2310. She Picks Bad Guys

Sir Eric describes how young girls and modern women attractively appeal and play to the best guys and then partner up with the worst. Their adult behavior flows out of poor programming of heart and mind in childhood. Adults before puberty teach or let them learn that they are bad. Teen peers both confirm and promote it as they associate with those of common interest and attitude.

Before puberty the girls are taught, allowed to think, or never convinced other than that they are bad. Parents, teachers, and others try to make girls feel better about themselves. They are catered to as deserving princesses to overcome their feeling bad about themselves. Nature doesn’t work that way.

The female subconscious knows that gifts and words of others symbolize that she’s important, but that doesn’t make her important, Only her own effort does, and it must be habitually reinforced before puberty.

Without their making themselves important to others, girls can easily be made or left to have feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. It takes only a little prompting in childhood for it to morph into ‘I’m no good’ or ‘I’m bad’.

Very different from boys,* females are born to be good. However, proper programming of heart and mind requires that they do good in order to habitually confirm that they are a good person. To do good is to act in ways that make them important to others so that it registers as self-importance within them.

Enough earning of self-importance through their actions programs their heart and mind that they are good. If they become good to themselves, then they overcome the natural human vulnerability to being unworthy, undeserving, and—therefore so easily—bad.

Both sexes are born to earn their worth, to be deserving. Males earn it by accomplishments that satisfy themselves and make them significant and therefore deserving. Females earn it by living up to someone more important than themselves and thereby become worthy and deserving, which displace the deep-rooted thoughts of natural guilt that portend badness.

Girls who grow up living up to no one more important than themselves are the ones who link up with bad guys. Parents and peers teach improperly and those girls develop the habit of always seeing themselves as the most important. But self-importance doesn’t settle into their female hearts when they live mostly for themselves. Excess self-centeredness pushes them toward narcissism, which causes them to automatically presume they are unworthy—and bad is not far behind.

How easy is it for parents to convince daughters and peers to convince friends that girls, and they alone, are the most important person in their own lives? But those good intentions—the words of others—earn her nothing; they leave daughters and friends with the internal conviction that they are undeserving, inadequate, and unworthy. Although such girls hide it well by associating with good boys and men, hidden within is the overpowering belief that they are not good, which bad guys can easily detect and convince that it’s good for him and therefore best for the girls. As we all do, people gravitate toward those like them.

Females are especially vulnerable to finding the ‘bad’ in themselves. It’s why someone’s love is so strongly sought, why morality and religion are so important to women. They recognize their inherent need to be loved so they can forget how badly they can feel about themselves when they have no one else with whom they can prove their importance and earn self-importance.

After puberty girls becomes unsupervised amid peer-confirmed actions of their importance to self. They can’t share what they don’t have in their heart; they only need someone of common interest such as bad guys. Good boys and men don’t confirm their sense of badness, and so they seek the bad guys with whom they’re more comfortable, WADWMUFGAO.


*Boys are not born to be good but to do good. However, they must be taught and incentivized mostly by mothers, girls, women, and wives into making it habitual. Or else, they too presume they are undeserving, unworthy, and, ipso facto, bad or nearly so.


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11 responses to “2310. She Picks Bad Guys

  1. Ahhh, such lovely words of wisdom. This really resonated, “Females earn it by living up to someone more important than themselves and thereby become worthy and deserving..” When women feel bad or unworthy, we simply gravitate towards the bad and unworthy. We don’t believe we can win the approval of anyone else, we don’t feel qualified to chase after decent men. It is not the good men in the world that are doing anything wrong, it is upbringing and damage that has been done to us.

    One of the many problems with feminism is that it teaches women that there is something wrong with “wanting to live up to someone more important than us,” generally men. But that is what makes us happy, that is what brings us joy. Within feminism, to seek the approval of men is thought to be debasing oneself, so what is innate and instinctual to us is at war with what is socially acceptable.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    What a sweetheart to so clearly describe what’s been missing from social dialogue for many decades. You’re a jewel of crispness and clarity.

  2. Tooconfused

    Great post.

    One observation though. The dating market as of now (2015) is completely unstable. If society wasn’t polluted with feminism and leftoid thinking this scenario you describe would work. Women would meet and date men whose confidence and self worth resembled their own. Good women would marry good men.

    Back to what Eric was saying – maybe I misread it but he’s saying women are trying to marry good men but end up choosing the bad men? This might be easy to say from the male perspective. There are tons of situations where women are waiting for the better men to chase and pursue them but end up with bad men because many times these bad men make women feel very “comfortable”. They pursue and they don’t give up, tricking women into thinking that it is love. They are persistent. The better men nowadays have easier access to duty sluts and many of them no longer fight for the woman they truly want. They settle for easy access to sex. The lower quality woman may not be the catch they wanted but they sustain the male sex drive when it is at it’s highest (aka marrying age).

    For example it is quite common for very attractive chaste single women to be sitting on the bench getting no action while she sees her looser sisters dragging their boyfriends to the alter. Nobody is trying to choose bad men. The good men are with lower quality women as of today. The bad men get to pursue both the loose girls and the high quality chaste ladies.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating. I just read the ‘letter’ post you did with the woman who was reaching out to her former “boyfriend”. This woman sounded like a high quality looker with a chaste lifestyle and she was dealing with a man who was going on and off. In what world would this make any sense? Only in 2015. 40 years ago this same woman would have been married and 40 years ago her man wouldn’t be so “on and off” because most women knew to be chaste before marriage therefore stripping men of all the easy options. The man would have had to make the decision to marry and lock her down.

