2287. The Root of Good that Prevents Evil — Part II

I made a claim for both sexes that should have caused you ladies to raise a ruckus of interrogation. Nothing but silence though. It wasn’t a trick question either but I purposely left it dangling to generate curiosity. None showed up.

The statement was #27 at the end of sex differences listed in 2281. It read: “Both genders are attracted to sexual encounters by the lure of orgasm, which is not the most important part of sex for either sex.”

Were orgasm the primary motivator for both sexes, there would be no need for or practice of competing or negotiating between the sexes. If orgasm drives the sexual bus, it controls all else. The lure would make foreplay and afterplay far less relevant. The sexes would no longer compete and negotiate for sex. Women would give away a major negotiating strength, and that would automatically emphasize physical strength as the prevailing dominant force in society. Women would have too little influence over men for their own well-being, which can easily lead to enslavement.

Therefore, I conclude that God intends, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes with another kind, a more important motivator for which orgasm is the reward that encourages each gender to pay the price the other sex requires for each sexual encounter.

Before and after orgasm, men are complex and women simple. I know. It sounds as though it’s reversed. But I’m addressing how they’re motivated and not how they’re satisfied. So bear with me a minute.

Women must pay this price. She must accept his determination to earn self-admiration first by penetration and then by further use of his erection until finished. His determination is raw, his dedication is selfish, and his self-satisfaction would be frustrating if not for orgasmic relief. To her that can be a heavy price especially if her needs are ignored.

His strongest motivation is dynamic penetration often without regard for how she’s affected. Strong, self-proving dominance comes with entry and that urge drives him more determined than any other. Whatever follows is great but not as important as the determination to make that first use of his erection, that first penetration, that burst of masculine energy to get on with it. It energizes the eagerness that women so dislike because they have so little influence with his dynamism.

Men get by with not paying the woman’s price. She’s stirred, not by the promise of orgasm, but by the enjoyment of intimacy before, during, and after sex. Her price is intimacy but men don’t know unless they are taught. Without intimacy, women lose interest in sex with their mate with whom they’re originally designed to enjoy it.

He seeks dynamic penetration, she seeks intimacy. She’s kind of forced to pay his price. He’s not forced to pay her price. So, let’s examine what happens earlier that affects and can teach men to be more intimate, more sexually pleasing to their woman.

  • The more he respects her and finds her likeable, the more he loves her, and the more eager he is to please her. It means more willing to pay her price, which likely means he pays more attention to discovering it. Somewhere along the relationship development process he probably learns and tries to be more intimate and for longer and more satisfying periods. It begins with her earning his respect early in their relationship.
  • How does she gain more respect? She earns it in courtship by denying conquest until his respect grows enough for him to marry. Men respect toughness, and women are seldom tougher than when denying conquest to a man they love. In the process of his being denied, she has ample opportunity to convey the importance of intimacy to pleasing her.
  • During sex he likes himself immensely and perhaps exclusively. He may have learned earlier that any vagina is just a vagina. She may be totally out of his thoughts. How does she change that such that he likes her more and wants more to please her, to pay the price that she expects?
  • His love depends on her likeability. She has to make herself more likeable in sexual situations. Hints, lead ins, teasing, luring, rewarding, and otherwise tickling his interest in her as his sexual partner. She never finds fault in him and simultaneously conveys that he’s immensely likeable in bed. It has to include making intimacy likeable to him.

Now ladies, I have tried to reduce a mighty important human event into a simple process designed to show women how to improve their lot in life. I bet this time I stirred some curiosity.


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30 responses to “2287. The Root of Good that Prevents Evil — Part II

  1. gonemaverick

    detailed yet easy to understand.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    Thank you, honey child. Now I can relax.

  2. Magnolia

    Sir Guy,

    I did wonder about the quote that you mentioned about article #2281, but I forgot to ask. This is going to be a great series.

  3. MLaRowe

    I figured you meant procreation. It makes a lot of sense. It all goes back to nature really. a female has a limited number of eggs and time to reproduce whereas a male doesn’t. A smart female is picky, she won’t mate until she is sure a male is dependable. She will make a male prove that he will take care of the offspring (should there be any).

