2293. Compatibility Axioms #941-950

941. Think and act irresponsibly, and others will not support you. [312]

942. Think and act ugly, and others will agree. [312]

943. Think and act as if the other parent is worthless to your child, and you’ll produce heart-achy kids. [313]

944. Think and act bitter, and your health will deteriorate. [313]

945. Think and act desperate, and you’ll be taken advantage of. [313]

946. Think and act as undeserving, and you’ll have to get by with little and less. [313]

947. Think and act feminist, and you’ll attract a man temporarily or a wuss permanently. [313]

948. Think and act like a parent to your man, and you’ll lose him. [313]

949. Think and act selfishly, and you’ll be treated childishly. [313]

950. Think and act sexually, and you’ll attract men exclusively for sex. [313]


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4 responses to “2293. Compatibility Axioms #941-950

  1. Beautifully put. These words are true to the very marrow and soul of a woman’s being – listen up ladies!

  2. prettybeans

    Another set of gems! The simplicity with which you get your message across is probably the best part of this blog.
    Thank you ever so much Sir Guy

  3. Some Other Guy

    Think and act positively and you will see more happiness in your life than you thought possible.

    Think and act with gratitude and people will be drawn to you like a magnet.

  4. Meow Meow

    Think and act with class and others will respect you. And, you’ll start respecting yourself and others!

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