2286. The Root of Good that Prevents Evil — Part I

We’ve known for centuries that the love of money is the root of all evil. I’ve not recognized until now how the love of mankind is the root of all good.

It matters not whether you believe either the randomness of Nature or intent of God makes people like they are. Mankind from birth fits in the description below. I believe and will therefore lean toward original design as opposed to random development.

To start simple, I imagine that two distinct genders exited the Garden of Eden with the qualities and abilities we see in people today. Each individual is born able to DO good. However, each has weakness for assimilating lessons from life that often produce bad or evil in lieu of good. Free will enables but doesn’t cause it.

The sexes are born to be very different for the purpose of being compatible as mates. Most gender differences make us compatible and help hold couples together. OTOH, gender sameness leads to excess competition, insufficient cooperation, irresolvable responsibility, boredom, or all of the above.

The following roots of mankind encourage people to produce good in their respective worlds.

  1. Personalities often get in the way, but the genders are made to be compatible as mates. Women need or strongly desire a physically stronger someone they can depend on to help fill the needs they foresee in the future. Men don’t need a mate, can easily find ways to avoid permanent entanglements, and usually mate only after one woman convinces them of the benefits and enjoyment of merging their interests. Thus, women are easily compatible but men need to be conditioned, trained, domesticated, and convinced of the benefits that mating adds to masculine life.
  2. Women are born to be happy, but they have to earn it over time by finding more people and things in their lives for which they are grateful. Men are born to be satisfied but they also have to earn it, which they do daily at their work and jobs. (On arrival home he grabs beer and clicker, while she continues to brighten her future by working until bedtime. They are made that way. Big difference: He has a general idea what he may or may not do tomorrow; he figures he can handle whatever comes up. She works out all the details for tomorrow while living out today; she seeks to be in control of all her tomorrows. Their natures in action differ that much.)
  3. Both genders are born to DO good but differently. Women are born to BE good, sense guilt if they’re not, and DO good for self-satisfaction or to prevent or eliminate guilt. Men have little or no incentive to BE good but are highly capable to DO good. However, men have little or no incentive without pressure imposed by women. As men comply with pressure and DO good, women enjoy the benefits, see that men can BE good, and take credit for having thus inspired their own mate. (You’ve heard my favorite example: Men conquered the American West. They tamed it because their women demanded a more civilized existence.)
  4. Women are relationship experts, but men haven’t a clue. God created two highly competitive genders. The dominant is physically stronger, consists of seemingly immovable objects, and lacks concern for well-functioning relationships with the opposite gender. The physically weaker gender consists of dynamic irresistible forces empowered with special relationship expertise. It enables women to patiently and indirectly move the immovable objects in such ways that women and children benefit. IOW, relationship experts lead and men acquiesce. As women go, so goes society. (As relationships go, women accept credit when due but pass any blame to men. It’s easy to do but can trigger abandonment, when women use blame or guilt to make men more responsible. It’s anathema to the masculine nature regardless of what such women think they deserve.)
  5. Two conquerors face off in life. She seeks to BE good with marriage before yielding sex. He seeks frequent and convenient access to sex without future obligation and especially not having to marry. Women need to win this main battle of the sexes because it’s so critical to their greatest need—a brighter future. His respect for her grows with her ability to protect her sexual assets against his conquering expertise. He respects a tough competitor and he loves no woman he doesn’t respect.
  6. All of the above is made more complex and complicated by one simple difference between the sexes: She has one sex drive and he has two.

Part II will cover respect, guilt, and their very different but highly compatible time focus.


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6 responses to “2286. The Root of Good that Prevents Evil — Part I

  1. Well said. In the bible God says, “it is not good for man to be alone,” a phrase that often amuses me with all the implications. Women really are designed to bring out the best in men and most of us are the happiest when we are engaged in this task. In the modern world there is a great deal of political correctness messing things up, but for the most part what really makes us happy, what fulfills us, is to be pleasing to a man and to actually desire to support and encourage him. This is not a one sided deal of servitude, we really do reap huge dividends ourselves, it is a pleasurable and complimentary arrangement.

    • surfercajun

      Miss insanitybytes22 wrote:

      This is not a one sided deal of servitude

      For which ever side feels that way….. I heard yesterday of one husband calling his wife *crazy* Then heard stories that backed up the claim. (even though I had a feeling this was one sided statements without her input on him) IT was told to me before he married, she hid her *crazy* or he would have never married her. So struck by such a thought, I hardly knew WHAT to think. I stopped eating my lunch. Honestly, it still bothers me. Am I weird? I am hoping to meet this wife and draw up my own conclusions.

      A phrase is drifting through my head: It takes two to tango
      (coupled with what I read years back that is encouraging: …but only one to make a significance difference)

      I guess what I am asking here is… Do damaging words/phrasing repackage the heart whether they are audio or by the verbal? Both?
      This can’t be good. I’m confused!

      Your Highness Surfercajun,
      The two most common expressions I hear from men are these:
      + She’s crazy; no sense at all. Fact is, they are all crazy.
      + I have had enough of her s***. I’m outta here.

  2. surfercajun

    #5 reminds me of something I read a few years back.

    Boyfriends don’t get husband privileges.

    Oh hey, there seems to be several articles on this one saying. Have to admit, it DOES sound rather hopeful! 🙂

  3. Meow Meow

    First of all, love Sir Guy’s concept: “She lives out all the details for tomorrow while living for today.” Perfect and true! Women are able to work on two (Or more) levels at once—holding different possible outcomes in our minds and preparing for them makes us strong through flexibility. Strong like the reed in the fable that bends while the oak will break.
    And the comment surfercajun makes: “Boyfriends don’t get Husband privileges.” In one sentence all you need to know/remember for dignity and safety while dating.

  4. Magnolia

    Sir Guy, could you please explain point #6?

    Your Highness Magnolia,

    Men have two distinctly different sexual urges. The most primitive drive is to conquer sexually attractive females for their first sex together. The more civilized drive is to gain frequent and convenient access to sex.

    Women have one motivational objective. Use sex to tame and domesticate men into brightening the future for them and their children.


  5. Magnolia

    Lol. Gotta love it. Thank you. 🙂

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