  4. Eric

    “Were orgasm the primary motivator for both sexes, there would be no need for the practice of competing or negociating between the sexes…women would give away a major negociating strength and would automatically emphesize physical strength as the prevailing dominant force in society.”

    This is what feminists and manospherians both preach as the normative sexual dynamic. A problem though, is this: the majority of modern seem to equate orgasm with sex (just like they equate sex with love). Hence, they’re either sexually attracted to violent thugs or media/celebrity type males who represent abstract forms of power.

    The only strength that doesn’t appeal to modern women at all is moral strength. I saw a woman remark this on the Internet yesterday: “A handsome face, a handsome body, and a horrible attitude are the holy trinity of the sexiest men.”

    Between your quote and hers it’s easy to see why good men today stay single, while it’s a smorgasbord for any lout who’s willing.

    • surfercajun

      “This is what feminists and manospherians both preach as the normative sexual dynamic. A problem though, is this: the majority of modern seem to equate orgasm with sex (just like they equate sex with love). Hence, they’re either sexually attracted to violent thugs or media/celebrity type males who represent abstract forms of power.”

      The chirping fledglings of the new Dark Ages ~Father George Rutler

  5. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    1. Some of my girl friends would post to FB, saying how sweet they are with their bf’s. What would their bf’s think about these posts?

    2. Also, these girl friends also whine on the FB. The whining should be directed to their bf’s alone but they want to make it public. Again, what would their bf’s think about these posts?

    3. One girl friend even wrote on FB, complaining that her bf stared at the pretty young girls on the street and made comments on these girls with his guy friends (in the presence of his gf). What would other readers think about this girl and this bf? What would this bf think when he reads this post?

    Your Highness Lilac,

    #3 describes how boyfriends and other men react to the immature foolishness of #1 and #2. Boys, guys, and men no longer respect females, which means several things when the consequences extend across society: a) A man’s love is based on respect, which means that women nowadays do without it. b) Men are not the least bit sensitive to the feelings of females and treat them as virtual harem slaves. c) Women try to outmaneuver their harem mates. d) Women use sex to attract men in the vagrant, vacant, and stupid hope that sex will compensate for females doing whatever they wish under whatever conditions they create.

    What’s that old saying? Dumb can be cured but stupid is forever. Stupid is compounded by blaming men for female troubles.


  6. Eric

    Miss Surfercajun & Miss Lilac:
    So what is a man to do? As Sir Guy has pointed out, men aren’t designed to manage relationships. It seems that though most women, though capable of managing relationships, opt instead for easy sex with the types of males who are blots on society.

    • Miss Gina

      Sir Eric,

      Your analysis of that type is accurate, and that dynamic is definitely out there, especially I would imagine on college campuses…but I know women of all ages who find that lifestyle and those guys repulsive. It’s really hard to tell what the numbers are, because the classier types of people tend not to blab so much about their “love lives.”

    • Lilac

      Sir Eric,

      I would love to know the answer too.
      I am grateful for the men who respect women and are patient with us despite all these troubles caused by women.

    • Cinnamon

      Sir Eric,

      So what is a man to do? Simple. Stop focusing on women like this except to say “Nope, no way, not for me. Not in a house, not with a mouse. Not in the rain, not on a train. Not with a goat, not in a boat. No, No, No, No, No!”

      Notice I did not say “You are overstating the problem, Sir Eric.” Perceiving a problem accurately, however, is not the same thing as knowing how to respond effectively to it. The most productive response for you is to shift your attention elsewhere and seek out women who don’t think this way. A deluge of Miley Cyrus wanna-bes is NOT within your control, but your ability to minimise contact with and limit the space you give them in both your heart and brain most certainly IS.

      The same principle applies to single women who meet nothing but players and Vague and Unavailable types: Stop asking “Why?” Learn to recognise them for what they are, and DO NOT give them any more of your time or head space.

