2272. Wives Used to Shape American Society

Men settled America coast to coast but wives civilized it by coaching their husbands to make society more and more female friendly. Single women had little influence and single men had little interest in what wives sought.

Women can exploit their adaptability and survivability and exploit their superior gender as long as men don’t have to hear about it. Women use their natural patience, indirectness, guile, cooperative spirit, and their respect and ability to admire men in order to indirectly dominate values, standards, and expectations. It works as long as men aren’t reminded or forced to acknowledge someone else may be influencing what they do outside the home.

However, that’s why women are so differently designed by God, endowed by Nature, and empowered by hormones to be responsible for compatibility. It’s they who have the wherewithal to make the mutual loving and mating process more agreeable than contestable, more enjoyable than dull, more passionate than lustful, and more permanent than temporary.

Marital glue includes romance, friendship, warmth, her attractiveness, mutual likeability, mutual loyalty, mutually enjoyable sex, companionship, passion, togetherness, remembrances, pleasant associations, sweetness, hopes, togetherness, dreams, children, peaceful moments, satisfaction for men, intimacy, comfort, and an appreciated extended family. Those pleasant, positive, and affirming marital ingredients primarily arise and are integrated at the instigation and insistence of wives. Single women are not so motivated or inclined. It’s a broad strategic strength of relationship experts that specifically empowers wives to integrate all the good things that seal a relationship with harmony.

As mentioned in post 2256 about their acceptance of it—in this case that of generating marital success— full responsibility energizes the conscience of women. They escape guilt by doing their best to make marriage work by harmonizing their associations with both husband and children. It’s a tremendously difficult job, but only wives have the responsibility and thereby inherit the authority to make it happen. They learn fairly easy that their initiative is rewarded with self-importance. If husband should become offended, she has crossed the line into unwarranted assumption of his authority. It’s easy for her to pull back, adjust, and survive the incident to mutual advantage, which is relationship management in recovery mode.

What’s the other option to her accepting full responsibility? Husband decides he’s responsible to generate, harmonize, and make all those ingredients fit mutually into his marriage and castle. How long will wife tolerate some of the outrageous ways husband would try to do what he considers right?

Not long, as you can imagine. She would rebel because she’s better qualified, which weakens or destroys his authority to act, which means that he’s not really responsible since he lacks authority. By wife assuming the responsible and de facto dominant role, she assumes authority to act. It automatically confirms the responsibility as hers, which matches God’s design, Nature’s empowerment, and her hormonal energy.

The absence of a preponderance of wives wielding influence in the home today lies behind the rapid and unpleasant-for-female spin into our male-friendly and deteriorating society.


Today, Marxists, anarchists, radical feminists, and Progressive political activists seek to destroy religion, morality, and family as the primary social unit and substitute government involvement in all human endeavor. Any and all of which destroys wifely influence with husbands, who are the only action takers in society with wives foremost in their motivational thoughts. Consequently, our female friendly society wanes evermore rapidly as the moderating and society-calming influence of wives becomes less and less.

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    Your Highness Nudrat,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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