2245. Favored Quotes—Collection 43

These quotes reflect the wisdom of ladies and gentlemen who comment on WWNH articles and comments. I have fallen behind paying homage to the best of the best, so the list is longer than usual.

“It seems that the earlier generations of women were soft and delicate on the outside but tough inside; today’s women are the opposite.” [Eric at 2141]

“Something about a woman who seems content in her world–completely oblivious to her self-doubts–makes men long to join her there.” [Miss Gina at 2131]

“For me, the benefit of remaining chaste comes AFTER deciding to FIRST respect men, marriage and myself…it’s a byproduct, not a “how can I get what I want” attitude.” [My Husband’s Wife at 1107.]

[For her to pay for a date,] “any part of it, is to muddy up what seems like a rather honorable intention, his showing his worth to her.” {MLaRowe at 2049]

“When somebody has hurt you, don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, and don’t rehearse it. Instead, disperse it and God will reverse it! That means don’t complain about it, don’t think about it over and over and don’t constantly talk about how hurt you are to other people. Instead, disperse it to God.” [Avid Follower in NYC at 2022. Guy adds: It’s an excellent way to add magnificent character strength to oneself.]

“It is hard to know that other women wind him up [with thoughts of sex], even if he is faithful and only satisfies himself with me. Still, I am glad I didn’t damage our relationship (any further) by picking a fight.” [Maria at 2001]

“But I believe that what people yearn for is something closer to traditional male/female roles. Men as nurturers and women as conquerors does not satisfy us on a deep down instinctual level. Society says it is OK, but deep down it just feels wrong.” [Some Other Guy at 1013]

The fact is, because men tend to think less of a female if she has sex with a man, and from this springs all forms [of] female sexual dishonesty. Because shame NEVER creates virtue it only hides vice.” [TheShrinkingBlackGirl at 1898 in response to Some Other Guy. Underline added.]

“In younger days I competed with men the way women compete. Now I tend to look at it like, everything he’s doing is to pump up his ego, but it’s also to impress me. I appreciate the effort and it makes me admire men more altogether I think!” [Tica at 1908]

“The first thing [ogling other women and lustful thoughts] do is ruin that feeling of being desired which equates to feeling loved to a woman.” [Stephanie at 1803, emphasis added]

“I think good strong men can smell desperation on a woman and enjoy a strong emotional woman that can hold her own, raise him some sass when needed, and have a childlike attitude.” [Surfercajun at 2112]

“Define ‘chasing’ a man? The best description I’ve heard is a woman should plant the ‘seed’ [and] just make sure not to water it too often.” [KitKat at 2134]

“WWNH teaches a woman to find gratitude, for Mr Goodenough’s virtues. I find that when I put this into practice, Mr Goodenough’s flaws become inconsequential when measured against his strengths.” [Cinnamon at Manly Claims From Birth]

“A man marries the woman whom he can’t live without, not the one who can’t live without him. And it seems the two are mutually exclusive!” [Anonymous at 2164.]

“I heard once that a weak woman says, “I can’t do anything without a man.” A strong woman says, “I can do it myself.” But, a feminine woman says, “I can do it myself, but it’s more fun to have you do it for me.” [That Horse is Dead at 1269]

This is my favorite today. “Could it be that seeking to be likable and seeking to be respectable work against one another because seeking the latter encourages one to enforce boundaries and the distinction between one’s own interests and those of others, whereas the former encourages one to weaken boundaries and compromise self-interest in order to get along with others?” [Denise at 2075]


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14 responses to “2245. Favored Quotes—Collection 43

  1. Mrs. Anonymous

    Making your favored quotes list brings a smile to my face 😀

    Your Highness Mrs. Anonymous,
    Congratulations, darling, on your marriage. I bet he married over his head; the good men do and that’s the foundation of them becoming the best husbands. I hope you plan to include the joy and psychic income of having kids. I think the blog has a lot of tips for making it both simple and rewarding.