      • Eric

        Here’s the problem, though. These women I’m describing are not Miley Cyrus types. The one whom I quoted above expresses an attitude typical of most of them.

        These types of women have no trouble attracting decent men. They’re feminine—as Sir Guy would say, engage in a lot of mirror time. They’re sweet, friendly, and talk about how they dream about families and children. Most of them would be fairly competent homemakers, will happily follow male leadership and advice, and even stay CSW (at least with decent men). These women are not unintelligent either. But invariably they end up becoming the obedient slave of any loser-male who so much as looks at them.

        This is hard to deal with on two levels: one is that men who are attracted to women see their positive qualities and want to do good things for them and make them happy. Instead, women throw that away and opt for men who are worse than useless. The second problem, as Sir Guy has said, a man’s greatest fear is insignificance, but thought by women to be even less significant than the kinds of males a man despises is like having salt rubbed into the wound.

        For example, above Sir Guy writes: “How does she gain more respect? She earns it courtship by denying conquest until his respect grows enough for him to marry. Men respect toughness and women are seldom tougher than when denying conquest to a man they love. In the process she has ample opportunity to convey the importance of intimacy to pleasing her.”

        Now, imagine the effect it has on a man when he reaches this level and is suddenly dropped like a hot potato and watches everything he’s been denied showered on some random scumbag who doesn’t respect her at all.

        Sir Eric,
        Well done. Very clear description of the behavior of those gals. It reminds of Ariel Levy’s book, “Female Chauvinist Pigs – Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture.”

        • Cinnamon

          Sir Eric,

          My take on the situation (just MHO, but I tend to think THID is on to something below) is that the crux of your problem is found here:

          “These types of women have no trouble attracting decent men. They’re feminine….”

          Au contraire, kind Sir, these gals are NOT feminine. They exhibit the POTENTIAL to be feminine and certainly exhibit certain feminine traits, but they are decidedly not feminine because they engage in decidedly non-feminine behaviour, namely, “they end up becoming the obedient slave of any loser-male who so much as looks at them.”

          Femininity comes from the inside out and cannot be faked. There is a blogger here who reblogs WWNH frequently and has a very profound site name: My Feminine Core. In a nutshell: all women in touch with their feminine core will exhibit external feminine traits, but NOT all women who exhibit external feminine traits are in touch with their feminine core. You need to learn how to distinguish between the two types. This is not easy to do – because men are so visual, they quite easily mistake external feminine traits per se for femininity.

      • surfercajun

        giggle @ not with a goat, not in a boat….

        I’m a “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” kind of girl…..

        SINGS: C is for cookie! That’s good enough for me!

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Sir Eric,

      I also aim this at those ladies who became interested in your question.

      “So what is a man to do?” Two responses follow. The first is for you and men looking for a good woman to marry. The second is for me and ladies who may feel so inclined.

      1. Spread the word to everyone you know at the slightest opportunity that doesn’t make you look foolish, something like this: “The single woman doesn’t exist who is unique enough to hold my attention, much less my affection.” When asked about ‘unique’ or what you mean, just say “she has to figure that out. Who am I to tell a woman? If she can’t figure out a simpleton like me, she’s neither unique, nor feminine, nor worth being cherished.”

      Of course it’s tongue in cheek, but it also challenges an interested woman. Men face up against challenges, and modern women think they can and should do what men do. See what kind of response you get. Discomfort brings pressure to change, so you may reach some or many women.

      Of course women won’t know what to do should they be interested in you. So just keep smiling pleasantly and play that old-time feminine game: Catch me if you can. Give them opportunity to recognize and learn what Her Highness Insanitybytes22 says at 2286 and I quote as item 6 in today’s post 2288.

      2. As for me, I had two plans but now only one.

      I planned to proselyte in person against Feminism, the new raunch culture, and for greater female happiness among singles and wives. I sought to rent space or use anyone’s living room who could gather a few interested ladies for an introductory and subsequent hours or so of listening and questioning. The hurdles and barriers make such a move not worth the effort, at least not in the subculture where I now reside.

