2309. Favored Quotes—Collection 46

It was not always this way, but the blog has converted me. My favorite people are the steady performers, always reliable and usually predictable. In the case of this blog, it’s those who contribute witty, wise, and personal remarks aimed at entertaining or spreading kind words that encourage others. Such as those readers whom I quote in this series and who are especially uplifting for me.

Your total of 2.4 million views and 15,000 comments (not counting my responses) have kept me on track and living up to something bigger than me in addition to Jesus Christ. Your loyalty inspires me to pay closer attention.

I quote some favorites here:

“Men are visual creatures, women are auditory creatures in general so our vices play out differently.” [My Husband’s Wife at 1803]

“It helps to keep in mind that prior to marriage, you are the buyer and he is the seller. ALWAYS. A Mr. [Vague and Unavailable] tries to reverse these roles. Who wants a man like that? I certainly don’t!” [Cinnamon at 2029]

“Ha—that reminded of what Cato, the ancient Roman Senator once said: ‘We Roman men rule the men in the rest of the world, and Roman women rule us.’” [Eric at 2131]

“I have learned that your body is your biggest possession and it should only be given to the highest bidder aka the man that puts the effort and focus to earn the right by marriage. If I ever have a daughter I will teach her this. :-)” [Emma at 1792]

“Oh and I’m the same height as my husband so I wear flats mostly because I feel less feminine when I’m taller than him.” [MLaRowe at 2168. Success in life comes from exploiting such subtle differences.]

“PC is aimed at feelings, directness is aimed at the will.” [Sharon at 2162 quoting her husband.]

“After marriage, you get what you marry AND his friends. At least now, you have a choice.” [That Horse Is Dead at 2259]

“Why is she wasting her time trying to be pleasing to bosses who don’t really care about her life as her husband does? She may find out by reacting to [husband’s] feedback with femininity [that] she is fulfilling her own need for recognition.” [Sharonwithmaryandmartha at 1977]

“I looked up ‘run aground’ because I thought it sounded like a ship. HA! I was right… run aground with shallow thinking and not following her heart.” [Surfercajun at 2287]

“and just look around–few young women are being courted today. ANYWAY–this is why I HATE ROMANCE NOVELS.. and how a woman could ‘change a man’ with her sexuality. Men don’t change that way but only through femininity” [Miss Kitty at 2141]

“Many women I think are caught in a Limbo between their instincts and their social programming.” [Eric at 2287]

[Context: After she saw a musician stop to help a small boy retrieve something.] “Brute force with a suede touch. Masculinity at its finest!” [From Surfercajun at 2228]

“But again the WOMAN has the best knowledge on how to be a WOMAN. And it makes all the difference when she not only believes that, but cherishes the fact.” [Lady Kaikou at 897]

“So, while we can educate young girls and women on how to look for a man of quality character, we can’t make him demonstrate his masculinity without some ‘shock and awe’ therapy.” [That Horse Is Dead at 2203]

“It is important to remember that you cannot demand [how a man is to treat you]. You can act according to your own expectations in order to influence his thinking but you have to let go of whether or not a particular man rises to the occasion. If he does not meet your expectations (aided by your subtle encouragement) then he is the wrong man and you move on.” [Cinnamon at 1968]

“What it does show is that feminine desperation combined with feminist indoctrination can have lethal consequences if an especially dysfunctional male gets involved.” [Eric at 2129]


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7 responses to “2309. Favored Quotes—Collection 46

  1. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Your blog has converted me too!

    “and just look around–few young women are being courted today. ANYWAY–this is why I HATE ROMANCE NOVELS.. and how a woman could ‘change a man’ with her sexuality. Men don’t change that way but only through femininity” [Miss Kitty at 2141]

    I think many woman (including me) need to hear this.
    I came to hate romance movies too. The girls in those movies are very sassy. One Korean movie called “My Sassy Girl” has been very popular since 10+ years ago.
    I cannot bear the behaviors of the girl in the movie. But many people like her behavior. I cannot figure out why….

