2312. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 06

As women go, so goes society. American greatness arose and produced wealth like no other society because adventurous free men lived their dreams. Because they were free individuals to do so, men accomplished both great and little things simply to satisfy themselves.

Amid all the buildup of prosperity and wealth over several centuries, women tamed, married, civilized, and converted ambitious and competitive men into good husbands and devoted fathers. Through moral and religious leadership by example and constitutional empowerment of individuals, wives indirectly produced our family- and female-friendly Judeo-Christian culture out of two male-dominant religions.

That’s how it was a half-century ago. Wives led indirectly by moral and religious example. Slowly but according to the wishes of women, self-centeredness was minimized and self-interest centralized in the family. Even single men bought into the custom. Alongside husbands, bachelors inevitably married and were stimulated by how a good wife generates many benefits that encourage masculine ambitions and reinforce efficient accomplishments.

Men were convinced that marriage made them more functionally effective; providing and protecting seemed natural. Out of wifely indirect leadership, society kept evolving into more of a female- and family-friendly culture. Family life attracted all men; single men paid more attention to what wives produced and single women had little influence with men in the workforce except as bachelorettes awaited their own marriage and family.

Our representative democracy is designed to balance and smooth out the abuses of power that arise naturally because humans are motivated by self-interest. When women convince men to represent them in the daily struggles that men participate in, female interest gets promoted alongside masculine self-interest.

When life proceeds that way, wives have pillow talk and mealtime chats to make personal interests appealing to their man. That’s the marital model that enabled our American ancestors to build American greatness and avoid tyranny by the majority. In our case here, it means avoid tyranny of males over females. As wives, women held their own in the balance of gender power.

But not today. As bachelorettes and many wives are finding out, men are not all that interested in family-friendly matters. Single women choose masculine style sexual freedom, and as women go so goes society.

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  1. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Re: the last paragraph, I’m wondering if the recent homosexual hijacking of the culture is the logical conclusion of the point you’ve made here? As women become more masculine and men move further from marriage/family it seems that homosocial and homosexual relations would be the natural outcome.

    Sir Eric,

    Society trends as you describe it for women but not so much for men. Sex for pleasure is a rising political theme that justifies more openness and experimentation. It rises parallel with women’s tendency to disregard the natural proclivities of females and duplicate the male nature and practice. [Example: Women abandon their fear of losing their man. Instead, they adopt masculine motivations. They earn self-admiration (e.g., by belittling him). They look and find self-satisfaction (e.g., by divorcing or chasing him off). They build significance (e.g., by doing without him).]

    Women are convinced of their being in the right and men being in the wrong. Men reciprocate with their reverse version of blame.

    Following their nature, women need and use morality and religion to help balance male dominance and generate and sustain female-friendliness and compatible relationships. Reciprocated blame has a way of leading society toward evil by making both sexes irresolute about morality and religion. Women have disregarded the decline of both for several decades.

    Decay of moral standards, releases those women most dependent on being supported or dominated to find it elsewhere. Additionally, frustration with themselves for being unable to satisfactorily manage their relationships polarizes women toward lesbian practices where the man-haters dwell, which sustains the blame game.

    For men, most can take advantage of frequent and convenient sex with women. The cheap and easy availability of it seems not to add pressure for men to swing away from women exclusively. Those who, for whatever reason can’t participate with females, may swing the other way if their personal sense of morality permits it.

    Additionally, women in combat units intensify the dual expansion of blame against the other sex. From that comes less truth, mutual respect, and interdependence of man and woman for mating. Fewer children being born also worsens the social and cultural changeover.

    So, I agree. Both cultural and social pressures now promote both homosocial and homosexual relations.


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