The Garden of Eden produced other sex differences that add credence to the supposition that females make up the superior sex.

Hopes and Dreams.

Women are born to be happy but they have to earn it in ways that are more difficult and complex than what men are destined to earn. Compared to men who don’t have to, women are made to cooperate and work with and through others. They find happiness beyond the gratefulness they manage to engender in both themselves and on behalf of others.

Female hopes and dreams originate shortly before puberty. Dreams are of ultimate happiness born out of girlish hope and imagination and surrounded by whatever determination is being developed in a girl’s character at the time. It’s a powerful combination of thought and intention that steers her as a woman. Unfortunately as women later discover, it also lays the groundwork for many and sometimes awful but recoverable disappointments and frustrations they encounter along life’s way.

Reality often alternates women between misery and deliriously happy, but they remain more adaptable than men. They think, work, and live for the long term, only to find they must live in the cooperative short range in order to accommodate the competing and sometimes unreasonable interests of the men in their lives.

Men are very unlike women in two regards that are significant here. First, their counterpart of female happiness is satisfaction; personal satisfaction earned by what they do, achieve, accomplish. They earn satisfaction daily on their jobs, hobbies, and playtimes. Fulfilling hopes and dreams is relatively easy because man are made to compete and accomplish things by themselves. Second, although men have dreams for the future, their vision is much shorter than for women. They have less interest in adaptability because they rely on male dominance to get their way. They have less interest in survivability because their dream vision is much shorter range than women’s.

Consequently, female hopes and dreams are directly connected to their ability and fuel their motivation to adapt and survive, which adds to their ability to handle men to the advantage of women and children, which adds to the notion that dominance can be out performed.

Other female advantages also arose out of the Garden of Eden. It’s next, hopefully tomorrow.

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