2270. She’s the Initiator

Whether you believe God designed or Nature causes it, the sexes are born with all the abilities to be compatible and woman is both relationship expert and initiator. Here’s an example of how and why she works as initiator.

  • Women are born fully capable of trusting without reason, which signifies the benefit of their trust to be worth more than the risk. Women benefit much more from men who know they are trusted. Men respect women more easily and respect is essential for a man’s love to develop. The risk is that some men are not trustworthy.
  • If a woman blames men generally, a man trusts neither her trust nor respect of him. He’s too vulnerable to being declared wrong for no more reason than being a man.
  • If her trust isn’t unconditional for his gender, a man won’t trust her as sincere and therefore respect her. Consequently, the best root for capturing a man’s love is unconditional respect for the male sex.
  • God or Nature intends that all men should be trusted except as lessons learned show each woman that some individuals should not. Men are good and necessary except those found to be untrustworthy. Each man can accept that as truth and read it as a woman’s sincerity and her being worthy of his respect.
  • Women can’t trust one man but not his gender and expect that his trying to love her will cause him to believe in her trust and, therefore, respect of him. It’s a subconscious suspicion that arises in a man because of self-doubt that exists in those who sincerely love a woman: Do I really deserve her?
  • Men are born neither to trust nor respect someone until they earn it. Not necessarily earn it directly.  a) Men respect men depending on accomplishments that men admire; that is, what men do holds the potential for masculine respect. b) Men respect women differently. They admire women for their feminine qualities more than female accomplishments. Qualities admired are virtues that earn masculine respect, which serves as foundation for a man’s love of a particular woman. (Men seek to marry a virtuous woman, preferably one more fascinating than other women.)

Men are born not to trust/respect unless others earn it. Women are born to trust and thus earn masculine respect. Thus, a woman’s trust is the first step to gaining the love of a man. Second step, her trust transmutes into his respect, which serves as the foundation for his deciding that she’s both likeable enough for him and he’s willing to be loyal to her, which is the start up of his love.


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6 responses to “2270. She’s the Initiator

  1. This is really true and a valuable bit of wisdom. This can be a tough one for many women to accept, “women are born fully capable of trusting without reason,” but it is actually a great gift, a blessing.

  2. Cocoa

    “It’s a subconscious suspicion that arises in a man because of self-doubt that exists in those who sincerely love a woman” sir Guy, can you please elaborate on this statement, especially the self doubt part.
    Thank you.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    A man truly in love feels extremely fortunate to have his woman. A natural but uncommon reaction is to fear loss and wonder what he did to deserve her and doubt that it could happen again. Also, he doesn’t want to change whatever worked before. Self-doubt isn’t a strong tendency in men, but the thought of a great loss can trigger it.

    • Cocoa

      I see sir Guy, I understand now. I think if he’s otherwise a strong mature man and keep this feeling of self doubt to himself, he won’t lose her. But if he did show that side of him, he might lose her as her respect for him might lessen. That’s what you called before, marrying over his head, I think.

      Your Highness Cocoa,
      Not quite. Marrying over his head is having a wife who makes a better man of him and he loves her for it.

      • Cinnamon

        Sir Guy,

        Would you mind providing a list of examples of how a wife can “make a better man of him” in such a way that makes him feel he married over his head?


        • surfercajun

          1. She raises his morality

          2. Encourages him in whatever he wants to do (aka sink his teeth in… whether it is a new diet, tests for better hiring abilities on his resume, or a goal set)

          3. Brings him up when rest of the world beats him down, she lifts him up

          4. Makes him laugh

          5. She is not like all the others… she is special …she is his sunshine
          (I always hear John Denver singing)

          6. Makes him want to be a better person

          7. She praises him on his child rearing skills on how he handled a situation.

          I know this is not much but I had help!…giggle

          Your Highness Surfercajun,
          Thanks. I used your input for 2275 today.

    • msarianne

      Your reply here Sir Guy to Cocoa-I want a man to feel this way about me. How can a lady get a man to feel this sort of love towards her ?

      Your Highness Msarianne,
      Thank you for inspiring today’s article, 2649.

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