2311. No Hymen, No Diamond

Her Highness Tooconfused has produced a clear and better description than mine of today’s marketplace of women choosing bad guys. With slight editing, I quote her below.

Actually, I’ve rearranged what she wrote so that it more clearly and directly challenges my article 2310. Extra credit given for completeness and clarity of thought.

She writes:

“[O]ur dating market has become so perverse and unholy that it is impossible to simply say women choose bad men.

“The dating market as of now (2015) is completely unstable. If society wasn’t polluted with feminism and leftoid thinking the scenario Guy describes would work. Women would meet and date men whose confidence and self worth resembled their own. Good women would marry good men.

“[W]omen are trying to marry good men but end up choosing the bad men? This might be easy to say from the male perspective. There are tons of situations where women are waiting for the better men to chase and pursue them but end up with bad men because many times these bad men make women feel very “comfortable”. They pursue and they don’t give up, tricking women into thinking that it is love. They are persistent. The better men nowadays have easier access to duty sluts and many of them no longer fight for the woman they truly want. They settle for easy access to sex. The lower quality woman may not be the catch they wanted but they sustain the male sex drive when it is at it’s highest (aka marrying age).

“For example it is quite common for very attractive chaste single women to be sitting on the bench getting no action while she sees her looser sisters dragging their boyfriends to the altar. Nobody is trying to choose bad men. The good men are with lower quality women as of today. The bad men get to pursue both the loose girls and the high quality chaste ladies.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating. I just read the ‘letter’ post you did with the woman who was reaching out to her former “boyfriend”. This woman sounded like a high quality looker with a chaste lifestyle and she was dealing with a man who was going on and off. In what world would this make any sense? Only in 2015. 40 years ago this same woman would have been married and 40 years ago her man wouldn’t be so “on and off” because most women knew to be chaste before marriage therefore stripping men of all the easy options. The man would have had to make the decision to marry and lock her down.

“The good men marry convenient girls and they divorce because it was never real devotion – further polluting our marketplace. They are robbed of their natural hunt and conquer urge because the loose girl is right there waiting when the “game” they really want to nail on their wall requires good aim and persistence. Meanwhile the cads and alpha players continue to collect trophies – emotionally + physically conquering many women – gaining power in the sexual market they really shouldn’t have. The power is that they learn to understand the female mind and use it to their advantage. They can sleep with the duty sluts and then during the day hunt for the elusive trophy. You see? The jerks have nothing to lose. It is easier for a man to pursue a specific target if he isn’t so sexually needy. That same woman trophy is waiting for better men but again those men are all occupied with steady access to sex. The trophy – if she is stupid – will fall for the jerkboy. If she is smart she will be very lonely!

“Yes it is easy to just give up and throw in the towel. Just forget about being chaste, right? Nope. The good and bad men are still greedy jerks and their whole motto is no hymen no diamond. So you see you can’t just have fun and become a slut either! Just gotta play hard ball. *sigh*”


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39 responses to “2311. No Hymen, No Diamond

  1. Kay

    Tooconfused, this is exactly what my 20 something daughter describes to me about the dating culture( if you could call it that) in NYC. You articulated it perfectly. It is so disheartening but true.

  2. Shermy

    Yup, this is EXACTLY how things stand as I see it in NYC. Deep sigh!!!!

  3. This is a really good point. The modern world has totally turned relationships between men and women are their head and it’s very difficult to sort out.

    Many men tend to complain that they want soft, feminine, submissive women, and yet that is not who they pursue at all. On the flip side, women sometimes lament, “where have all the good guys gone,” and yet we are less likely to pursue those kind of guys ourselves.

    I was very blessed and so was my husband, because he was not that stereotypical “nice guy” on the outside, but inside lurks a heart of gold. I was also rather loud and obnoxious when we first met, but truly I am a sweet gentle spirit underneath it all. I never cease to be amazed by how miraculous it is we found each other, because we did everything “wrong” so to speak. I suppose that really is the nature of that Divine comedy we call love. Sometimes we have to just set aside our stereotypes and trust in God, in our design, in biology.

  4. I agree with this description. Chastity in a woman doesn’t appear to be of much value to men anymore (thanks to the women). I know that you didn’t suggest this, but as a single woman leading a chaste lifestyle, I have been feeling for awhile that perhaps it is better to stay away from the world of dating and it’s nonsense in this day and age.

