2271. Dark Side of Feminism: The Swamp of Ill-feeling

I aim at the gender level, ladies, so don’t take it personal except the sentence surrounded by asterisks.

The male and female natures inherited at birth have been socialized and domesticated into habits that work contrary to how we are born. Default conditions are ignored because of pressures designed by political activists. I don’t alibi for either sex but blame Feminism to explain how and why compatibility has sunk into the swamp of ill-feeling toward the opposite sex.

Feminists taught women to blame men for female problems. Doing so put women in the role of acting contrary to their nature, contrary to where their heart leads them. *As the direct response, single women soften their natural hard-headedness and married women harden their soft-heartedness.*

Men aren’t as much offended as they are disappointed in females. Men think: I want to cooperate but with all the crap you pull, why should I?

As women go so goes society and we all do what makes us feel good about ourselves; women do it with little regard for how it registers with men. The combination causes men to harden up their hard-headedness and refuse to soften up their natural hard-heartedness. Men are disappointed because they are discouraged from being heroes to the opposite sex, which gives every indication of being in distress but undeserving of masculine help.

Feminism changed all women; it’s now a universal spirit. Women can’t resist being convinced that they deserve better than whatever men produce and provide. They measure men by how men treat them instead of how men measure themselves by what they accomplish. That difference rocks compatibility.

Adopting feminist thought, women don’t or can’t abandon their natural motivational baseline, which bastardizes their motivational drive and produces results that further confuse the female mind, and which earns disrespect in the male mind.

She tries to bond with sex but men don’t. She abandons modesty to be liked and men don’t respect her. She forgoes mystery that fires up the male imagination and favors full disclosure that kills male curiosity. She expects boyfriend to be loyal to her but she doesn’t first earn his respect. She expects husband to be faithful but tries to change him. She builds his castle on fashion and her reputation with women and disregards his desire for a functional recovery and resting place. She weakens his comfort and daily recovery by insisting to keep a perfect appearance within the home. She tortures him with petty requests to do what she can easily do herself. She commands his presence without respecting his other obligations. She doesn’t respect his family but she wants them to do what she expects. She ranks her children over her man and expects him to peacefully play second fiddle to her music score. She ignores her heart by letting others convince her its undependable to protect and promote her interests. She wants to make sure he knows that her needs and wants are more important than his.

By trying to either be more like men or get them to act more like females, women confuse themselves. They are unable to produce the outcomes they long for. Men wish it were otherwise, but modern women are propagandized to listen to women instead of men. It’s more a gender than individual happening; by blaming men, women escape guilt for causing relationship failures. Much as the radical feminists anticipated it five decades ago.

On the other side of the ledger, the male nature stubbornly rejects feminist theory. Men stick to mostly following their nature, which of course is never all that admirable to women. Men learn in life that particular behaviors annoy the heck out of women and—when inclined to please their woman—they avoid the annoyances. However, when blamed, they easily convince themselves that ‘I don’t appreciate what she does, why please her?’, which pushes them back toward their self-centered, hard-headed, and hard-hearted nature.

So, what else is new? He takes me for granted. He never shows enough affection. His job comes before me. He won’t help with housework. He won’t help enough with the kids. He won’t clean or pick up after himself. He’s a slob around the house. He spends our money on his toys. He’s so selfish he doesn’t know the meaning of ‘us’. He wants sex whether I’m ready or not. He never wants to take my family into consideration. He loves our daughter but expects too much from our son. He thinks I should be able to handle a full-time job and housework with no help and no problems. He talks a good game but doesn’t produce when the chips are down.

Those are symptoms of men who don’t care if they annoy their woman or they purposely do it out of some real or imagined spite. Men aren’t that opposed to cooperation unless they want to save face.

Blaming a man shows disrespect and men tire easily of it. They expect to be respected and appreciated and to measure it by her displays of obvious gratitude, which also endorses his likeability to her and her willingness to be loyal to him.

Thus, the pointy finger of blame continues to mock compatibility and flood the already full swamp of ill-feeling toward the opposite sex.


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12 responses to “2271. Dark Side of Feminism: The Swamp of Ill-feeling

  1. Really good points. Feminism seeks to erase women, the nature of who we are

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    You’re right, sweetheart. Change the nature of women and you keep men and women at war all the time, which generates need for political initiatives in the so-called name of equality. Politicians thrive on turmoil, every crisis is opportunity. Even divorce rates, domestic squabbles, fatherless homes, and obese children can be called crises.

  2. Sharon

    “Blaming a man shows disrespect and men tire easily of it. They expect to be respected and appreciated and to measure it by her displays of obvious gratitude, which also endorses his likeability to her and her willingness to be loyal to him.” Discontent, ingratitude, and a sense of entitlement are among the feminist-fueled attitudes that permeate society. So opposite the beauty in relationships that IS possible. That’s why a woman who is feminine on both the inside and outside stands out.

  3. Men caused feminism after millennia of controlling women: not allowing us to own property, not allowing us to vote, domestic violence and rape (including marital rape), denying access to women centered health care, including birth control, abandoning women and children on whim with no support for the children who need to eat every day, etc.

