2308. Compatibility Axioms #961-970

961. Think and act dignified, and you’ll earn respect.

962. Think and act uniquely feminine, and you’ll attract a husband.

963. Think and act like a good Christian, and you’ll develop a servant’s heart and vice versa.

964. Think and act like a lady, and you’ll be treated as one—although you may have to teach others how to do it, both what being a lady means and how a man treats her.

965. Think and act like a virgin even if you’re not, and you’ll lead men to make themselves worthy of you.

966. Think and act morally exemplary, and you’ll influence others to duplicate your character.

967. Think and act pretty, and you’ll make yourself prettier.

968. Think and act unselfishly, and you’ll become a helpmate.

969. Think and primp in front of a mirror every day, and you’ll become prettier and value yourself much higher.[315]

970. Self-respect and duty slut are mutually exclusive.


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6 responses to “2308. Compatibility Axioms #961-970

  1. Shermy


  2. Magnolia

    Beautiful. Love it! ❤

  3. Meow Meow

    I love these.

  4. Jodi

    I have a question, I have a neighbor who makes little remarks about me being too busy, not having enough fun, putting on makeup, not watching tv, being too girly, listening to classical music, not watching or listening to violence, says I’m too worried and focused on the future and not enjoying today, she says she doesn’t think I’m really happy ect. I like her and think she’s nice but I just tend to avoid her because with a family of 10 (including myself) I feel I need people around me to encourage me to be even more disciplined, focused, beautiful, selfless, chaste, pure ect. if I am to build the life I really want. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your time;)

    Your Highness Jodi,
    In the way that God designs us, Nature produces us, and hormones energize us, you act very directly as a female and your neighbor acts like a disillusioned male. Your quality as a woman far exceeds hers. She deserves little more than your smiles in passing.

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