2231. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 02

  1. A husband’s expectations for the present outweigh his wife’s expectations for their future together. It’s more his dominant nature than disrespect or lack of consideration for her. IOW, he automatically chooses his preference for now except given logical and non-emotional reason to accept her desires for later. It’s one hurdle that indirectness clears by ‘forcing’ her to deal logically and non-emotionally with him.
  2. Men really don’t want to fully understand their woman. They expect her to be loyal and thus agreeable without his having to work for it. It’s a ‘labor-saving’ benefit that imaginatively comes with his giving up his independence. That’s enough. If she’s other than agreeable to his wishes, men don’t really care to know about her reasons. It might cause guilt, which men dodge because it begs for action and they have limited ability or incentive to take action based on guilt imposed by someone else. Men end up ignoring or forgetting such impositions of guilt and thus bypass getting to know her as well as she desires.
  3. If you want to appear as a chaste single woman (CSW) these days, get your hair done in a beauty parlor. It sends a message—at least to you if not everyone else—that you can’t jump in and out of bed and shower with a quick rinse and dry. A short, well-coiffed, parlor-fixed hair-do sends the opposite albeit subliminal message.
  4. Women habitually go in public wearing sweats and clothing designed for comfort, which encourages overeating by suppressing feedback. The results reduce masculine appeal, which men acknowledge with much less attention. Money spent on attractive clothes discourages spending money on high calorie foods.
  5. If you have little or no interest in making yourself clean, neat, and attractive just to pick up your spirits, why do you expect men to take a liking to a missing feminine spirit?
  6. The potential for multiple orgasms makes women interested enough and available for impregnation but flexible enough to live with infrequent sex. It fits in with their natural adaptability and survivability, which enables the species to survive and thus makes females the superior gender. Men aren’t so sexually fortunate, but they have the freedom which promotes hit and run and wham, bam, thank you ma’am and better fits their nature.
  7. The nature of men is to look for the most efficient manner to gain frequent and convenient access to sex. When women enable it without marriage, they change ‘men’ to ‘women’ in this Henry David Thoreau quote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”


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12 responses to “2231. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 02

  1. Could you explain this sentence further; ‘It’s one hurdle that indirectness clears by ‘forcing’ her to deal logically and non-emotionally with him.’ What is the hurdle?

    Your Highness Caitlinshea3,
    The hurdle is whatever stands in the way of getting him to listen and accept your way of thinking, your contributions to decision making, your having influence with him.

  2. Is being femininely indirect amount to also being logical and non-emotional?

    Your Highness Caitlinshea3,

    No. Indirectness forces women to be non-emotional and find ways to be logical in order to match what husband listens and hears—which may be no more logical and reasonable than he claims for himself. He expects to respond to wife when she makes sense according to his way of making sense, says things the way he would say them; logical and reasonable, that is, or so he claims. (And, darling, it’s his nature more than what you do or how you say it. Successful wives train husbands to morph themselves out of such apparent arbitrariness and stubbornness. IOW, he likes being less that way and more favorable to her.)

    Consequently, indirectness calls for advance consideration and planning rather than always responding directly.


  3. Jen

    #5 is something I’ve firmly believed and adhered to my entire life! It is so, so true, though many of my female friends refuse to or cannot believe it. Alas, they are also missing out on the confidence and thus better mood gained by making themselves look the best they can. No, we cannot all be model-gorgeous, but Doing Our Best To Look Our Best is truly mind-changing…and that alone might end up changing the course of our lives. Such a very simple concept sounds absolutely bonkers, but it’s also absolutely true.

    Your Highness Jen,
    I love it when pretty women say such things.

  4. Emma

    Happy belated Father’s Day!

    Your Highness Emma,
    Thank you, sweetheart. I love it when pretty women throw pick-me-ups my way.

  5. Hmm, interesting. This made me chuckle, “Men really don’t want to fully understand their woman”…and…”If she’s other than agreeable to his wishes, men don’t really care to know about her reasons.” It’s quite true. Perhaps men feel undermined or disrespected there? I know my husband likes to feel as if he has considered my wishes and if I object, it tends to imply he hasn’t.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,

    To fully understand women forces men to logically and reasonably consider the female gender to be superior. Men can’t admit to that and manage their best interest with their natural dominance. So they hide behind the excuse that women can’t be understood.

