2258. Compatibility Axioms #821-830

821. He’s never eager to admit fault about his sexual prowess. Nor should he be excused, but she ventures onto rocky terrain when she brings it up. [281]

822. Commitment to a relationship does not mean she’s cherished. Neither does commitment energize a man the same way or extent that devotion does. Devotion begins cherishment; the more he devotes himself to her over his interests enables cherishment to grow. [281]

823. Men can be changed slowly but don’t always expect success. They dig in their heels when not done with the respect they expect and the indirectness and patience that makes her seem to defer to him. [281]

824. Men may be insensitive clods to women. But they consider their manly sexual expertise and boudoir manner to be exceptional if not extraordinary. To them, it makes up for their shortcomings.[281]

825. Virtual virginity works better than bed-testing before marriage. It conditions his thinking that she’s highly sensitive and possessive about what she expects of him. [281]

826. Women make unmarried sex so easy that men don’t have to pay attention to her needs, drives, and desires. But doubts arise about her history and worth for marriage, if she’s too easily conquered. [281]

827. What one generation allows, the next practices. [284]

828. Living by high moral standards reinforces a girl or woman as right, proper, and courageous. Not living that way makes her easy prey for abuse by boys and men. [284]

829. If she’s easy with sex, she’s of doubtful quality to the Marrying Man. [284]

830. Morality serves women and children much more than men. Highly moral cultural values apply pressure on everyone to make society more female friendly. [284]




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3 responses to “2258. Compatibility Axioms #821-830

  1. jubilee

    827) IS so TRUE…. I just wonder what it going to happen to the generation of babies WHO ARE babies NOW.. (born FROM 2013-2015), since homosexual marriage is in vogue. What could be NEXT?
    If there are solid MARRIED couples around, I think it would be wise to mentor kids from 8 and up without a solid home

    • surfercajun


      Excellent points! I read that after transgender, incest then bestiality will be the next lowering of the human race. What those in power have always wanted, for us to ACT like animals… no better THAN animals. We degrade ourselves into this slapping God in the face the whole time while they laugh. The sick continue to push us along as they watch carefully about what is accepted…. or what can be pushed and taught for the younger to catch on. Reducing a human to the lowest core denominator which is not even recognizable AS human.

      …wow, this is making me depressed

  2. surfercajun

    825. …conditions his thinking that she’s highly sensitive and possessive about what she expects of him.

    Believe I am misfiring and not making the connection. IS this of herself and how she expects him to treat her before (hopefully) marriage? What is seen outside of marriage would be seen inside marriage if not (in her eyes) corrected that she could live with or find irritating?

    (lost in translation)

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Before marriage and not after. Virtual virginity denies men access to sex with her and demonstrates her strong will to protect herself first.

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