    Your Highness Melissablackbird,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    • Shermy

      Sir Guy, I must ask how we are expected to win in this kind of environment. The unique challenge is that even if women change our behavior, men still operate at the advantage. I feel like we could wait it out forever and not have anything but our dignity left.

      Your Highness Shermy,

      Dignity is where it starts, not ends. It all depends on how women change their behavior.

      Men don’t operate at the advantage when:

      • Her dignity keeps him in his place as pursuer rather than conqueror.

      • Her modesty keeps his filthy thoughts out of her life.

      • Her mystery keeps him wondering and curious, which excites his imagination, which fires up his sense of earning self-admiration, which he stays with until he’s satisfied.

      • Her quest for monogamous devotion lets him know that he has to extend and invest himself deeply if he ever hopes to conquer her.

      • Her standards keep him well informed of what she expects of anyone who hopes to conquer her.

      • Her chastity keeps him trying instead of achieving.

      • Her resistance to his persuasions keeps him in the seller role and her in the buyer role.

      • Her mentioning marriage every time he seeks to talk about sex kills his effort by reminding him that she’s always in control, as the buyer should be.

      • Her refusal to accept his blame for her chastity strengthens her ego about being right. IOW, when she dodges his efforts to guilt her, she refuses to accept it even though she’s plenty guilty of guilting herself.

      It all depends on how women change.


      • Dignity and self-respect are still better than what I see around as well. And I think that marriage and relationships aren’t necessarily better than being single in this day and age.

      • I don’t think men are necessarily operating at the advantage. I think a lot of them are quite lonely inside, as a result of their temporary and superficial relationships.

        Your Highness Missblackbird,
        Very observant and I agree. Modern men have a significant shortage of self-respect because of the lack of respect that they show women. Self-respect is to men what self-love is to women. Without it, they have trouble putting up with themselves, and so they compensate by taking it out further on women, by disrespecting them as persons and not just as women, which comes back to haunt as their own shortage of self-respect as a person on top of that as a man.

  5. AAAAAAAnnnnd this is why I’m, almost 27 and a virgin with NO hope in sight….. of course I have thoughts like ” well if I just give in the guys will be knoking down the door”.. but then I look at my friends. All of them have obviously had sex…. and guess what??? a good number of them are married with kids….and a good number of them are miserable wishing they have waited….. I am coming to the conclusion that virgin until married has no place in the dating world. Maybe if you are still in high school or maybe even college. But, not in the real world.

    Your Highness Jai300,

    You say, “I am coming to the conclusion that virgin until married has no place in the dating world.”

    Yes, and that’s why a woman’s status should be a total unknown to the guys she dates. Better that they wonder than know it. Regardless, of her status, men will judge her and either way she comes up short by masculine judgment.

    If she’s virgin, what’s wrong with her? If she’s not, how many beat me to her? What’s her history? Anything other than marriage disqualifies her for his complete devotion, which means marriage likely won’t last.


    • Kristiane

      I understand this sentiment jai300.
      I am a 25 going on 26 virgin. I busy myself with the activities I enjoy and give the extra time I have to those in need. If I don’t meet anyone at least I won’t hold any guilt for compromising my morals. For a long time I was sheltered from this when I was home schooled. Now that I am interacting with more people taking college courses and running errands for myself I see the world is a mess. At this point I truly feel I might not get married and seriously consider being a nun is my vocation. I was truly born in the wrong time.

      • Cinnamon

        Kristiane and jai300,

        You are both miles ahead of most of your female peers and both have very bright futures. Keep reading this blog, including the articles in the CONTENT section. Study them in depth. I would also recommend Dawn Eden’s lectures about chastity. Google her name. She is a former rock and roll journalist who converted to Christianity (Catholicism). She had seen it all before God turned her life around., and she has a lot to say.

        Finally, don’t confuse the “real world” with eternal truth…..many if not most people in that “real world,” people of all ages, are miserable and confused.

        • Kristiane

          Thank you Cinnamon for the encouragement,
          Its just difficult for me to not be asked out by men who have the character quality essential for marriage. The few times I am approached its by guys that are so trashy and have so much arrogance I would never consider dating them. Right now I am focused on enhancing my appearance with daily pretty time and a new wardrobe. Besides my appearance I want to present my personality better because I am usually shy and timid around those I do not know. I am aiming to have a more self assured and classic bearing as I work on myself. I pray to meet a down to earth, and masculine gentleman that has a more humble bearing.

  6. prettybeans

    Lady TooConfused you wrote beautifully. I’ve enjoyed reading your sentiments.