  2. Eric

    Thanks for the quote: it’s sad but true…

  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    I have a question because of a topic in the news lately. It seems like the majority of single women I’ve encountered have embraced this whole ‘Rainbow Pride’ garbage to the point where I almost feel like moving to Russia just to get away from it! Say that you don’t approve of so-called ‘Gay Marriage’ and it’s like a deal-breaker for them. I’ve had some success trying to reason on philiosophical grounds sometimes, but the stranglehold this movement is gaining on our culture is making things look very grim.

    I’m sure that you know where I’m going with this: you’re old enough to remember WW2 and we both knew family members who went through it. When I see gangs of homosexuals parading around in costumes, under an international peace symbol, scapegoating a major religion, and putting their ideology above nation, religion, laws, and family rights as litmus test of Political Correctness; I think of the German Stormtroopers and the Italian Carabinieri circa 1934.

    Sir Eric,

    I see things just as you do and I’ll add these points.

    • The single women you mention have been caught up in the newest political movement, sex for pleasure. They’re also getting into porn much as men do. As for now, they piggy-back on the gay movement.

    • The gay community has been absorbed into the political class and the majority’s interest forever nullified. The majority keeps dividing into small minorities so that there is no majority except those that go along with whomever wields the political power.

    • SCOTUS has again unconstitutionally mixed itself into the legislative function, which provides ever more leverage and power for the lawyer community.

    • Stormtroopers are here in the form of military-equipped SWAT teams invading homes for suspected misdemeanor offenses.


    • That Horse Is Dead

      Sir Eric, I don’t know where you live, but it sounds quite liberal with all the women you describe. Are you fishing in the wrong ponds?I live in the South and can assure you that is not the case here. Trust in the Lord, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

      • Eric

        Miss THID:
        I live on the Pacific Coast (enough said LOL). I do an awful lot of ‘fishing’ on the Internet anymore. I thought about moving to the SE at times—I grew up in Missouri, and was in Arkansas and Louisiana often when I was younger.

    • surfercajun

      @ Gentleman Eric,

      I hope I am not over stepping here, if so please ignore me.

      Just a suggestion of course, (smiles sweetly)…. but traverse over to It’s Not the Men It’s the Woman and read KQ’s Open Letter to Graydon Carter – Editor of Vanity Fair Magazine – Re: “Caitlyn” Jenner Front Cover

      Mr. Makow’s site: “Scalia called the gay marriage decision ‘a naked judicial claim to legislative– indeed, super-legislative – power.”

      When I read your post I thought of this article. I am sure you already know this well. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=118130
      (with Sir Guy’s permission of course)

      ..there is nothing new under the sun. (sigh) I don’t HATE anyone but this being rubbed in my face is really to much at times!

      I have only met one homosexual man I had respect for. Why? Because he did not advertise it nor told me. He was a very private man.
      (But you could tell.) He said very little or joked to make others feel more at ease. He once shared with me that he was a concierge at a Ritz Carlton for many years. He always acted in a classy style in which I admired him for. Not much ruffled HIS feathers and was extremely generous with what he had.

      Think that is what I miss at times…. looking at people’s hearts. I must be out of practice….what a shame.

      • Eric

        Miss Surfercajun:
        It used to be that men did a lot of self-policing among our gender to spot homosexuals and keep them at least contained, (or as pop culture says, ‘closeted’). The social reasons for this was to protect boys, as a start, but also because that subculture has well-known anti-social proclivities. It’s noteworthy that even during some of the most degraded and degenerated epochs in history when it was widely practiced among the elites, nobody dared normalize the practice or call it a marriage.

        • surfercajun

          @ Gentleman Eric,

          I believe I have begun to grasp what you meant by the women back then were soft on the outside and tough on the inside. I was watching a Netflix Series 3 Ep 1 of Poirot by Agatha Christie and this was the dialogue that reminded me of that statement.

