2247. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 03

  1. Overweight starts here. Table talk in childhood is unpleasant and poorly exemplified by parents. Their children soon discover that eating itself makes them feel good about themselves and a poor lifetime habit forms for girls.
  2. An unpopular person is unpopular because those with whom they interact don’t like themselves while associating. A popular person enables others to like themselves.
  3. A face lift isn’t the right choice when these are the reasons used to justify it. a) She thinks hubby regrets her wrinkles. Once married, her facial features are hidden by her smiles. Men notice everything else that’s wrong long before wrinkles and they easily accept the normal results of aging when they live amidst it. b) She just has to do something to make herself feel better about herself, i.e., raise her self-esteem. A famous plastic surgeon for thirty years never had one female patient find success raising her self-esteem; they all fell back into their original mindset of disliking themselves. c) She thinks that she or others will think she’s prettier or more beautiful. Actually, face lift makes her appear to be a different person, perhaps even phony-looking, and people have to learn to like her as such. It’s a subliminal process that can easily disfavor her. [Regarding c) Guy advises this. Prettier comes out of the mirror and more beautiful comes out of one man’s mind. Without the former on a daily basis, the latter easily fades from mind and maybe his heart.]
  4. Men flirt naturally. A flirt opens a woman’s heart even if she isn’t interested and ignores or even rebukes the guy. If she smiles, he admires himself for connecting with a pretty woman and his self-worth goes up, which is why he flirts to begin with. Very few things engage a man’s interest more assuredly than a pretty woman’s smile of approval.
  5. Parents, don’t ask your children why did you do that? Judge not their reasons; it presumes them to be inadequate; judge only what they do or did. You can’t fix their attitude, treat them as self-developers. Judge their actions and not their reasons and they pay more attention to you. They sooner recognize and learn that change can benefit them. That’s when parents see a different attitude.
  6. Young women seek to be more like men; some fake extraordinary sexual interest in the body of the opposite sex. They duplicate men’s focus on the body as if it tells them something of importance about men. The female nature isn’t as interested as men in immediate gratification or sexual functioning. Consequently, such women mislead themselves. Their female nature is a far better guide. It pushes them toward what they look for in long-range gratification by studying the actions and face of a man in all situations and how others respond to him. That is, they weigh his character because that determines his destiny up to which women should hitch in order to brighten their own future.
  7. Accepting sex as fun and pleasure matches his nature perfectly, but it goes against hers. She has more important things at heart than pleasure. If she adopts the masculine view of sex as more important than female values, then she learns to act more like men, which loses the respect of eligible guys as her identity becomes embedded in masculine fun, fun, fun. (For instance, how dearly are porn queens sought for marriage?)


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4 responses to “2247. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 03

  1. I agree with all, and as my mother and all mothers said when I was a teenager, “When it comes to marriage, a man wants a good (pure) girl”. They were right! – and with no college education either!

    • surfercajun


      hey chic! nice to see you here…

      And yes, men flirt even when older too. I was called darlin’ today at the grocery store. Then I saw him again sitting down in the cafe section before I left, so we waved bye to one another like we were old friends! …giggle

  2. eatacactus

    Modern culture is oversensitive about political correctness and children grow up thinking overweight is normal and ok. A big belly simulates pregnancy and tells a man better luck elsewhere. Neither shaming or acceptance help. You provide a goldmine of parental advice and my children are better off for it. I’m grateful.

    • Meow Meow

      I love your comment eatacactus! “Neither shaming nor acceptance help.” One of my part time jobs is in a health-related field. I am def. compassionate to those struggling with weight, and never shame (we may never know why someone gained so much, could be psych. reasons, an accident causing pain when active, illness, poverty, poor education/role model, hormone imbalance…BTW there are more reasons like this than just someone “eating too much” and there but for Gods grace am I) BUT is my job to nonetheless educate, inspire and assist people to believing they can lose weight instead of just accept it, “oh well whats the use”…and that it is a good thing….no matter what your other problems may be, they all will be helped by losing excess weight, even a little is a step in the right direction! Living longer, looking good, less daily pain on the joints, better self esteem. Emphasize the benefits over just “going along with inertia.” Doesn’t mean we all have to look like Heidi Klum, just be healthy! Never give up on yourself!

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