2262. Compatibility Axioms #861-870

861. Women expect men to hear what was never said. Men cannot, will not, or do not follow a woman’s verbal meanderings and impreciseness as other women can, will, and do. [291]

862. People miss a major point about teaching abstinence for teens. Girls firm up their confidence, expand interpersonal skills, and boost their relationship expertise by repeatedly saying ‘No’. Boys learn what’s permissible, acceptable, and valuable in the female world. [291]

863. Prettier women are treated better, and any woman can be prettier. Clothes and grooming impress both men and women. [291]

864. It’s rhetorical, but why do women try so hard to please men with sex but not please them with feminine charm, beauty, and strength of character that men admire? Men admire beauty, but they use sex and it’s a throwaway. [291]

865. Shack up as substitute or step toward marriage puts a couple’s destiny in the man’s hands. (Also, eighty percent of marriages fail after cohabiting.) [291]

866. The easier a man’s conquest, the less valuable to him is the conquered. [292]

867. Sex is an emotional commodity that works like an economic one. The greater the supply, the lower the cost men pay in emotional involvement, time, effort, and courtship expense. [292]

868. The conqueror thinks more about ‘me’ than ‘you and me’. Denial of conquest first shifts a man’s focus seriously toward ‘us’. [292]

869. Functionality and comfort dictate what men wear and look like except as female influence and expectations dictate otherwise. [292]

870. Pressures of Feminism force men to change their behavior, but it does not change their nature. Men resent, resist, and retaliate one way or another. Individual women reap the consequences. [292]


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3 responses to “2262. Compatibility Axioms #861-870

  1. Miss Kitty

    863 is SOO TRUE!!lol
    870 is MR PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE.. which many men today simply seem to be…passive when it comes to what you want–aggressive when you are nagging him, and could become violent–(although guys like this have never fought a man before)

    • Eric

      Miss Kitty:
      I agree with your observations on 870, and know a lot of men just like that. Contrary to what femihags say, the passive-aggressive males are far more dangerous—both to women and other men—than the overtly masculine types. Individual women reap the consequences, as Sir Guy says, but these passive/aggressive types also envy stronger men and the same dynamic plays out, though usually violence with men usually plays out as backstabbing, undermining, &c.

  2. MT

    These are fantastic. I share them with my husband and he always nods in agreement. Either that or he’ll say it’s true!

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