      But I can do this. Add a P.S. tag line at the bottom of every email I send, such as any of these or others that carry some message I think women should hear:

      • Women are never prettier than when their natural femininity outshines their feminist beliefs.

      • Ever notice how masculine traits and habits make women less appealing, such as overeating, raunchy language or behavior, or lack of personal pride especially vanity?

      • Whatever happened to neatness as one of the main characteristics of female beauty?

      • If men bonded with sex partners, how come so many next day calls go unmade?

      (If you ladies provide some samples, I might start a library of out-of-mid-air comments we can spread around the world in routine emails. Interested?)

      In any event, Eric, that’s what I’m to do.


      • Eric

        Sir Guy:
        That’s some good advice: it would definitely weed out the more shallow ones. I think that you’re onto something with ‘the pressure to change’ angle. Many women I think are caught in a Limbo between their instincts and their social programming.

        • That Horse Is Dead

          Sir Eric,

          Is it possible that somewhere in your realm of contacts is a female saying the same thing about you? How she can’t understand why you fall for these women who won’t treat you well, yet you keep going after the same kind of women? Perhaps she comes across as a bit “boring” (yes, I have to bring up the shyness possibility here) because she’s not asking you the right engaging questions…yet.

          I have to echo Lady Cinnamon’s answer above, “Stop focusing on women like this except to say, ‘Nope, no way, not for me.’” I’ve said before, I think you could be fishing in the wrong pond and each time you catch one, it reinforces what you already know. So, I’m also in agreement with Sir Guy, it’s time to do something other than what is not working for you.

          • That Horse Is Dead

            As an illustration from the online dating arena, time after time I see decent male profiles seeking a woman in an age range much younger than they are. Many of these trophy-seekers are my exact age, yet won’t consider a date a woman my age? These men have creative and well-written profiles but an agenda. Just like you, I scratch my head and wonder, “Really?” And then I remind myself, “Nope, no way, not for me.”

        • My Husband's Wife

          Sir Eric,
          I think you’ve made another interesting observation: many women ARE caught in limbo between their nature and society. And this causes so much internal confusion and limits the success rate of relationships.

          As a woman, I believe Sir Guy’s technique would definitely trigger a woman to stop and “think” (use her rational side of the brain—I believe that the men in our lives help us ladies to think logically to balance us out a bit 🙂 And this is something we ladies desperately need today.) It’s a great way for a man to affect change by keeping his standards high, a way to “raise the bar” so to speak. Sure women influence indirectly and many are lacking, but I also don’t think one should underestimate the effect that a true respected, gentleman who’s satisfied with himself has on a woman. I believe that women crave this sort leadership in men—and that is VERY attractive, surpassing all physical attributes. An interesting thing about us women: we want to “please” by nature. Most will do whatever we can to not disappoint those whom we respect. So let the chips fall where they may—some women will rise to the challenge and some won’t as it’s completely up to them, yet the man still has his self-respect and will attract more respectful ladies who will be “intrigued” by a man of this sort.

    • surfercajun

      Gentleman Eric,

      Whoa, when I threw up that statement from the priest (which I agreed with and your mussing as well 🙂 ) I guess I had no inkling how bad this is with you and the lady you are pursing or are seeing? I cannot speak for anyone else but for myself but there are male and female actors that I enjoy in certain movies or their characters. But on no level am I obsessed with what they are wearing now, seeing now, what bar they are at, who they are married to, divorced from, baby daddy, and so forth. People are people and we all make mistakes. I guess since they are in the limelight, they get more exposure which I really DON’T and ever cared to see this side of them because they are still people.

      I am very confused at this sort of talk and therefore must lead a very sheltered sort of life.

      I am half wondering if she gets angry/anxious very easily if her favorite actor is not mentioned daily.

      I too echo Like-minded Lilac about appreciating men that are respectful as well as patient with us. The good Lord knows I desperately need the patience of strong emotionally balanced men! Some of us (like me) are still learning to maneuver this *superior sex* relationship code!

