2232. Your Heart Says This About Men — Part I

Post 2228 asked for responses to this question, what does your heart say about men? With only minor editing for blog style, typos, clarity, and readability, the answer nevertheless grew into a three part series. Part II is the list of what you ladies declare to be in your hearts. It’s amazing how men are put down in society when they have all the blessings cited tomorrow. Many blessings that men either inherit at birth or are trained predominantly by women in early childhood. Part III is a list of beliefs that I think reside in the female heart, or at least most of those hearts, and from which women earlier trained the men in your life.

Note this. The preponderance of your opinions in tomorrow’s Part II are based on character rather than how men treat women. IOW, you judge the background of masculine motivation rather than the results produced. It is significant for woman-think and this series.

The female heart judges men as unique persons and good or bad men rather than husband/father/lover/friend aka their roles in a woman’s life. Why? Because that’s how a woman’s heart operates; it’s her mind that judges men for their fulfillment of their roles in life. It make this difference in relationships: Her heart finds greater respect and dependability in a man’s character than how he treats her. Her mind works just the opposite.

Thus, the female heart works best to figure out how to shape a successful marriage, which tells men they don’t have to be perfect (but which they presume) in order to be appreciated as husband/father/lover/friend. OTOH, when the female mind dominates a relationship, her man is too easily judged for the quality of fulfilling his roles in life, which she finds him wanting and hopes to correct, which causes failures in changing him, which frustrates her to try harder, which causes nagging, which causes his disinterest in listening to her, which nullifies her influence, which increases her frustration, which begins another trip around the same relationship-busting loop.

When her heart dominates, she captivates a man by focusing on him. When her mind dominates, she decapitates a relationship by paying too much attention to people and factors outside of ‘us’.

Now, if your heart can find all the blessings cited in this series as inherent in men, how can you miss having a happy life with one of them? It only requires this: Rely on your heart and not your head, believe in yourself more than what others say, and follow your instinct and intuition to do it all with indirectness rather than trying to be directly in charge.

Since women who rely on their hearts are the buyers and men as sellers must come up with acceptable marital promise, women smartly give the illusion of being the weaker sex, which subliminally compliments men as the stronger sex, which men fully expect their woman to not only acknowledge but keep others from detecting otherwise, which strengthens compatibility, which enables women to breathe harmony into a family. She ties it all together or it doesn’t get tied.

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One response to “2232. Your Heart Says This About Men — Part I

  1. SouthernBelle

    I don’t know where this inquiry fits best. I am baffled by what men do and do not remember; from things he has said, to events he has participated in, to what seems to be random memories. I’m trying to fairly manage my expectations. Sir Guy will you provide some insight on this please?

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