2281. Garden of Eden

This is a partial summary of how it all began.

I use the Garden of Eden as a function of faith and the simplest way to say that what follows below had to either start somewhere or morph out of the randomness of Nature. In either event, the genders are primordially motivated by the differences below.

  1. The genders are designed to be compatible as mates but both have to cooperate to offset the results of too much gender and individual competition.
  2. Equality was never intended; fairness generates success of compatibility.
  3. One gender is dominant and, in effect, the immovable object. The other is superior and, in effect, the irresistible force.
  4. Men lack it, but women are endowed with relationship expertise to enable the physically weaker to manage the physically stronger, balance diverse gender interests, and preserve compatibility.
  5. The female gender is designed to earn happiness, which women accomplish after years of finding gratitude in life and others. Thus, women live for the long-range benefits; they earn their rewards late in life for having developed their own matriarchal family. (The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world per William Ross Wallace’s poem.)
  6. The male gender is designed to earn satisfaction, which men achieve primarily at their jobs. Thus, men live with a short-range orientation to expand their patriarchal influence.
  7. The female gender is endowed with strong desire to be good, which women confirm and achieve by doing good.
  8. Males are born capable of doing good, but they lack incentive until energized by females in their lives. By doing good, they become good and much more satisfying to the women in their lives.
  9. Within both genders, each individual’s uniquely developed personality and self-identification includes the spirit to compete to get their way. Relationship experts are endowed with special wisdom to compensate and thereby produce harmony in relationships, home, and family.
  10. Men are hunter-conquerors with eyes as their primary sensor and peripheral vision designed to detect motion.
  11. Women are essentially prey with ears as their primary sensor and peripheral hearing that enables them to evaluate other voices nearby.
  12. Males tend to believe what they see and put little credence in words unsupported by actions. Women tend to believe what they hear unless what they see discredits it.
  13. The female gender protects itself against the male gender with hard-headedness before being conquered and soft-heartedness after that.
  14. The male gender wields hard-headedness and hard-heartedness until a woman or old age make them more mellow.
  15. Female love is emotion-based and both clouded for men and crowded with the risk of unreturned love.
  16. Male love is logic- and reason-based on mutual likeability and mutual loyalty, foreign to female understanding, and with risk removed during development. If risk arises later from lack of his woman’s loyal support (and even short of sexual fidelity) to him, a man’s love weakens and may fade away.
  17. Self-love convinces women they deserve to be loved by men. Self-respect convinces men they deserve to be respected by women. Her love of him rather than his love of her keeps her attached to a man. His love depends on mutual likeability and mutual loyalty and her actions to repeatedly confirm it.
  18. Individuals of both genders are primarily motivated by self-interest. The effect is WADWMUFGAO. We all do what makes us feel good about ourselves, which means that love isn’t real except as it makes individuals feel good when they show love for another, which is easy and normal for women but requires devotion for men to display it.
  19. His words of love impress her but her actions to show her love of him program her heart and convince her that she loves him.
  20. Her words of love make her feel good but he doesn’t need her love in order to love her, just to confirm no reason to be suspicious of her loyal support of his interest and ambition.
  21. A man’s love develops out of his self-interest to possess a particular woman as his partner, mate, or wife depending on what she requires.
  22. The primal need of a woman is confirmation of her self-importance, which she earns by making herself important to others. She depends on others to help fulfill her need.
  23. The primal need of a man is confirmation of his significance, which he achieves by earning satisfaction through his accomplishments and ambitions. Other people are not essential to fulfill those needs.
  24. The female gender recognizes the need of morality and religion to promote female interests. Men don’t recognize such a need except as woman or women are persuadable enough to change masculine interest.
  25. Women are pretty; men are handy. Both are convicted of it for themselves and the other gender.
  26. The female gender lives under heavy pressure of guilt, and women find relief by dealing pleasantly with others. Men accept only self-induced guilt and act to relieve it or forget it; they don’t carry guilt as baggage or as reason to deal pleasantly with others.
  27. Both genders are attracted to sexual encounters by the lure of orgasm, which is not the most important part of sex for either sex.

Thus, God designs, Nature arranges and endows genetically, and hormones energize the sexes very differently for action and life.


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4 responses to “2281. Garden of Eden

  1. Magnolia


  2. Dove

    So basically, it’s either a man loves you or he doesn’t?

    Giving in to whatever he wants especially if it violates our standards won’t make a man love us more – did I understand it right?

    Your Highness Dove,
    That’s right on both points. On the first point you DIRECTLY have little to do with it. INDIRECTLY, you have everything to do with it. How likeable can you be to him?

  3. surfercajun

    Her Uniqueness Dove has me pondering…..

    Curious questions…..

    When a man says “I hate” (example: I hate crowds, I hate that flower, I hate that color, that phrase, etc) including those which one person or persons likes, could he more easily say, “I hate you” as well?

    Is it not the same to “hate” something or someone or do men compartmentalize that word as they do with sex and love?

    Your Highness Surfercajun,

    Yes to your last paragraph. Also, I think “hate” has become more popular and habitual than accurate in order to just appear more emphatic about one’s temperament.

    To tell someone “I hate you” is so childish as to defy believing a man would say it. It’s too non-masculine.


  4. thetruth01

    Hello Sir Guy,
    I have been in the dating game for a while and decided I want to have a future with a certain type of guy.
    I noticed most guys are shy about approaching me, but aggressive guys approach me with confidence.
    I like aggressive guys and I notice them from the first moment they speak.
    They always try to force me to have sex with them. I have to always fight them off. But I understand they are controlling and dominating so I don’t mind of course.

    If I feel a guy is disrespecting me then I won’t deal with him.
    I expect a guy to treat me better than my father and my father spoils me.
    I also have a psychological need to feel owned that is why I like aggressive guys.
    My new guy I really like him because he’s aggressive, 6’5 and uses his weight to control me. He always pays when we go on dates. I’m afraid of him a little, but it makes me want to submit and do with guys like him.
    But if he isn’t treating me like I deserve then I don’t submit.
    I also know they have other women. They’re amazing who wouldn’t want to be with them.
    I just need guidance because I’m not interested in other types of guys, but what are my chances of having a successful relationship with these types of guys. What can I do while dating them?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,

    You are very blessed to be inclined to follow your feminine heart. I recently made a mistake. By way of correcting it, I’m developing a much simpler method for women to attract, deal with, and hold a man to her expectations. In the meantime, quit paying so much attention to men but to yourself and what you’re willing to do whenever Mr. Good Enough comes along. The secret of success is in your heart and not who and what he is and does.

    I hope to post it in the next few days under a heading about a man’s devotion and marrying kind of love. I believe it will satisfy your current need better than if I respond to your comment above. So, please bear with me for a few days. (I’m also fighting through a minor ailment that interferes with my keyboard efficiency.)


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