      I remember a old crochet teacher of mine that ever so often she would bring up on occasion that she knows a back of singer of certain 80’s pop star. (but I could care less… but she kept mention it!!!) It actually came to a point I would turn away and roll my eyes.

      • Eric

        Miss Surfercajun & Others:
        I’m not describing one woman in particular, but a general tendency I’ve noticed among most of them. Whether they follow celebrities or not, they’ve mostly accepted Hollywood’s re-definition of masculinity as normative.

        My Husband’s Wife really hit the point about the conflict between female instinctual drives and their cultural conditioning. The quote from the woman above that male attractiveness is ‘a handsome face, a handsome body, and a terrible attitude’ reflects that conflict. The first two are biological, the third is cultural; and she’s probably not even aware of the obvious contradiction in what she said—because what she essentially means is that she hopes to build a stable relationship with a man who can’t emotionally bond to her.

        Miss Cinnamon says that these women are out of touch with their femininity, but I don’t quite agree with that. More accurately, I think they’re imperfectly aware of it. My suspicion is that they’re deal with the Instinctual vs. Cultural by compartmentalizing it. Hence, they follow their biology and seek out good men for friendship while following the culture and seeking out dirtbags for a relationship. The question is how a man can break down that mental barrier.

        Sir Eric,

        “deal with the Instinctual vs. Cultural by compartmentalizing it.”

        They copy men. First, they compartmentalize which suppresses guilt. Second, they provide easy and cheapened masculine-style sexual adventurism. Third, men show their pleasure, which women take as reward and affirmation to continue. IOW, men have conditioned such women to play the man’s game the man’s way. Men get what they want at virtually no cost and without obligation to provide or responsibility to deliver domestic satisfaction to women. Makes one wonder, what will their offspring do to exceed mom’s folly? What one generation accepts, the next lives by it.

        Thus, male dominance of the jungle replaces civilized behavior that women have worked millennia to generate.


        • surfercajun

          Gentleman Eric,

          Oh I see. Sorry for my misunderstanding, it sounded so fuzzy to me yesterday. Perhaps the morning showed clarity? 🙂

          As you and Sir Guy stated compartmentalize, I too was thinking isn’t that a man thing? We (women) have lost much to this catering thinking to men. I too was a victim on this thinking as well when I took my fences down and removed stones boarders marking my territory you did not cross…. all for the sake of *getting along* How foolish I was. I remember telling my FW teacher that I had to rebuild fences, put back stones, and only I could do it. She never remarked but I believe she agreed. It was the hardest work I ever had to do. But, being a good student and listening and practicing what Sir Guy told me, it was also the most easiest thing for me to go back to. It was like clock work. It took a bit for it to take hold and set like concrete but now you don’t cross that line, or I take steps to diminish someone crossing it, or consequence happens to you. (my choice of course) 🙂

          Perhaps not all women are fortune enough to find Sir Guy’s site and read what other gentlemen write here out of frustration with women. We need to wake up and this is yet another good beating out the rug. When I saying beating out the rug, I mean to actually smash those thoughts as when beating the dirty rug, slamming it against the house.

          How ugly it is to see how low we have sunk. Women deserve a healthier and positive way of thinking, and men deserve a better woman!

          Thank you, Gentleman Eric and Sir Guy. Men are never more handsome when describing women that run aground. 🙂

          hmmmm…. I looked up run aground because I thought it sounded like a ship. HA! I was right… run aground with shallow thinking and not following her heart. Perhaps like, “When you say Budweiser, you said it all!” Kinda commercial! ….giggle

          I love you guys!!! 🙂

        • Cinnamon

          Sir Eric,

          When you ask how to “break through” that mental barrier of an attractive woman with feminine traits who regularly friendzones guys like you but pines after dirtbags, you sound to me almost like the male equivalent of the shy, sweet, bookish girl who sits at the back of the chemistry class mooning over the clever, slightly edgy Debate Team Captain who is dating the b1tchy, shallow cheerleader with the fake tan who wears too much makeup and has never heard of either Rimbaud or The Smiths. Why oh why can’t Debate Team Captain see that she (the soulful bookish girl) would be so much better suited to him? Then, after cheerleader dumps him for the quarterback, instead of turning for solace to bookish girl (who understands him) he instead takes up with Hippy Stoner Flower Child Chick, who has no interest in whatsoever in politics, literature, or alternative music whatsoever – it’s “Peace out,” all day, all the time. All the while bookish girl ignores her lab partner who is actually pretty nice to her but is a “shy around girls” non-descript, geeky type of guy.