  7. A.GuyMaligned

    At the request of readers, I’ve opened a new page at blog top. Titled ‘Favorite Quotes’, I will add to the list all those quotes nominated by readers. The latest nomination will be added at the top of the list. I will continue by list of ‘Favored Quotes’ that I choose from readers’ comments.

    • Magnolia

      Thank you, Sir Guy. I’ve been wanting to quote a few. There are some real jewels here in your blog.

  8. Eric

    Miss Tooconfused:
    A lot of what you said does NOT parallel with what I see around me. The dating market for single men is like crawling through a desert. Except for bad men, who are have their picks of women.

    If all these good women are supposedly sitting around waiting for the better men to come along—maybe they should do something proactive to attract better men? I don’t see these types in my neighborhood. Sir Guy mentions going to church—lol the median age of single women in my local church is probably around 70.

    It’s also not true that good men are chasing lower quality women instead. The only marriage demographic going up in the US for the last 3 decades has been American men marrying foreign-born women. The 2010 census showed that 1/4 of married Asian-born women and 1/6 of Latin American-born women had American-born husbands. It’s not that the good men aren’t looking—they’re just looking elsewhere.

    “The good men marry convenient girls and then they divorce because it was never real devotion.”—No. In fact, 3/4 of divorces in America are initiated by women. 90% of dating relationships are ended by women. The divorce rate BTW is 62% if the wife is born in the US and 15% if she’s from another country.

    “The Alphas and the cads continue gaining trophies…and the status in the sexual market they really shouldn’t have.” True: but who’s responsible for this? Have anybody ever wondered why you see street bums making lurid remarks at passing women? (Answer: because it WORKS) Yes, they panhandle for sex just like the panhandle for money.

    As Sir Guy says, ‘As women go so goes society’. The way for women to stop ending up with jerks is simple: START VALUING GOOD MEN AND STOP REWARDING JERKS WITH SEX. That will cause men’s behavior to change. The examples of the successes foreign women have proves that femininity and effort attract good men.

    • Tooconfused

      Yes women do divorce first. But I’m not sure, is initiation of this act really crucial? The woman could have initiated because the guy cheated. Why did he cheat? He was never devoted. And why was that? The girl slept with him for years before the wedding day. He never had to figure out a thing about his woman. Anything crucial would have been learned before first time sex. Again the woman robs the man of his chance to become a better man.

      Maybe another reason for the big D. He lost his job, gave up on marriage, saw she changed blah blah. By the time he is tired of sleeping with his trophy what’s left? Nada. Woman may initiate divorce because she is done dealing with a complacent man. Marriage is not for couples to get comfortable. I don’t know why married people talk about how wonderful it is to get “comfortable” with each other. This is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes and this is exactly why nobody respects eachother enough within the marriage to try their hardest. Women get fat, men get drunk. There goes your sex life.

      You say it all comes down to the woman. Yes we get it. Either way we are the ones that pay. My point is that in 2015 the good girls who have to make tougher choices like staying chaste pay for both the duty sluts and for the cads who are now multiplying exponentially due to our loose standards. Why should we though? Isn’t it enough we are sticking to out standards? In the end the woman is the gatekeeper of sex. You are telling us to give these jerks no reward. There are a good bunch of us who are not. Believe me I have left a good bunch in blue ball hell.

      You tell us to value good men. We do. But that doesn’t mean we will give it up before marriage and it still does not mean we chaste ladies can pursue the good boys either! In the end the man has to push through. What are you suggesting? Hot chaste chicks chase good boys? Then how will he ever become a better man? The man has to push through and make all those moves first. Women can only drop hints and dangle the so called carrot.

      I hope you don’t think I’m being argumentative. But women initiate breakups all the time. I’ve seen it – girl could be in love but the guy is a jerk. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t still want him to change. The initiation part only matters when the woman was used for a pump and dump. The man initiated because the woman lost all mystery by spreading her legs. Then it is a matter of pure rejection by the man.

      You and I are just frustrated by the same thing. Yes I too want all the women of the world to stop rewarding both the good men and bad men with sex before the ring.

    • Shermy

      Eric, the ladies of this blog are doing exactly what you say single women aren’t doing and we are NOT reaping the benefits which is leading to our frustration, we DON’T see men changing their behavior in the presence of that. As for the success of foreign born women, I would agree that women from other countries understand femininity of a different level than we do, but they are also surrounded by men who have not lost the type of masculinity that inspires such femininity. I have had MUCH greater luck with European men than with American men for this exact reason. So both genders can take clues from this.