    Btw, i would like to ask some specific questions regarding my “interaction” with the man i talked about in the comments of post 2299.
    This month, he will be busy with another performance and will be traveling back and forth the city he lives and the city where the performance is (traveling time of 3.5 hours).
    The performance is organized by his religious group (not Christianity) but the performance itself is not religious, more historical.
    1. I sometimes text him saying “bless your trips” & “have a safe trip”. Can you suggest better ways to encourage him?
    2. I often consider myself showing too much attention to him and I am afraid that he will find me annoyed. How often can I contact him? I know i am not the woman of his dreams. Just ordinary friends.
    3. I also do not know whether to reply to his reply. Like today, i texted him and said “take care and watch out for the weather” ( ‘cos a storm is coming). He replied (once he read my message) and said there was no rain in his area and he was good.
    Then i did not further write to him. Is it good enough?

    Thank you for your grandpa-like insights!

    Your Highness Lilac,

    You’re confused, darling. You love or want the guy but justify what you do in the name of evangelizing. Confusion lingers and I can’t answer your questions.

    If you love the guy, withdraw from him to see if he might feel the same and begin to chase you.

    If you’re only evangelizing, your directness won’t work because you’re female and he’s male with his own religion. You can’t change him, or else he would have been responding to your prompts.

    Sorry, but you’re proceeding contrary to the best interest of both you and him.


    • That Horse Is Dead

      Lady Lilac,

      I’m confused why you keep interacting with this man? It sounds as if he has no interest in pursuing any kind of relationship with you (friendship or romantic). If all contact stopped by you, what would happen? Would he reach out to you or disappear into life with you as a distant memory? Perhaps I misunderstand because it sounds like you are doing all the chasing and he is replying with courtesy. Telling him to “watch out for the weather” is too much like something mom would say (I know because I have two boys). If it were me, I’d stop all contact and see how long it takes before he reaches out to you — this is the real litmus test. I would also question what it is that you really want from this relationship. I don’t make a habit of developing platonic male friendships. As Sir Guy mentioned, if you are trying to influence his decision for salvation, you’ve planted the seed, now maybe best to let someone else do the reaping.

      Sir Guy, I want to add to the comments by other ladies here. Your articles and comments by other visitors have been pivotal in changing the way I think about men, relationships and myself. There are times when I need to disappear and ponder my thoughts, but I am always drawn back. Sometimes it’s the medicine I don’t want to take — but need to — if I want to keep improving. I’m with Lady Cinnamon, I would love to have a blog post where we can share our favorite quotes when we have a eureka moment! Sometimes they are from you, sometimes from other ladies and gents.

      • Lilac

        Dear Sir Guy & Lady That Horse is Dead,

        Thank you for clearing the clouds above my head. Yes, I am confused. But my confusion has been brought into light by both of you. Thank you!

        THID, you write you ‘do not make a habit of developing platonic male friendships’. Is it before your marriage too? Why do you do so? I do not have many male friendships too. But people around me seem not mind having good friends of opposite sex. i want to learn more from you to consolidate the belief that it’s not good to have platonic male friendships.

        Sir Guy, it’s interesting to see that what I thought it’s ‘indirect’ is ‘direct’ in your eyes. What is ‘indirectness’ exactly? i do not want to make mistakes, being too direct unintentionally, again…

        Thank you!

        Your Highness Lilac,
        Direct means you primarily initiate. Indirect means you primarily react.

  2. Cinnamon

    Time to return the favour, Professor. I will start with just one (and believe me, there are MANY):

    “Female charm looks like serious, non-accusatory, and unexpected action that has the effect of dismissing someone without making a scene.” — Sir Guy (2309).

  3. MLaRowe

    You just made my day you big sweetie. Earlier today I was saying a prayer of thanks for having found this blog and for you for starting it. It came in my life at a time when I really needed to learn so many things you have been teaching through this blog.

    I like how you sometimes do these recaps of your favorite quotes- glad you highlight them because sometimes I miss some of the gems in the comments (also it’s nice for you to share the spotlight- how so like you to do such a thing).

    Really like a lot of the quotes you just mentioned above.

    Having a feeling that one day some of the folks that have been searching and searching are going to start reporting in that things are going real well (I’m thinking of Eric especially).

  4. Surfercajun what an amazing quote “run aground with shallow thinking”… Thank you. Feel very blessed to learn from you all. MlaRowe, I too thank God for this blog. Thanks Sir Guy 🙂

  5. surfercajun

    @ Thankful

    HEYYYY just happen to jump on for a quick view. Thank you sweet lady.

    Sir Guy,

    Men are never more handsome when a man re post her thoughts. (I think he makes it sound better than she believes) giggle

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