2219. Compatibility Axioms #791-800

791. She’s easy to forgive but never forgets. He’s slow and difficult to forgive but easier than her to forget.

792. She expects him to read her mind about her wants, needs, and desires. He expects it to be unnecessary. His prowess and stamina will make the marital ball roll just fine, thank you very much.  [271]

793. Women talking can’t alter the nature of husbands. Wives do better figuring things out by themselves than seeking aid and comfort with the ‘enemy’—sister females who are not above stealing husbands by exploiting weaknesses their wives described previously. [271]

794. Women are not alike in wants, needs, desires, drives, and erogenous zones. Each can solve her own problems in her own home. God designed and Nature gave her hard-headed expertise to deal with men, and soft-hearted plus relationship expertise to deal with a man. [271]

795. Women talk about their wants, needs, and desires but skirt around their sex drive. They know intuitively that advertising it virtually admits to a promiscuous and perhaps sexually hyperactive past. [271]

796. Women complain and blame men about being inconsiderate. After years of Internet and entertainment media bashing of males, complaints continue. Do women expect different results from doing the same thing?  [271]

797. Continuous delays of conquest set up a battle of wills. The more she wins—through her hard-headed will and especially light-hearted wit—the more influence she gains for making his natural dominance acceptable to her.

798. A man’s dominant attitude bows to those he fears, respects, or loses to competitively. By refusing to yield unmarried sex, she out-competes him and earns respect for her restraint. She respects him and shows gratitude for his patience and whatever else he does—except for yielding to him. It makes her more valuable and generates fear of losing her.

799. As his fears mount for losing the woman of his dreams, his resistance weakens about loss of independence.

800. Conquering a virgin—real or virtual—is not about her but him. Her uniqueness uplifts his significance more than other conquests. After conquest, however, she’s sexually like all the conquered. What all else she has to offer and he finds satisfying to him is what keeps him with her.


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3 responses to “2219. Compatibility Axioms #791-800

  1. Emma

    Mr. Guy,
    I have a question regarding handling the divorce question from potential suitors. I have been separated, going through the divorce, not living with the soon to be ex for 6 months separated for 8. How does one handle the question what’s ur status without causing too much chaos or questioning? Over the weekend I ran into this question and for the first time I felt odd, obviously it came from a man – asking where is your husband and do you still live together. My response was no and brushed it off. But it made me wonder, what does a gentleman think of such situation and what would be the perception. I obviously don’t want to send the wrong message that I am available, but I was indeed out having a good time. 😀

    Your Highness Emma,

    He took your ‘no’ as a challenge, your brush off as no interest in him although he may try again to check out your interest more thoroughly. I say may ‘try’.

    As to your message and having a good time. Stay upbeat and throw challenges around. You have to have interested parties to someday have a pursuit or two. Turn your misery over to God and enjoy yourself by challenging men with light-hearted but only half-dismissive responses that don’t reflect badly on them. You could perhaps be interested someday.

    Always smiling, comments such as the bullets below send indirect messages of hope to men. Let them find out the hard way (after showing more interest in you personally) that now is not the right time. Practice before your mirror and it will help prevent guilt that you could have done better.

    Have multiple responses available and use them when questioned about your personal availability. Here are a few examples:

    • Depends on who rings and what the ring looks like, but for now
    I let my cell protect me from personal questions.

    • No ring, no booty. Still interested? (He says, yes, and you say, Good we can work on diamond size some day soon. Smile and depart.)

    • Where were you when I was available? Try again next week/month/year.

    • If I say no you’ll take it wrong. If I say yes you’ll take it wrong. So, my mouth is closed until something more promising than a question shows up.

    • Wrong time, wrong question. So, whether right guy, right woman remains an open question doesn’t it.

    You will be questioned, which is complimentary. So, learn to tease, delay, smoothly dismiss but have fun doing it. Dodge discomfort by making them uncomfortable. They will only dismiss you if you can’t rise above your misery, which shows all too easily when you’re focused inward and fearful of being approached or questioned. So, restore your dignity, prepare and smooth out some responses (mirror time), and show willingness to interact with you apparently in control of your life.

    Not sharing your particular conditions helps puts you there. Make them earn disclosure of personal details by investing their time and effort to figure you out. You don’t have to date them for it. Just associate amicably and keep personal matters on the sideline. Your reputation will help spread your cause.

    I know you’re not ready yet, but that’s not important to them if they really find you attractive and virtuous. So play up life by being prepared to handle men to your advantage. It’ll help you later screen for Mr. GoodEnough.


    • Emma

      Beautiful….. I love your last two sentences. They have to earn full disclosure. I must say, the question of why I was divorce was about to come up…. I am very private, so my response was more aligned with “things didn’t go as we had planned”….. and then said something positive, like I am enjoying life for now and always hoping for the best. These man, were obviously trying to fish for info. I was very aware, so I asked the question, why aren’t you married or have a significant other?! Obviously, the man in this table said, we haven’t found the right one, I left it at that and smiled. 🙂
      Oh, I must add that one of them added, there aren’t nice girls anymore. I thought it was interesting…

      I thank you for your counsel, I think that looking from the outside, dating now seems to be so different and difficult. Married life may had been hard but I think it was better than figuring this whole game all over again.

      Your Highness Emma,
      There are many articles about dating and courtship, online and personal. You may find something of interest there.

    • Beautiful advice for those of us who may not yet (or ever) be ready to step into the mating dance again but who want to maintain a fun and flirtatious attitude for our lives and the men in it…This reminds me a lot of the French/European custom of vive la difference….we don’t have to act on it, but i like to think putting out and receiving messages that we find ourselves, others, and life in general attractive brightens everyone’s day!

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