2307. Preventive Relationship Maintenance — Guy’s PRiM: 58-60

  1. Overbearing male dominance inevitably injects itself where unwanted in a woman’s life. Consequently, your man won’t do well trying to meet your standards and expectations unless imposed with graceful charm, female modesty, and feminine wit. That and other sex differences enable you to maintain compatibility and harmony without stooping to manipulation, denying sex, or falling under the wheels of male dominance.
  2. Experts are responsible people, but they need authority to act. This requires that you avoid being overruled as much as practicable. Lessening your authority weakens your responsibility. You then lack influence to do what you need to do, as you see it.
  3. For good relationship maintenance, you have three primary responsibilities that promote marital longevity: resolve disagreements peaceably, avoid discouraging each other about each other, and preserve the harmony needed for relationship success.

He’ll never become Mr. Right, if you begin to think he’s Mr. Wrong. It’s not the big things such as love that hold you together. You drift apart and separate from the accumulation of small things that destroy likeability and respect. Preventive relationship maintenance keeps you aimed at making him Mr. Right instead of uncovering how he’s Mr. Wrong.

And with that I’ve run out of steam on this subject. At least for now. Tomorrow or the next day we return to our regular broadcasting.

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