2227. Relationship Strategies: Marriage (cont’d)

Saturday I ran out of mental steam on post 2226 and didn’t do justice to the worst picture part. I asked for help and I’m grateful that Eric and Sufercajun responded. So I continue the list that was introduced with the following as part of the preface.

It’s the worst of times. Honeymoon over, they squabble themselves into a temporary marriage. Modern wives look for more personal happiness. Husbands look for more personal satisfaction. Too easily, they find distractions more interesting than their spouses.

17. She convinces herself that her expectations are perfect for their relationship. Consequently, she nags and nags, which has an effect unrecognized as contrary to her wishes. While nagging reinforces her conviction that he’s the cause of their shortcomings in life and relationship, she blames him to relieve her guilt. Both blame and guilt fail to impress him except irritatingly, which reduces her worth to and influence with him.

18. Even after marriage, she’s in competition with sister females. New wives ignore or quickly forget it, if they ever think about it. It becomes evident when she changes in spite of the wishes of men that their woman won’t change. Who a man marries confirms his investment; it’s who he wants for life. When she changes, his return on investment sinks, which signals mistake, defeat, or loss, which opens both his eyes and mind to a better ROI, which suggests another woman. For example:

a) She finds temporary happiness by being more comfortable, convenient, and perhaps sloppy with her appearance. She ignores premarital standards that he found attractive and virtuous. He loses interest in her appearance, which makes her less worthy of his undivided attention, which induces admirable and virtuous thoughts about other women.

b) Thinking marriage to be her victory, and perhaps trying to copy men, she elevates her priorities that don’t concern him. She takes him for granted, which makes anything and everything else more important than he is to her, which nullifies any claims that she respects, is grateful for, or depends on him. IOW, she tosses aside as unusable any manly significance that he brought into their marriage.

19. Touting constructive criticism, she criticizes his driving or other ability. He may be aware of his shortcomings, but hearing it from his woman produces the effect opposite of that she intends. Directness doesn’t work for her just as surely as indirectness does.


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2 responses to “2227. Relationship Strategies: Marriage (cont’d)

  1. eighteen

    Reblogged this on myfemininecore.

  2. Sharon

    Sir Guy, you are spot-on with this list.

    Your Highness Sharon,
    I love it when pretty women tell me such things.

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