          I’m sorry if I am coming across as harsh here, Sir Eric. I am not trolling you. I am trying to get you to think a little more about where your focus actually is and why.

          When Sir Guy talks about a man being the seller I do not think this means he is supposed to go to great lengths to “sell” a woman on the idea that a good man – a man like you (and you clearly are a good man) – understands and appreciates her and will make her happy, and that the Charles Manson/Russell Brand/Lemmy from Motorhead hybrid will not brighten her long-term future. On the contrary, I think what Sir Guy actually means by “man as seller” is something quite different, namely, that he convinces her, a discerning buyer who is looking to brighten her future, via sustained effort over a long period of time that he is the epitome of what she was actually in the market for before she even met him: that is, a good man.

  7. Eric

    Miss Cinnamon & Miss THID;
    It’s definitely worthwhile for men to cultivate more discernment, but the problem is that you’re both assuming that men can intuitively sense female character flaws like women can. We really can’t LOL. Most of us don’t see anything wrong until it’s too late.

    • Lyndeeloo

      This is a fascinating exchange!

      “Miss Cinnamon & Miss THID;
      It’s definitely worthwhile for men to cultivate more discernment, but the problem is that you’re both assuming that men can intuitively sense female character flaws like women can. We really can’t LOL. Most of us don’t see anything wrong until it’s too late.”

      Does this inability to sense character flaws help explain why I’ve seen several good, moral, masculine men end up married to women who are NOT the type of women these men–at one time–claimed to be seeking?

      I have often wondered, “Why is he pursuing her? She’s so different from the sort of woman he describes as his ideal?” I’ve known girls to hide drinking, drugs, gambling, smoking, and infidelity, etc. from their boyfriends, only to watch these good guys pass over lovely, chaste, honest, feminine women in favor of girls who “look” the part.

      My experience has suggested that one can’t tell a man that his girl is lying to him. He’ll defend her and be angry at the messenger! And all BECAUSE he’s a good guy and he’s devoted to her and he’s convinced himself of her goodness!

      How can discerning women help good guys?

      Your Highness Lyndeeloo,

      What you describe sounds to me more like male competition to top their buddies by selecting from the trophy pool, which of course is full of women who are neither trophy nor worthy of a good man.

      They shoot the messenger because they have to defend earlier decisions about which they now regret.


    • That Horse Is Dead

      Sir Eric,

      “The question is how a man can break down that mental barrier.” — I think the bigger question is, why would you want to? If women are the relationship experts, then you are stepping into the woman’s role.

      The way I see it is this…the women who **enjoy** and frequent WWNH are here because either 1) we were once like the women you describe and were burned so many times by loser-thugs that we went in search of answers, or 2) we were fortunate enough to be raised with these kinds of morals and values and want to continue on the path to being better women and wives. For category 1 women, no man can “break down that mental barrier.” She has to get sick and tired of being “sick and tired” from one too many disappointments, heart breaks, and failures. THEN, she will find herself seeking and asking tougher questions — and slowly make the switch from blaming men to being accountable for her own actions, note at the top of this blog, “Oh No! What have I done?”

      Sir Guy gave a good suggestion for how you can gain more discernment. You play hard-to-get and see what a feminine versus a feminist woman does with that attitude. This is one way to gain discernment. The other, as I suggest, is to begin asking women out on dates who may not be your “type” (as it seems that your type is not working for you lately). You may just be surprised when you are open to new kinds of people and experiences. You will grow a lot and have some fun dates along the way.

