2278. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 05

  1. Celebrity worship is female love to a fault. Wanting terribly to love someone, they lack a proper person. Girls go ga-ga over pop stars for lack of boyfriend and it’s exciting to them. Women worship celebrities for lack of having no one available or worthy enough of absorbing all their love.
  2. A woman’s worshipful admiration of celebrities demeans her self-respect and makes her individualism and independence dissolve in the eyes of others. Using unknowns as role models reveals her lack of respect of friends and family as worthy role models. (Those closest to her think they’re good enough and wish she could see it, but she doesn’t.)
  3. Progressive is the political umbrella under which Marxists, communists, socialists, fascists, anti-constitutionalists, anti-American liberals, and New World Order advocates hunker down, rely on propaganda to disguise their ideologies, and work together to hide their intentions from the people. Conspiracies abound, nothing happens accidentally, ideological differences arise only behind closed doors, those with power to act are never wrong, and one step back is okay if it follows two steps forward. Also, alert the public to what’s coming so that by the time it arrives, it’s old news, the media can ignore it, and public anger has lost its heat.
  4. Masculine appreciation of the female gender and a man’s love of a woman begins with self-respect that enables respect of someone else. Feminine appreciation of the male gender and a woman’s love of a man begins with her self-love that enables her to share it with someone else. (We can’t share or give what we don’t have in our hearts.)
  5. The subject is political correctness. Without constitution-based authority, people resent being told how they must act. They find ways to resist the expectations of people who evidently don’t respect them in the first place. A predominant majority of people accept and eventually find reason to conform to laws and social norms when they are free to choose. They are motivated to satisfy others because they are respected and trusted to live by their conscience. It used to be the standard American way, when mutual respect birthed mutual trust.


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5 responses to “2278. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 05

  1. “Masculine appreciation of the female gender and a man’s love of a woman begins with self-respect that enables respect of someone else. Feminine appreciation of the male gender and a woman’s love of a man begins with her self-love that enables her to share it with someone else..”

    Amen to that! We give from overflow, not from lack. Men who do not love themselves very much, will not love women either. Just as feminists who hate men, actually hate and reject their own selves.

    One of the best things in the whole world is a self confident man who not only respects his own self, he genuinely likes himself. Without fail this kind of self respect will spill over and benefit all the women he encounters in his life.

    Your Highness Insanity22,
    Beautifully expressed. Thanks.

  2. jubilee

    Regarding number one
    Very TRUE
    because how many Men respect Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians

  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    How do men deal effectively with 1 & 2? Here, I’m referring to male celebrities whom women idolize. Like you mentioned before, earlier cinema at least depicted positive images of men. I’m sure in the earlier generations, it was hard for ordinary men to compete with super-men, but it was an ideal—wanting to be like John Wayne wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    But I look at the celebrities of today—I see a pack of males with tattooed bodies, unshaven faces (but no body hair), haircuts airbrushed like woodpeckers’ crests, insipid or aggressive expressions, beady eyes, often with ear and nose rings: they look like a tribe of cannibals and portray characters not far removed from that.

    A part of me wants to believe that it’s ‘female love to a fault’ and repressed female nature running to extremes (i.e. masculinity is so suffocated in this culture that women are starved for it and run after semi-savages). But to me, it looks like men are just in a social vicious circle (as usual); the feminine beau ideal of today is anti-masculine.

    Sir Eric,

    Very good response, significant deliberation.

    You ask, “How do men deal effectively with 1 & 2?,” which deal with celebrity worship by women.

    I can describe women better than tell men how to deal with them, but allow me to try.

    FEMALES — Celebrity worship works contrary to the female nature. Nevertheless they are pushed toward the trap by inadequate parenting. Because of inadequate or improper absorption of mature adult values during upbringing, females copy and live by adolescent standards and expectations that make mature adulthood foreign.

    Passing through the teen process they lose whatever self-respect they had at puberty, without which they can’t respect those with whom they associate. To compensate, they please themselves with imagined excitement that requires no self-respect. Not having to confirm self-respect enables them to easily roll in bed with anyone that smacks of celebrityhood. Failing that, with someone else.

    It isn’t a correlation. It’s a direct connection. Lack of self-respect and easy into bed; it also worsens her lack of self-respect. (Will you respect me in the morning is an instinctive reaction. Women grasp the need of respect but lack the ability to recognize lack of self-respect in themselves. They think more in terms of like and love, which lacks the restraint that self-respect brings to the fore.)

    MALES — There’s not a lot of hope or promise trying to change a celebrity worshiper. I presume you encounter an attractive woman of interest whose mind is predominately preoccupied with one or more celebrities. You’re hopeful of developing a relationship.

    • If she conquers easily, forget it and move on. She has so little self-respect there’s not much promise of her focusing continually on celebrities and being loyal to you. Just time spent idolizing others weakens her appreciation and respect of husband.

    • Celebrity worship will prevent you ever loving her faithfully. She could never show sufficient loyalty to sustain your love.

    • Ridicule may quell her excitement temporarily, but don’t bet on it being permanent. People without self-respect don’t react positively to shame and ridicule; they think they deserve what others think.

    • Guy Jr. suggests ridicule until it looks silly. His example: Pressure her to do immense research on homes and habits of her favorites. Promise to take her to Los Angeles for a week to stalk and photo her idols. Elaborate on the details that she would need to satisfy her desire for such a trip, to get such an unproductive habit out of her system. There’s only hope for her if she sees the silliness of it and backs out of worship to find new interests.

    Women easily find good things when others spend huge wads of money, such as news and media coverage of celebrities. The attraction for celebrity-worshiping women may be more the money being spent than the actual people being admired for so little reason.


    • Miss Gina

      Sir Eric,

      If I could offer my two cents…

      There really are women who are just as disgusted as you are by the whole celebrity thing–even young ones. Folks like us probably can just ignore that which a few Marxist homosexual child molesters (Hollywood producers, I mean) try to push as an ideal.

      You’re smart, have high ideals, and are willing to learn. I think you’ll do well as you just keep moving forward. No need for even a glance back at those you’re leaving in the dust. 😉

  4. I find the celebrity worship issue to be a very interesting observation. I suspect that what is being desired there is not the physical attraction, like it would be for a man, but rather a fantasy ideal of attraction. Look at Mick Jagger for example, certainly not an attractive man, but there is a fantasy woven about him. Or Justin Bieber, for that matter. Actually Bieber defies all explanation, but my point being something is going on within girl’s heads that has nothing to do with the worth, quality, or value of the celebrity being worshiped. In fact, if they actually met the celebrity or saw him as he really was, they probably wouldn’t like him at all.

    I think it would be rather wise to avoid the heavily star struck, whether it be over a celebrity or a politician, because a man would always be competing with a fantasy image in a girl’s head. This is not the same thing as a bit of fun and playful crushing on a movie star or something.

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