2295. Preventive Relationship Maintenance — 01: Intro

Relationship management is reactive and doesn’t seem to work very well. Couples continue to part company rather easily.

I introduce an endless challenge with a new name: preventive relationship maintenance (PRiM). It’s a shift from reactive female attempts to manage their man’s behavior to proactive leadership that aligns masculine behavior more closely with that which women need, want, and deserve. It makes so much logical, reasonable, and tutorial sense that I can’t figure out why I never saw it before.

Ask men what’s wrong when a relationship crumbles, and they say she does this and doesn’t do that. But that’s not the whole story. To men, marriage just is. They see little or no need for management as women see things. They lack the urge of women to have emotional connections confirmed frequently. Sex satisfies most of their emotional connection needs.

Ask women the same question, and they say he does that and doesn’t do this. Unless women listen to mom or girlfriends, they don’t know what to do until they figure out almost exclusively by themselves—trial and error—how to blend their man and themselves into an ‘us’. Many women today are unsuccessful. Methinks PRiM will help immensely.

Moms and girlfriends know little about men other than their own. Moreover, what they succeed doing and would likely advise comes from within their ‘us’, which is totally unlike any other ‘us’. Two very unique personalities determine the ‘us’ in every couple and their success or failure.

Psychologists and counselors are trained to get both sides talking until they find some sort of accommodation and, hopefully, commit to enough favorable decisions about each other’s intentions that it reseals their togetherness. Or, they return for another session and the professional will listen again, and again, if necessary.

Men won’t listen to anyone tell them how to treat a woman they have conquered. Their minds are made up to match their masculine interest. After all, conquest taught them that they know all they need to know about their woman to make their marriage work. If she yielded, he has all it takes to make and keep her happy.

No one seems to be available to tell women how to do PRiM. They need a lot of new knowledge, options, or both to figure out what will work best for the couple that is their particular ‘us’. This series takes us there. Next is more background at 2296.


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4 responses to “2295. Preventive Relationship Maintenance — 01: Intro

  1. Rachel

    I’m looking forward to this series!

    Your Highness Rachel,
    Thank you. I’m into part 4 and it seems to be coming out pretty good.

  2. prettybeans

    Incidentally Sir Guy, when I listen to other people’s advise (read opinions) I sometimes get the sense that that’s what has worked for them. And I have observed that many many ladies (myself included) are fairly fearful of charting their own course especially as far as relationship is concerned..
    There is however a balance between being pridefully hard-headed and trusting ones gut, yes?

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Yes, and that’s why prayer is so powerful. It guides one to finding the balance.

  3. Mr Modigliani

    I am intrigued to hear what you will say

    Sir Mr Modigliani,
    Stick around. I think you’ll like it just like women will.

  4. surfercajun

    Psychologists and counselors are trained to get both sides talking until they……commit to enough favorable decisions about each others intentions that it reseals their togetherness.

    I don’t know why, but in my mind looms this picture of large strips of old dirty wallpaper being taken down but there is another after that one, and another. It feels continuous.

    I yield on pins and needles for your next post!

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