2276. How the Marriage-worthy Female Appears

In the minds of men, you are no more attractive than you think you are. If you don’t look at least like a 9 or 10 in your mind’s eye, men won’t see you that way either. And men aren’t very eager to marry an 8 or less.

Upgrading yourself to a 9 or 10 requires a lot of mirror time and persistent appearance in public. You should attire and groom yourself until you fill with determined pride, fulfill and even expand your natural desire for vanity, and are guided by the need to appear your prettiest to all who see you.

If you don’t routinely dress up and look your best to stand out in every situation, then you miss many chances to meet good men of interest to you. If you don’t do it without regard for comfort, convenience, and cost, then you don’t pay the price of making yourself appear interesting enough to them.

How you appeal to men as a potential mate determines your lifetime destiny much more easily than sex appeal. Based on the nature of men, gals with the greatest potential to be invited to marry appear as a 9 or 10 to themselves and then use special techniques to confirm and retain that rating while dating and beyond:

A. Her attractive face, friendly demeanor, and eagerness to smile outshine sister females, which easily leads some man to believe that he can capture the best of the rest.

B. Her attractive body reflects a strong spirit of personal pride and determination, which keeps his curiosity attuned to her interests and his imagination attuned to pleasing himself in ways that he expects will please her.

C. She’s more feminine than sister females, which signifies that she appreciates high standards and likely intends to be more faithful than others.

D. She’s too modest to display hints of sexual willingness and purposely acts contrary to the habits of sister females, which means she’s her own woman.

E. Out of her behavior sprouts mysteries of what’s really in her heart, which attracts him to more deeply involve himself with what motivates her, which inquisitiveness favorably keeps him near her in order to settle both his curiosity and imagination.

As they date, she inherits other burdens to sustain the 9 or 10 rating. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. She’s unwilling to be talked into something against her belief or character, which makes her more likely to be predictable in his future.
  2. She has an attitude that sex is far less important than other relationship matters, which teaches him that she has strong values, high standards, and specific expectations that may help sustain any marriage they may enter.
  3. She doesn’t try to convince but only to be convinced, which puts her in the role of buyer, which silently teaches him that he must be the seller if he wishes to win her.
  4. She listens well and teaches herself how to get every man talking about himself, which enables her to judge much better his character and future promise as her husband than by her talking.
  5. She understands the principle that there’s no such thing as motivation; there’s only self-motivation, which keeps her from going overboard to get her way at his expense.

Every successful relationship starts with how she makes herself appealing and thereby appears to him. And they run into each other and start relationships in the most unusual places and unexpected times. That’s why she shouldn’t leave home without the conviction that she’s as close to a 9 or 10 as possible.


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11 responses to “2276. How the Marriage-worthy Female Appears

  1. Whoa! Very well written. Great point of view and this explains recent observations in my personal life in detail. Thank you

  2. surfercajun

    If you don’t do it without regard for comfort, convenience, and cost, then you don’t pay the price of making yourself appear interesting enough to them….

    An investment in herself (oh I like that!)

    Was told in the grocery store this past weekend that I looked simply adorable… I thanked them with a big smile, blew them a kiss and walked off… ( I STILL don’t know what possessed me to do it either!)

    Still laughing at myself for doing it!

  3. Miss Gina

    This one is another gem, Sir Guy!

    I would only extend the requirement to look fabulous to the home, too. We must do it for our own outlook. However, you just never know who might show up at your door–and when!


    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    I agree wholeheartedly. He man deserves her to always look great.

    • Miss Gina

      After thinking about it, I just want to suggest that most all of this goes into keeping a husband after marriage, too. It isn’t pleasant to think about, but some women today have no qualms about stealing another woman’s husband (and just how is jumping into *that* slime pit liberation for women or empowering the sisterhood?). Just last week, hubby and I were sitting at a restaurant. Two women walked in and started making eyes at hubby while my back was turned. He laughed about how pathetic it was as he told me about them. Hubby travels a lot, and women do approach him. These pigs disgust him (but of course there is an ego boost, too). From the way he speaks of them, I think hubby is so used to being around an attractive, feminine wife in a morally clean Christian home that the contrast to their coarse, vulgar ways is obvious, and he is revolted. (He avoids traveling with womanizer types, too.) Of course it helps that he has his own sincere Christian walk. I trust him, but I also give him no reason to look elsewhere…no reason to leave the door of temptation ajar.

      Your Highness Miss Gina,
      Congratulations on being so loaded with wisdom about building harmony with a man.

      • Miss Gina

        Dear Sir Guy,

        Somehow we crossed wires and I only saw your comment after I made my second comment. I intended the first comment for single ladies and the second for after marriage. My apologies for any fogginess there.

        Your Highness Miss Gina,
        Apology unnecessary. I’m unsure if you got all the answers you sought. Ask again if not.

  4. MLaRowe

    Can you speak to jealousy between women. I believe I and perhaps others sometimes choose to not stand out because of envy (in the form of meanness and mean comments) that can come from other women.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,

    Jealousy and envy are considered synonyms but they are very different in the way those feelings motivate women.

    Studying and observing for over 60 years how people are motivated, I reached this conclusion as most often true. Envy more likely causes admiration, small compliment, and maybe just silence. The jealous person has to say something to expel their anger at letting someone get ahead of them; they feel both outcompeted and by commenting they feel better for having passed blame on to someone else, WADWMUFGAO.

    Your wording tells me that you take the blame that’s so undeserved. Meanness and mean comments flow out of jealousy rather than envy. You or your appearance that so disturbs others is not to blame. Women are natural competitors among themselves. Those who think you have outdone them react with words and attitude quite contrary to what comes from the mouths of those ladies who envy you.

    Another difference: Mature women envy but don’t get jealous. They understand the competitive nature inherent in womanhood and seek to improve themselves rather than tear someone down.

    OTOH, immature women, aka adultolescents, get jealous instead of envious. Their adolescent frustrations of not having bettered themselves are expressed in teen-like meanness.

    Now, sweetheart, just think how blessed you are that ladies envy you. You can mentally kick jealous women into the Recycle Bin.


    • Miss Gina

      Your Highness Miss MLaRowe,

      If I could slip a comment in here, might I inquire why a lady would ever let another person’s opinion (especially pettiness) dictate what she does with her life?

      • MLaRowe

        Thank you to both of you Miss Gina (love your name you must be a southern gal) and to you, as always, many thanks Sir Guy.

        You are right about the teen-like behaviors and also the Recycle Bin – I’ll try to think of it that way.

        Miss Gina- you are right- I will stay strong and follow my own instincts.

        Again, thank you for the support.

  5. eighteen

    Reblogged this on myfemininecore.

  6. Emma

    Would you explain 1 and 4. Especially 4, how does a women learn to ask questions and have the man open up?

    Your Highness Emma,

    I can’t give you solutions. You have to work them out to fit yourself and with whom you’re dealing.

    Re 1: She refuses to be talked into bed before she thinks it’s the thing to do. She refuses to buy into his religious beliefs that are contrary to hers. She refuses to have a child out of wedlock. On principle she refuses to shack up.

    Re 4: She inquires about matters of interest to him: cars, sports, banking, trading, respect, trust, attire, traffic, exercise, drinking, entertainment, character, loss of loved one, what love means to him. I’m sure any man will remind you of many other subjects of particular interest to him. When he talks he’s in selling mode and you’re the buyer. When you talk the roles are reversed.


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