2246. Favored Quotes—Collection 44

More quotes reflect the wisdom of ladies and gentlemen who comment on this blog. I remain behind paying homage to the best of the best, but I will catch up.

“I think it’s this way due to the difference that a woman’s feelings are more integrated with her actions than a man. His brain is more compartmentalized, so sex for the sake of seeking pleasure is definitely more of his nature as he can easily disconnect the two.” [My Husband’s Wife at 2151]

“You can learn so much from dating. But only if your legs are crossed and you read WWNH. Thanks for the post Guy!” [Tooconfused at 2174.]

“I think when trying to resolve problems, women may try to explain/analyze in detail exactly what’s bothering us, when it’s really much more devotion-generating, effective, and plain fun to let him sit and suffer while he works it out for himself.” [Caitlinshea3 at 1717. Guy adds: Men more easily believe what they figure out than what they are told.]

“Because they don’t respect or value women, they’re surprised when a woman doesn’t live down to their low standards.” [Eric at 1868]

“Many women crave cinnamon rolls when they really need a hug.” [Shanna at 2128]

“I believe women today have been conditioned to believe femininity is a weakness and not a strength. They do exactly as you say (adopt habits that go against their nature) and then can’t figure out why men react to them in an undesirable way. If they would embrace their femininity, their lives would change so much for the better.” [Cinnamon at 2032]

By providing men with admiration, and women with importance, both sexes can interact harmoniously.” [Laceagate at 1460]

“That so many bad [relationships] exist is because too many women still think that a marriage, any marriage, even to an unstable or irresponsible man, is better than staying single. Too many women also think that having a boyfriend, any boyfriend, even an unstable or irresponsible one, is better than none.” [Elisabeth at 1721]

“I believe that if just a small number of us challenge our sisters to “cowgirl up,” they eventually will. … The idea that men will self-correct in the presence of her high standards attractively presented without blame seems nearly miraculous to us women but is a secret of powerful female influence.” [Miss Gina at 2200.]

“Male attraction is born and innate. It may evolve due to personal experiences and tastes, but men are not that susceptible to media images. Many studies across many different cultures have found that men universally are primarily attracted to 2 things in a woman: Youthful looks and an hour glass figure. Most other qualities, like thick lustrous hair and clear glowing skin are attributes of youth. So a young looking, hour glass figured woman … would find plenty a male interest.” [Some Other Guy at 1947. Guy adds: This blog aims to show women how to outmaneuver that masculine ideal, that mature women can do better.]

“The true feminine nature … seems like sunlight playing through branches—or a babbling, always changing brook—deeply natural to women and ultimately life affirming…” [MeowMeow at 2244]

This is my favorite today. “And I will report as well that the shock and awe does work and it definitely helps build mutual respect. It was funny after I had used this approach the first time with my husband I felt bad as if I went to far. However, the next day–he made a point to tell me that he appreciated what I had done and that he needed the “scolding” and he was surprised that I had it in me to do so. Who would have thought?! And this was the man who I had tried for years to communicate a point with poor results. What not to do? Cry, preach, guilt…I’ve done them all. DOES NOT WORK.” [My Husband’s Wife at 2244]


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3 responses to “2246. Favored Quotes—Collection 44

  1. Sometimes we crave chocolate cake when what we really need is a slice of chocolate cake AND a hug, though. The struggle is real. 😉

  2. surfercajun

    yes, amen superslaviswife!

    When I was younger, my father would repeat a problem I was having back to me to make sure he understood. When he did that, everything was better! The problem was still there, but I felt better! Sometimes we need to hear our problems in a mans deep voice.

    Of course a cookie never hurts either. :o)

  3. jubilee

    Shawna at 2128 may be really saying a LOT
    I’ve never heard of older generations having this much problems with food before the sexual revolution.

    Your Highness Jubilee,

    I agree totally with you. Women who depend on sex for their self-worth and meaning to men live empty lives. They discover to their subsequent dismay or worse that only food makes them feel good enough about themselves. It blows up in their face and tummy, hips, and thighs follow suit.

    This blog is almost 8 years old. You’re the first to tie the sexual revolution and overeating as cause and effect. Well done, honey, I tip my hat.


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