2215. Compatibility Axioms #761-770

761. Hunter-conquerors appreciate tantalizing, challenging, and hard-to-capture prey. It motivates men to investigate a woman intensively instead of just for sex, but only as long as she refuses to yield the first time. [265]

762. Modern women fall prey to the feminist idea that patriarchy is conquerable by cheap and easy sex.* Men now exploit to their advantage the superior tactic developed by women, that of being hard to get aka vague and unavailable. *Actually sex compensates men to keep them acquiescent for all the disrespectful treatment they receive based on feminist values now embedded deeply in the culture. [265]

763. When women sour on their marriage, they turn against men. When men sour on their marriage, they turn against marriage. [265]

764. What makes sex cheap? The same thing that makes anything cheap—oversupply. Women are more in charge of their destiny when they make a man ‘purchase’ exclusive rights through marriage. [265]

765. Postmodern thinking has young women mimicking teen boys; e.g., in the company of men they cheer strippers on to raunchier exhibitions. (See Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy) [265]

766. Their nature and interest differ markedly on this subject. He’s made one way, she’s made another. She wants them to be more alike, he wants them to just get on with it.

767. Women nurture, men lead. Women want to be nurtured intimately in their sex life, but men don’t do intimacy all that well. It makes them feel feminized, wussified. They’re conquestidors, not nurturers. (Doesn’t mean they can’t be conditioned to more effectively please their woman her way.)

768. Her needs for attention and affection are minor compared to his need for acceptance as sex partner—that is, if she’s to be a keeper.

769. His primal motivations are conqueror’s role before and conqueror’s rights after their first sex together. Conquest itself must have pleased her, or she would not have yielded. So, why should anything else be needed?

770. Male sensitivity about his sexual prowess exceeds female willingness to complain. Women intuitively know this. So, they complain to sister females rather than to their man.

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