    The good men marry convenient girls and they divorce because it was never real devotion – further polluting our marketplace. They are robbed of their natural hunt and conquer urge because the loose girl is right there waiting when the “game” they really want to nail on their wall requires good aim and persistence. Meanwhile the cads and alpha players continue to collect trophies – emotionally + physically conquering many women – gaining power in the sexual market they really shouldn’t have. The power is that they learn to understand the female mind and use it to their advantage. They can sleep with the duty sluts and then during the day hunt for the elusive trophy. You see? The jerks have nothing to lose. It is easier for a man to pursue a specific target if he isn’t so sexually needy. That same woman trophy is waiting for better men but again those men are all occupied with steady access to sex. The trophy – if she is stupid – will fall for the jerkboy. If she is smart she will be very lonely!

    So sorry about the rambling but my main point is that our dating market has become so perverse and unholy that it is impossible to simply say women choose bad men.

    Yes it is easy to just give up and throw in the towel. Just forget about being chaste right? Nope. The good and bad men are still greedy jerks and their whole motto is no hymen no diamond. So you see you can’t just have fun and become a slut either! Just gotta play hard ball. *sigh*

    Your Highness Tooconfused,

    You deny your screen name. You’re not confused at all.

    Your “rambling” is a pleasure to read for clarity and accuracy. You tell a good story. Well done and thank you very much.

    With a little rearranging of your thoughts so that it more clearly challenges my article 2310, I’m making an article of your comment.


  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Thank you—this clarified a lot of things. Particularly the paradox that “women who grow up with no more important than themselves are the ones who link up with bad guys.” The conventional wisdom from the Manosphere is the opposite; that female self-esteem is hyperinflated and that they choose bad men to make a statement about their contempt for us.

    In light of your earlier advice about ‘shock and awe’ how would you suggest approaching women who’ve had this kind of improper education?

  4. surfercajun

    I went to a friend’s house to help out for a wedding she was to attend Saturday evening when texting me one morning. Only after I arrived she decided she needed some things from the store. Once at the store I helped get what hair bobble needed then embarking to look for myself leaving her to decide. In that same isle were little girl hair ribbons, bows, hair pins, etc which was next to woman’s hair accessories. I frustratingly sighed while with my right hand making a firm opened handed gesture comparing the two. “Why can’t women have cute things like this?” I asked exasperated. “Because.” My friend shot off, “ Women aren’t suppose to be cute they are suppose to be sexy.” My head snapped in her general direction and I gave a nose wrinkle. But since she was ignoring me, I made gagging sounds while flamboyantly acting like I was putting my finger down my throat.

    Upon thinking on what she said…. I wonder if most women think that way. Women aren’t suppose to be cute but sexy?

    Isn’t this what Gentleman Eric referred to as being caught between their feminine instincts and social programming?

    Sorry, I spend the morning looking for his comment ((pouts))

    Your Highness Surfercajun,

    Men want women to appear sexy, because it both attracts and symbolizes their willingness to play the male game of cheap and easy sex without obligation.

    Women use cute to capture, hold a man’s attention, and use modesty to keep his mind off of sex while she captivates him with her charm.

    Sexy serves men. Cute serves women. So, who is in charge of protecting a woman’s best interest if sex is not her primary interest?


    • Cinnamon


      Sir Eric’s quote is on article 2309, but for some reason that article is not showing up in the CONTENT section, which contains an index of all the WWNH articles.

      Sir Guy, you might want to get your technical guru to look at this because I have noticed that with a few recent articles when I tried to look them up in the CONTENT section by article number they are not found. I am not familiar with WordPress settings, but I would have thought your site had been configured so that new articles are automatically indexed on the CONTENT page. at the point of publication Maybe the feature got turned off accidentally at some point, or perhaps there is a maximum to the number of entries one page can hold and you have to open up a new CONTENT page (?) to hold the overflow. I don’t know, however, whether others are having the same problem with certain articles not showing up in CONTENT (it could be a problem with my browser).

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      The CONTENT page is manually updated and my habit has lost some of its traditional timeliness. I should do better.

      • Cinnamon

        You don’t need me to tell you this, but if an article is not in the CONTENT section a new reader will only reach it by chance. If you set aside a day or two to get caught up with all the missing articles, and then going forward to remember to enter each new article in CONTENT as you publish, you will never fall behind again. This will ensure nothing gets lost.

        And since I am being bossy today, I wish you would open up the comments on the FAVORITE QUOTES section. I think readers would be more likely to contribute if they could write a comment which you could then transfer into the main body of the article and then delete, rather than sending you a mail with a quote (I often don’t have my email account open when I am on this site).

        • Yin

          If it helps, there are 2212 articles listed in the contents.

        • surfercajun

          ouchy, Cinn… ouchy….

          giggles at …since I am being bossy today.

          IT is a good idea… any one else second the motion here? ((wink))

          • Cinnamon

            Well, I guess I could have said “Pretty please with sugar on top will you update the CONTENT page, Sir Guy?” -and it probably would have been more effective, but when it comes to caring about the state of this blog I guess I go automatically into “operations mode” 🙂 This is what 25+ years in the full-time workforce not by choice will do sometimes….. 😦

    • surfercajun

      THAT is wonderfully stated!!!!

      Men are never more handsome when unraveling questions that form in my mind…. 🙂

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