          Couple riding on separate horses……
          (man remarking about women working in the field) Man: I wouldn’t thought that’s women’s work. She replies: There’s a war going on. We’ve all got to do what we can. (I noticed the *we* and no pity card)

          I took that mean, even though the chips were down, they saw what needed to be done so pulled their weight the best they could but never forgot the fact they were still women. And from what I was seeing of the riding couple, she dressed in a feminine like manner. She may had pants on while riding the horse for her pleasure, but she had a practical hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes and a white feminine top with a pretty sailor type collar. ( I replayed it so I could get a good look) :o)

          I noted her caring ways in which she noticed her riding partner had a cane and asked alarmingly if he was in any pain while riding. If we ladies are truly feminine, I feel we are sensitive enough to show concern for another human being. (actually typing this out reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara working the fields with her sisters) Hmmm, again with a war going on.

          Which reminds me of something else yesterday at a grocery store. A male employee stopped what he was doing in order to help the cashier get another dozen of eggs for a customer. He happily did then joked with the customer telling her to *catch* has he walked towards her then handling the egg carton to her while he smiled. I giggled at the scene playing out in front of me amused at what was going on. The customer ( a woman) then went on how she just remembered to pick up something else…. she turned around and went back into the main part of the store. As the guy walked off the cashier told him thank you (using his name…sorry don’t remember) but the women that walked past me back into the store thanked him in which only I could hear as if to herself…… I thought it so rude.

          As I was about to leave, I almost ran into the same guy. I exclaimed I was sorry not meaning to try and hit him. His response was quick, “Run over me so I can go home!” So of course I giggled and he grinned at me.

          • Eric

            Miss Surfercajun:
            That’s a good description of what I meant. Today’s women instead want to dominate men but play the victim card at every opportunity.

    • Eric

      Sir Guy:
      The thing that’s especially troubling about the SCOTUS decision is that it basically puts a lifestyle choice under the anti-discrimination laws. There are already proposals being floated that religious organizations who refuse to recognize homosexuality be stripped of their legal protections. That’s already happened to some religious schools in Canada.

      As for the single women, you’re likely right. The frustrating thing is that it seems to be an even lower bar in the dumbing-down of the culture. Not only do they know nothing about the male nature, they don’t even seem to understand what the purpose of a relationship is.

      And the worst thing about it all is that Government/Media/Academia Complex has taught them that their own ignorance is superior wisdom; and that people who have traditional views or even common sense are fools and bigots!

      Sir Eric,

      Right on the anti-discrimination laws.

      2nd para: Fair appraisal and good conclusion.

      3rd para: If women would read Orwell’s “1984” they could see what’s coming to the minds they will shortly be dealing with, including their children. I’ve got to get a copy; I can’t remember all those terms such as group-think et al.


  4. KitKat

    I am stunned that one of my comments was listed on Favorite Quotes. KitKat at 2143. We agree on practically nothing as I’m sure you would consider me a feminist though I don’t think of myself as such. Anyway thanks, I must admit I’m a little flattered that you found something of value in what I said.

    Your Highness KitKat,
    Everything you say is of value. Disagreement does not affect value.

    • Stephanie

      That is a great quote Sir Guy. I must add it’s so nice to be able to express ourselves freely as we come to understand the male nature. I’m shocked and sickened to see how so many of the women I know think like men in regards to sex now days. I feel like they judge me for my beliefs. Or maybe my beliefs make them feel judged? I have led quite a few women onto this blog. There is something of value to be had by all, due to Sir Guys dedicated posts and to the many commenters. I can’t count the times I’ve used this blog to help me get over a psychological hurdle in my attempts to believe in and create a healthy relationship. I greatly appreciate everyone’s contribution.

  5. surfercajun

    WOW! I made the list! I feel like I am the *Dean’s list*!! But then again, well I am! (winks at Sir Guy)

  6. My Husband's Wife

    Still have a smile on my face seeing the favored quotes page today. I also want to thank all the commenters on this site who engage in such interesting dialog. I learn so much from your wisdom, experiences, questions. Coming here is always one of my favorite places to be.

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