    That’s why feminine mystique and modesty are so effective for shaping the behavior of men who can accept symbols of female superiority without admitting any loss of dominance or granting any sense of superiority. The female nature senses the potential for argument, dodges it with more female strengths, and manages to win the contest of wills through long range marriage.


    • Cinnamon

      Sir Guy,

      You have often said that the female sex is the superior sex but I have never really understood why. I do understand the major differences between men and women as taught at WWNH but why are women deemed”superior?”

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      It’s going to take an article, which should post in a day or three.

      • surfercajun

        Hey Cinnamon
        (BTW I have always thought your username wonderful)

        I might have partial answer for this one… hope you don’t mind. :o)

        In one of my books talking about sirens the authors speaks of her childhood. She also mentions her maternal grandmother teaching of the woman’s gentle sex relating,” Women have all the natural emotional intelligence, and men are given only blunt instruments.” “…but they are such delightful creatures. Try to be a little forgiving.” The authors grandmother held a belief that women had superior tools in which heart and human relations are the only ones in which really mattered. I also took it to mean having absolute confidence in her allure, celebrating men, and embracing life.

        The author then broke down five archetypes. I have heard of more but these were the easiest in which to remember….
        Women-Goddess (men: to dream),
        Women-Companion (men: to connect and validation),
        Women- Sex Kitten (men: to create and multiply),
        Women- Competitor (men: to conquer or tame),
        Women-Mother (men: to be nurtured)

        Anyway, that is why we are the superior sex in which most of us (including myself) lost our way or not taught the skills in which we have (within our feminine heart) It feels right for me most of the time in its feeling on how to act, and what to say at times. If unsure, I begin to pray and wait for an answer. Practicing fruit of the spirit (to me) seems to draw out most of my feminine qualities. So I always want to build on what I already have as a foundation!

        Please understand Sir Guy will have a different answer than I but your excellent question made me think of my book. :o) THANKS!!

        • Meow Meow

          i am fascinated by archetypes. They represent those primeval forces inside us that we live with today. Do you remember the name of the book? One that helped me a lot to understand myself and accept the value of the feminine was “Being a Woman” by Dr. Toni Grant. I believe she wrote about archetypes as well. Perhaps it was the same?

          Also, wonder what the “Archetypes” for men are, as well? Or if they have as many as women? “Lone Cowboy”, “Explorer”, and “Scholar” come to mind….

          • surfercajun

            Hey Meow Meow,

            You asked if I remember the book. YES! It is called Simply Irresistible (any Robert Palmer fans?) by Ellen T. White. I would put a link here but I know everyone has their own favorite place in which to look and don’t want to clutter Sir Guy’s site (smiles sweetly at Sir Guy) I will check out the book you recommended as well!

            As for guy’s having their own archetypes, yes they do. The best one I have found is from a book call Created to be his Helpmeet by Debbie Pearl. Men fall into three categories. Commander, Visionary and Steady. They are usually stronger in one and fall slightly into the other two archetypes depending on the character of the man, as well as his upbringing. I gave the link from another thread but If you want you can look up the (book) title and plug in chapter 8. It should pop up. Thanks for asking!!

            • Meow Meow

              Thanks Surfercajun! I’ve never heard of those books before but they sound fascinating. I’m pretty sure the one I mentioned is out of print but its a great read if you can find a copy…..very compatible with Sir Guys views, but written from a female perspective.

        • Cinnamon

          Thank you Surfercajun. I am looking forward to Sir Guy’s article where this subject can be discussed in more detail.

          P.S. Your name is wonderful too – I always think of “Jambalaya” when I see it, which is one of my favourite songs. I mean, is there a happier song anywhere? 🙂

          • surfercajun

            Hey Cinnamon!

            Thank you so much for the compliment! That’s so sweet!! Jambalaya huh? …giggle yeah, that’s a great song. Since you mention the song’s name it reminded me of a time in which I took Chinese food and turned it into something which resembled a dish from LA . My kids were wanting to know what I called it. I named it Dirty Jambalaya! Don’t you know they STILL talk about it? I just made up the dish and the name on the fly…. I surprise myself at times…. :o)

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