  9. Some Other Guy

    Men are very practical. We do what we are rewarded for doing. We go where we are welcomed. A man does not end up dating sluts because he gets easy sex. Sex is not the primary driver. Not at all. A man ends up with the slut because she gives him ENCOURAGEMENT and POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Sex is simply the most obvious way to communicate to a man that they are wanted.

    Back before I got married, I cannot tell you the number of quality girls I pursued but eventually gave up on because I was getting ambiguous signals about whether they wanted me around or not. These were Smart girls, pretty girls, moral girls. The kind you take home to mom. The kind you want to marry. But I didn’t last long with any of them. Every single one of them wanted to play hard to get. What is the reward for spending time and effort on these people? Meanwhile, the “easy” girls made it plain as day that they were happy in my company.

    I eventually did date and marry a virgin. With her there was no question that she wanted me as her man, very badly. But she did not use sex as a means to communicate this. She made me feel welcome and wanted in other ways. I dumped the easy girl I was seeing shortly after meeting the virgin. That’s right. I gave up sure easy sex, so I could date a virgin. I had no idea how long it would take to get sex from her. I didn’t care. Dating her was a treat.

    What I am saying to the readership is that men value virginity very highly. We value next-to-virginity very highly. These traits give you a HUGE leg up on the sluts. But we are not going to go where we are not welcomed. You can be a virgin and get a man, you just have to figure out a way, besides sex, to make him feel welcomed. Don’t be difficult. Make it easy for him to date you. Make sure he knows you want him around. Don’t be vague about it either. Grab his hand whenever you are walking together. Smother him with hugs and kisses. Run up to great him and hug him when he walks into a room. Women always think they are being so overt with their indicators of affection. But they rarely are as overt as they think they are.

    I will say it again. Sex is just one of a thousand ways to make a man feel wanted. It is fine if you don’t want to use sex to make a man feel welcome. But if you don’t, you are going to have to find other ways to make it painfully obvious to him that you want him.

    • What “Some Other Guy” says is so true and so valuable for any woman to know. It’s somewhat heartbreaking too, but what men really need is to be seen,valued, desired, appreciated.

      There are men who visit prostitutes not necessarily just for sex, but for praise, encouragement, admiration. Women are so used to be seen, delighted in, sometimes we don’t even notice it anymore. Most men do not walk into a room and receive admiring glances like women often do. Sometimes women complain about cat calls on the street, but most men go through life somewhat invisible. If you want to really charm a man and capture his interest, smile, let him know he is seen and appreciated, be grateful, pour on the positive reinforcement.

      Playing hard to get is a real problem, as is female entitlement. Men need lots of clues and positive reinforcement, they cannot read our minds.

    • That Horse Is Dead

      Sir Some Other Guy,

      Do you mind my asking how old you were when you met your wife as a virgin? The reason is because dating when very young is quite carefree and different than middle aged dating. You have not been in the dating world in how many years? It’s crazy. What’s up is down and what’s down is up. I get what you are saying, but the landscape is not as simple as you describe. Wolves in sheep’s clothing abound (someone called them churchian wolves?). Smothering with hugs and kisses…at what point? Sir Guy recommends delay the first kiss as long as possible. Making it easy to have a date or phone call? Check. Smiling and making him feel welcome and appreciated? Check (but no undeserved gifts). I appreciate your insight, but it’s just not ringing true with me as a single, dating, mature chaste woman in 2015.

      Just the other day, my oldest son was asked to a dance by a girl from a different school (they are both 14). She made a poster for him, filled with glitter and hearts. The whole thing was so endearing and sweet. Now, translate this scenario to a middle-aged man who has been divorced for 10 years, his wife cheated on him and moved his child 300 miles away, he’s filled in the years by being a successful work-a-holic and doing quite fine alone, thank you very much. Shall I make a poster? I think not. Sometimes you just have to know when to put them back in the parade.

      • Some Other Guy

        @That Horse, I was 22 when I met my wife to be. The dating market may have changed somewhat, but men will always be attracted to pleasant feminine energy. So sure you wouldn’t create a glitter filled poster to attract a man. You will want to find a more age appropriate way to express your enthusiasm.

        I have two sons and they run into the same experience today that I did in my day. Girls/women always want to play hard to get or play other games. It seems like women do not make it clear that they want the guy to be around. The quality girls just seem to put up too much of fight to be won over. They end up presenting an image that they are not interested. Where as the sluts have no problem expressing their approval of the man. Men go where they are wanted the most. It is that simple. Find a way to make him feel wanted and he will stay.

