2294. — Compatibility Axioms #951-960

  1. Think and act gratefully and full of gratitude. It kills your selfishness and shifts your self-centeredness to us-centeredness. [314]
  2. Think and act about giving, and you’ll learn the rewards of giving. [314]
  3. Think and act admirably, and others will duplicate your examples. [314]
  4. Think and act with conviction, and someone will cherish you. [314]
  5. Think and act as a person to trust, and see how others become trustful and trustworthy. [314]
  6. Think and act as an attractive female, and you’ll grow into it. [314]
  7. Think and act as if men are intelligent, and they will get smarter. [314]
  8. Think and act as if you’re irresistible, and men will upgrade themselves to your standards. [314]
  9. Think and act as if you’re sexually unconquerable, and men will find you irresistible. [314]
  10. Think and act as if your man is valuable, and your gratefulness will make him better and you happier. [315]


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4 responses to “2294. — Compatibility Axioms #951-960

  1. surfercajun

    955 Is true. people sought me out when I was in high school just to talk to me. I never repeated what they said. Even when I saw one of the more popular girls out at a restaurant with bad company acting foolish, I never said a word…. She sought me out when back in school and apologized to me in front of a group of others which had them wondering what she did…..

    Sometime later someone took on a High-school Senior that kept trying to touch me. I never forgot the kindness. …Kindness begets kindness…

  2. kapri20

    Think and act as if you’re sexually unconquerable, and men will find you irresistible. [314]

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I think you are talking about that confident,self-assurance that gives a woman status because she sets herself up as a challenge rather than presenting herself as a pushover. I am trying to get my head round what that looks like in day to day behaviour so that you don’t come across as the opposite extreme of a pushover… an ice queen or a buttoned up walled up creature… Can you clarify please?

    With thanks,


    Your Highness Kate-Anne,
    Remain pleasant, keep smiling, and keep hands off of you and you won’t be called ice queen except as bluff trying to get you to yield to some guys wishes. You’ll know how to handle him. Same countenance prevents being considered a “buttoned up walled up creature.”

    • kapri20

      Dear Guy,

      Thank you so much. I’m thinking Doris Day here… at her sparkling, charming best! Updated of course for the modern day world. You have helped me here with the ‘vibe’ required… which is actually what I do at the moment.


  3. Humble_muse

    “Think and act as if you’re sexually unconquerable, and men will find you irresistible.”

    What if one lives with the guilt of her previous sexual conquests thinking that once she has been conquered she should feel guilt for acting sexuallly unconquerable?

    Your Highness Humble_muse,

    Little reason exists to justify such guilt. We all make mistakes. Recovery is everything. We don’t have to live with our mistakes, we live with the experience learned from them. That, darling, wipes out guilt, which depends upon actions that you take to recover.

    I suggest you visit the CONTENTS page at blog top and scroll down to Virtual Virginity and thoroughly study that series. Even areas that don’t apply to you personally can broaden your scope of thought benefically.


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