      As a final note, I heard someone once say that it’s kind of narcissistic to expect everyone that we have an interest in to feel the same level of interest in us. When a woman chooses a thug over you, count your blessings that she got away. She’s not ready for you yet. So, keep a positive outlook and time and patience will be on your side:)

      • That Horse Is Dead

        P.S. For the record, I am a reformed category 1 woman, praise God! Men are never more handsome, Sir Guy, then when they give a lady a path to recovery:)

      • Cinnamon

        I agree with this observation, THID. It’s a role-reversal.

        See my comments above about what “man as seller” really means. A man as seller knows what he has to offer, and if she is too stupid to be interested in the product he cuts his losses and does not waste time trying to convince her she should eat her veggies when she clearly prefers to gorge on junk food.

    • Cinnamon

      Sir Eric,

      On the question of discernment: if a woman utters or approves of the following statement, “A handsome face, a handsome body, and a horrible attitude are the holy trinity of the sexiest men,” this is a huge red flag that she has a big a character flaw. If a man continues to date a woman who waves red flags like these early in the relationship, his claim to want a “feminine woman” is, in my view, disingenuous.

      I think Sir Guy should consider writing an entire article on the subject of Discernment for Men, since it is clearly a hot button issue on this thread.

      • Eric

        Miss Cinnamon & Miss THID:

        I don’t think there’s role-reversal going on at all. You’re assuming again that there’s no difference between the situations between men and women in the relationship market.

        As I read the analogy of the bookish girl, what more likely is happening is that she has a dozen or so decent men interested in her whom she’s marginalized and friendzoned because the culture has taught her—a la 50 Shades of Gray—that bad men only are worth pursuing and that love means nothing unless it’s the woman who conquers.

        As for men, it doesn’t work this way. The media and the Gamers want us all to believe that every social venue is teeming with attractive, charming, confident women who are chastely waiting for their prince, who could be any man who proves himself worthy. What we encounter in reality is a pool of broken, confused, sad, disinformed and emotionally immature women who are in varying degrees of salvageability. ‘Mr. Good Enough’ grows on trees, ‘Miss Right’ does not.

        The discernment men need is to learn how badly damaged the feminine nature is in the women he encounters, and whether it’s recoverable or not. I doubt seriously whether the woman who made that quote above spent hours of deep reflexion on the subject before writing it. More likely she repeated what other women who don’t know what they’re talking about have told her. The red flag would really be if a man challenged her on it and she defended it.

        I did have occasion to follow Sir Guy’s advice lately and challenge a similar statement. It caused a stir, alright. No outrage, but all of the women seemed a bit ashamed of themselves lol.

  8. That Horse Is Dead

    Sir Eric,

    I agree with Lady Cinnamon’s comments above. I can’t relate to this statement of yours, “You’re assuming again that there’s no difference between the situations between men and women in the relationship market,” and wonder if you may be trying to think like a woman but reasoning like a man.

    If a woman repeats, “A handsome face, a handsome body, and a horrible attitude are the holy trinity of the sexiest men,” with or without hours of deep reflection, why would you want her? I don’t think there’s a woman who follows WWNH and enjoys it who would ever repeat this statement — no deep thought necessary — because it’s so foreign to what we believe about men. There’s no point to say it in the first place.

    It still sounds like you are searching in a trophy pool of women, as Sir Guy describes, that are “neither trophy nor worthy of a good man” and I like his shock and awe advice for discernment posted today. I agree with you that “the discernment men need is to learn how badly damaged the feminine nature is in the women he encounters, and whether it’s recoverable or not.” However, I believe only a woman recognizing that what she is doing isn’t working (i.e. trying to ride a dead horse) can change her, not a man breaking down her mental barriers.

    A better choice is to find a woman who is already on the path of recovery and has made steps toward emotional and spiritual health. She may not do everything right and still have scars and damage, but she is open to the leading of a good man and to making better choices for a brighter future. When you ask her about that quote, she thinks it’s wrong. It’s not something she would ever consider entertaining.

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