        Sir Some Other Guy,

        You’re so right. But many women—and especially girls—can be unable to discriminate between the productive and unproductive. After all, females are more processors than producers, so they focus on interaction rather than result and accomplishment.

        For example, a vast difference exists between producing beneficial results from hard-to-get for sex and hard-to-get to know. The former serves women advantageously, if they exploit the strategy to produce chaste results. The latter prevents their earning masculine interest, respect, and boyfriends, because they focus on interaction rather than results.


    • surfercajun

      @ some other guy,

      (claps up his statement)

  10. Lyndeeloo

    Ladies Kristiane and jai300,

    We all get discouraged and that’s OK, but please don’t linger too long in that place. I have echoed your frustrations many times, so I have a good idea of how you feel, but there is hope! I’ve got a few years on both of you and I’ve always been and still remain chaste, and I’m getting married next summer. So, it is possible to date and remain chaste! Keep reading and studying this blog and put what you learn into practice. When you make mistakes, recover from them and keep going!

    Try not to be too disheartened by statistics. I know that we like the order and predictability that numbers provide us, but don’t forget to leave room to be pleasantly surprised! Be dignified, set your (reasonable and realistic) boundaries and stick to them, make femininity an art, have friends, develop your talents, constantly work to be as attractive as you can be (for yourself, first and foremost–mirror time), learn how to communicate with men, don’t be afraid to smile, have fun, and laugh at the days to come!

    I’d also like to echo what Some Other Guy said. Sex is only one part of the equation. I’ve been through these phases of thought, regarding chastity:

    As a girl, being chaste was natural. As a teenager, chastity was expected of the good girls (and I was one). As a college student, chastity was sure to make me stand out to the good, church-going guys I wanted to attract. Later, as a college student–wait…why don’t the good guys want anything to do with me? As a young adult, being chaste became something to be ashamed of. As a slightly older adult, chastity was my lot in life–my burden. After discovering WWNH and some other books and tools, chastity became one part of a bigger picture. In and of itself, it wasn’t enough to attract OR deter. In fact, when combined with my fear of men, bitterness toward my lot in life, and haughtiness (or jealousy) towards the unchaste, my chasteness was probably perceived as a deterrent because I seemed cold and smug. BUT in combination with femininity, mystery, charm, and intelligence, chastity IS an attraction, I think.

    As for showing interest in a man,I don’t think women should go over-the-top with their enthusiasm. I’ve seen women act without dignity in order to make sure a man knows she likes him–groveling or hovering. I prefer the idea of meeting a man where he’s at. If he’s excited to ask you out, by all means, be excited to say yes to a date. If he wants to call you, be happy to talk to him. There’s definitely a balance between the misapplied hard-to-get technique and the desperate girl.

    But I will admit this: there is immense power in a little bit of well-placed and genuine gushing. Just the other day, I made a big deal about a little success that my fiancé had. It cost me nothing–just a few words of admiration for what he accomplished–but boy, oh boy! He puffed out his chest, and beamed, and said, “Oh, it was no big deal.” But I could tell that he felt like a million bucks.

  11. Magnolia

    Some Other Guy, Insanitybytes, and Lyndeeloo are right. In my experience there are men who will respect a lady’s wishes about chastity. Don’t lose hope!

  12. Magnolia

    And ladies, men marry all the time. If you think you will find someone, you will. Just keep dating. The ones who succeed are those who don’t give up no matter how bumpy the road gets. Getting to the finish line requires stamina and focus. You can absolutely have a man who is devoted to you and treats you accordingly.

    Some say that the dating market in 2015 is not for the faint of heart. I think it’s a matter of perception. Don’t give up!

  13. prettybeans

    Sometimes when reading this blog I find that it is quite possible to lose hope in humanity.
    I understand that nature is a powerful thing, hard to master and subdue to effective self-management but information and motivation is as powerful.
    The way I see it, you’ve got to want what you want badly enough and be prepared to do what needs to be done (including accepting ran fact that there are no guarantees) and there are high chances that you’ll get it.
    Chastity (seemingly forever) isn’t necessarily very appealing but I think that it is 100% better than being caught up in a dead-end situation come ‘relationship’ that drains the life out of you

  14. Magnolia

    Of course, Shermy. I am getting ready to leave town until Sunday, but when I come back, I will share some resources with the ladies.

