2229. Compatibility Axioms #801-810

801. If not dumped after conquest, she’s somewhere between booty and keeper. Conqueror’s rights are stronger with the former. They weaken at the keeper end, especially if virtual virginity taught him to be fearful of losing her. [273]

802. Masculine-style sexual freedom empowers women for sex, but it greatly weakens their power to counteract a man’s natural dominance. [273]

803. Men marry the unique sex target attention-getter, but how long will it last? She lured with and put his focus on sex, and so many other sex targets pass by as she and their relationship age. [274]

804. Lower moral standards provide fewer opportunities and incentives for women to screen men and learn to better judge character for mating. [274]

805. Newly divorced men and widowers have to retest their mettle. Do they still have their studliness? Did marriage improve it or cause divorce? It makes a rebound target more easily disposable. [274]

806. Sex easily or casually provided makes a man also look elsewhere. First-time sex denied makes him focus on the here-and-now woman. Conquest is his strongest and most primal urge. Keeping him interested in sex that morphs into more interest in her is a function of her not yielding. [274]

807. Sex for couples just verbally committed to each other teaches men they need not devote themselves to one woman. Words are easily duplicated to another whereas actions are not. (Although bigamist-minded men may view that as a challenge.) [274]

808. The greater the prospects of being rejected by a woman of interest, the less likely a man will intrude on her privacy or what’s none of his business. Consequently, polite but not permanent rejection serves women to condition men to meet female standards and live within their expectations. [274]

809. If premarital, she’s in charge of both changing his conquering spirit and defusing his conqueror’s rights. Virtual virginity lays the best foundation. [276]

810. She craves attention and affection from her man to acknowledge her importance to herself. Her sexual preferences and expectations are less important. Given that men have affection delivery disorder, progress made toward fulfilling her basic needs may provide better results than judging against his sexual approach. (See 1755 regarding his and her A.D.D.)  [276]

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