    When finding fault with feminism you logically must blame men who created the conditions for feminism to emerge.

    Your Highness Godsgrace55,

    You consistently write well but persistently out of context for what women NEVER hear. Thank you anyway.

    The opposite sex is to blame for the problems of both sexes but only the feminist finger seems to be pointing. When blame is replaced by respect and trust, we may see new solutions to common social and domestic problems. Femininity to replace Feminism is a great second step.


    • Eric

      The men who caused Feminism to emerge were European Marxists and Anarchists. Women are to blame for listening to them.

    • Cinnamon

      Mary Alice,

      I was a feminist during a period of time where it was not popular to be so, in the 1980s and early 1990s, post-second wave but prior to the real emergence of the third wave. I was a feminist because I supported nearly all the causes you cite above, and also because I believed that pornography was a horrid evil that sought to destroy the dignity of all human persons made in the image and likeness of God, and that it must be fought against both at a cultural level and through legal means. Catharine McKinnon and the late Andrea Dworkin (a fierce intellect and independent thinker who was also a moralist – I know because at one time I owned all her books) were at the forefront of this fight and I wanted to be part of it. Similarly, Phyllis Chesler’s brilliant scholarship about what women endured in the court system and mental health system also resonated strongly with my sense of morality.

      I was taught back then by my feminist mentorrs (all older than me) that the root cause of all these problems was “patriarchy. ” Many of the men around me at that time and in earlier years behaved like bullies, so this explanation made sense because it matched my experience, even though I had to adopt cognitive dissonance in order to square the belief in the evils of patriarchy with the goodness and kindness I saw from time to time in some of the men around me. Over the years I hung on fiercely to this feminist identity, albeit internally as I moved away from participating in feminist-oriented organizations.

      Many years later, thanks solely to the internet, I learned something my feminist mentors had never mentioned to me – that the goal of second wave feminism was the destruction of the family partly via an eradication of traditional sexual morality and that it was a handmaiden of Cultural Marxism, as Eric mentions above. The plan was hatched up formally in New York in the late 1960s. There is a lot of research on this if you dig but here is some information:


      You base your arguments here at WWNH on a faulty understanding of what feminism actually is. To be more precise, the problem isn’t what you say about feminism, but about what you leave out. Because I know as much if not more about feminism than you do, not just academically but from personal experience as an activist in the movement during my youth, I am qualified to correct you and stand up to the distortions and misinformation you present here from time to time.

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      Relevant and very well done. Thank you.

  4. jubilee

    you should look at the a September 2015 VANITY FAIR online magazine
    about how women in their 20’s are doing
    the article talks about the APOCOLYPSE OF DATING.. and how many 20 something men and women just go to HOOK-UP and women at 29 are having a hard time finding a decent ‘boyfriend’ much less fiancé

    this could be why they call being WITHOUT A BOYFRIEND… ‘single’ since many don’t even have boyfriends (I told my daughter YOU ARE SINGLE UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED; don’t try to change this language)

    • Miss Gina

      Your Highness Jubilee,

      I agree with the distinction you taught your daughter. Modern ways used to teach obligations to a person who has made no vows, which wastes a lot of time and emotion. Sounds like now some folks aren’t even bothering with that…

      If I were ever in a position to seek a mate again, I would strongly consider dating (chastely) lots of men until the day I had a ring.

      • Cinnamon

        Sir Guy supports this tactic of not “going steady” until engagement as well (as does the lovely “Miss Manners”, incidentally).

  5. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    “Men aren’t offended as they are disappointed in females.”

    Disgusted might be a more accurate term. Most women I come in contact with are capable of doing better and even deserve better—but most seem to have no use for a complimentarian type of relationship; either they want useless males who look like celebrities, or useless thugs.

    Sir Eric,
    I agree men disgusted with women is more accurate at the individual level. It’s probably reciprocated too. Women have so abandoned their female nature in favor of masculine-style sexual freedom, they can’t comprehend their loss of self-importance to pleasing men and pleasure.

    • Cinnamon

      Most women have been taught that a “complimentarian type of relationship” is a sign of weakness, in other words, that femininity = weakness. They see it on TV, in movies, in pop music culture, and read it in magazines. Single-parent homes are only part of the picture. Even in two-parent middle-class homes, if both parents neglect to teach their children traditional morality (this is almost always part of a pattern of larger child neglect) these children will turn to their peers and the media for guidance on what values to adopt, where they will then be propagandized with deliberate disinformation about what “female strength” actually is. Even highly intelligent and sensitive young women are susceptible to this type of miseducation if they have no adult guidance.

    • Miss Gina

      Sir Eric and Sir Guy,
      Feminine women are equally disgusted, I suspect. I find it disgusting to go out in public and have to gaze on the results of self-neglect and in-your-face abandonment of decorum by women. My friends are women who are similar to me. Needless to say, not much to choose from outside the circles I grew up in.

      However, I find some women with good hearts who are just confused. My sincere hope is that with a little maturity and the spread of information from sources like this blog, they will make a turnaround.

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