  15. Tooconfused

    Alright now – nobody needs to give up and no woman should feel disheartened. My main point is that courtship is essentially a chess game and what has happened is that women have run out of counter moves so we have to double down and move quicker & smarter that is all I’m saying.

    A man’s trophy may be the number of women he scored pre marriage. A woman’s trophy is how long she’s able to court a man without sex. It takes a man about a year for his knees to buckle if he really wants to marry you. First learn how to get the man to that 1 year mark. Then move fast. If he hasn’t proposed start dating another man again and repeat the same pattern. You have to at least get to the point where you can court a man longer than 6 months to 1 year without sex – if not you really are not ready for marriage. A year without sex and no “going Dutch” shenanigans and I’d say as a woman you’ve got some smooth moves.

    There is no reason why any woman here needs to be a nun because there are no date-able men. C’on now! Be a nun because it is your dream but not because your chess game is weak.

    • Hi Magnolia and Tooconfused,
      Thank you so much for this “kick in the butt” to the single ladies. Your insight, encouragement and straight talk is truly appreciated 🙂

      • Kristiane

        Thank you Magnolia and Tooconfused,
        I was in an awful mood yesterday because I have been reflecting on my life. When I was younger I thought I would have married and started a family at this point. I can’t even get asked out on a date to learn “chess”.I am much better after counting my blessings and hearing everyone’s feedback. Does anyone have practical advice to become more approachable when you’re shy around men? I will continue to read this blog since I am making baby steps toward my goal with the wisdom bestowed upon me from Sir Guy and the ladies here.
        The Lady in Training

        Your Highness Kristiane,

        Yes. Spend many hours studying, following, and practicing the procedure described in articles 2123 through 2127.

        Then teach yourself to smile gently but mysteriously when in public. You don’t have to say anything. Just smile as if you know something that men don’t know. Then wait and let them break the ice for you.

        Your smile and mystery will both override your shyness and give you confidence.

        Try it. You’ll like it.


        • Miss Gina

          Your Highness Kristiane,

          With deference to Sir Guy’s venerable advice, which I would highly recommend, I would like to add a penny or two’s worth.

          1. Become interested in other people of either sex. Get used to asking them about family, job, hobbies, etc. Voila! You’ve conquered small talk in a way that goes naturally with your sensitive personality.

          2. Develop new skills that lend themselves to social interaction. Go with what works for you, e.g., dance lessons, learn to play cards, etc. Sounds old-fashioned, I know, but old-fashioned worked for a reason.

          3. If you are a praying person, do take this to God in prayer, and just watch what happens.

          4. Give yourself permission to take chances and fail. Men are wonderful at forgetting female mistakes. They love people who are real and have gumption.

          God bless you.

          • Kristiane

            Thank you your Royal Highness Gina,
            I am gradually implementing all of these tips into my daily life. Prayer is truly something I am using right now. Do you have tips on how to dress and shopping? I dress modestly, but I am trying to figure out what best enhances my figure as well. I want to buy clothing that is well made and lady like, yet I don’t know where to shop. The take chances and fail I think is what I really needed to hear the most. This is the main obstacle for me to flourish socially.

    • jubilee

      also, thanks for this info.. since most of these women has never seen what REAL DATING looks like… most of them were born in the mid-late 80’s or even before
      *sigh* it just looks like DATING was only for the 20th century
      because before, there was COURTING.. for marriage, when you brought the guy to meet your dad….. and in the 21st, its ‘hooking up’ which leads to nothing in the long run, but heartbreak for women and children
      no homes being FORMED…

  16. A.GuyMaligned

    One of my posts today is at top of Home page titled WWNH Glossary. The terms as I use them.

  17. Magnolia

    You are welcome, Missblackbird and Kristiane. 🙂

  18. prettybeans

    I have a question – what’s the definition of stringing a guy along? And is this the point?

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Insincerely pleasing a guy sufficiently well that he sticks by you, while you have little or no intention of sticking with him.

  19. jubilee

    IMO, its not just ‘no hymen’ but how about ‘non tattooed, pierced’ to add
    its weird: every summer it seems, that women wear the ugliest clothing, (spaghetti straps with yoga pants, instead of the sundresses) hoping it would turn men on, instead of being feminine
    and the tattoos, all over, look like they have a skin condition from far away
    I really don’t think men are into this, since most women who are tattooed, DON’T WEAR JEWELRY.. which to me, looks like she has a higher worth
    even if she buys it at claires in the mall.

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