses. (And there are rare times when it’s best to ditch the graciousness and be straightforward.) There may be much more than that. Maybe it could be summed up as “soft hardheadedness.” This is one thing I have been praying for more of; it truly applies in every area of life. Any and all practical and specific examples are welcome.

  3. Kay

    I recently began reading your blog. Your insight and wisdom on how women can better understand and relate to men is priceless. There is a video on You Tube called,” Economics of Sex”. This video is also priceless. Please share it with your readers. Our culture has gone straight down the tubes. Hopefully, one young woman at a time,we can turn it around. Keep up the good work Sir Guy!

    Your Highness Kay,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    You’re right about the Economics of Sex. Thanks. You ladies should view it, although the perfect sense of it will not amaze you.


  4. Sarina

    The society puts a lot of pressure on women to be butch, to be tough as a machine. I’ve noticed how you need to have more manly qualities to succeed lin life. Rarely have I met a truly feminine woman, because it’s not the norm. Anyway, I’m wondering what does a guy think when a woman is aggresive? meaning loud as in screaming at him or swearing, because there are voices that promote this sort of reply, they say it puts men in their places and makes them shut up.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    Of course it puts men in their place: away from her. A woman’s aggressiveness ignites competition. A man will take it if she’s protecting her sexual assets or preserving virginity, but for nothing else. She will be paid back if he does bother to stick with her awhile.

    Those voices are radical feminists, perhaps closet feminazis, or complete innocents trying to self-forgive their dumb behavior.


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