2314. Political Disasters are Planned

To understand where Americans are being dragged with little more than a whimper, we need only examine crises that flood Western civilization.

Europe has proven that these two can’t coexist: the welfare state and unlimited immigration. Immigrants with high birth rates soon overwhelm government’s ability to provide income, subsidies, privileges, perquisites, and medical care.

FDR said this: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Currently in America we fail to stop illegal immigration, while Congress and the president continue to expand the American welfare state. Why follow European folly? The answer: It’s not folly, it’s designed that way there and also to happen the same way in the U.S.

Two radical socialist professors—husband and wife—at Columbia contrived a unique strategy in 1966, and the dominant figures in both parties have pushed it on us for decades. David Horowitz, raised by communist parents but now a recovered communist, summarizes it this way:

“The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

Government leaders working together against the public good simultaneously expand the welfare state and enable illegal immigration. It floods federal and state governments with new demands designed to show capitalism inadequate and replaceable. Consequently, designed crisis follows planned crisis. Capitalism undergoes continuous modification and threat as fascist techniques sneak socialism under the door.

The political class has sunk America deeply into Marxist Socialism, which is the theoretical model Marxists think will ultimately govern the globe. It’s being called Democratic Socialism elsewhere in order to hide its origins.

In the U.S. it’s called Progressivism. It’s the molten potpourri of ideologies of Marxists, fascists, socialists, leftists, communists, elitists, and anti-constitution liberals. They combine their powers and efforts and now work temporarily with Islamists. Progressives work together to destroy capitalism, individualism, freedom, representative democracy, constitutional government, and the American republic. They have already converted the U.S. from our constitutional rule of law to the rule of political man and the law of rule by bureaucrats. It builds government power and protects politicians from the heat of public ire.

To expedite the government takeover and country tear-down process, they redistribute American wealth around the globe as if everyone else is equally or even more deserving than are we Americans of all the wealth built and prosperity generated by forebears, parents, and ourselves.

The haters of America now have all the power and are doing as they wish. All interruptions are overcome with two steps forward and one step back ad infinitum.


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14 responses to “2314. Political Disasters are Planned

  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I observe many of those same things going on in the world myself. It’s comforting to know that there are other people who see it, too.

    I grew up around people who believed in Marxism, who had utopian dreams of radically redesigning our country and our politics, but watching it now come to fruition and play out is unsettling to say the least.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    It’s all directly connected and mostly the cause of every women’s plight dealing with men and their man. As Marxists used to say, “Everything’s political except politics and that’s personal.” They added politics to male-female relations and women pay the highest price.

  2. Shermy

    MMMk, so what is the civilian art of war strategy for coping with this?

    Your Highness Shermy,

    Inform yourself about the political class and their world and do it better than ever before.

    Learn to distinguish constitutionalists, conservatives, and libertarians from progressives; Democrat candidates are progressives; Republican candidates are constitutionalists, conservatives, and libertarians except for a few candidates that are progressives hiding behind the political noises they make so they can run as Republicans.

    Organize or join like-minded people, such as organizations like the Tea Party. Contribute to their cause and volunteer to help.

    Individually call or write both your U.S. Senators and your congressman and tell them what you expect them to do to represent you. If you can, contribute to their campaigns.

    Make yourself highly visible to the political class and those in power. Do it with local and state governments also.

    Visit congressional local offices and express your opinion and expectation. If you believe in them strongly, volunteer to help in their campaigns. Help the ones you support to raise money, because that’s also a good way to be hired to join their campaign or congressional staffs.

    Make yourself an informed voter before every election; be sure you have good reason to support whomever you vote for, and then be sure to cast your best judgment by voting.


  3. That Horse Is Dead

    A good reminder today as I head out to the polls to vote!!

  4. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Yes, yes, and yes on all points. Such an important article today for all and I agree 100%. Very well done and I will add this to my collection of research and pass along to those who will listen. And being aware of the problem is the first step in creating solutions and stopping this agenda in its tracks. There have been some wins here and there, although not much is made of them in main stream news.

    It seems as the goal is to remove any source of identity (religion, race, gender—that’s where feminism fits in as we discuss the “agenda” and the results of it here) to create a society completely dependent and controlled by the government. The war is about “ultimate authority” and so God/families have to be removed so government can step in and take over.

    Sir Guy, I’m not sure what you’ve learned or read—I know you’re very up-to-speed on this—but lately after doing some research, it seems the communist agenda in the USA coincides with the communist United Nations agenda ruled by elites for ALL countries. Thus, everything in the USA is now becoming “nationalized” usurping our states / local authorities. My concern is that the USA will completely give up its sovereignty to this crazy global organization of elite dictators who promise to “save the world.”

    I do believe that Americans are still resourceful and there are many, many good people out there, not only in our country, but in our world, who don’t buy into this. Thanks to the internet, I believe that more people are waking up to what’s been going on for the last several decades, if not longer!

    I appreciate all you do for us as you continue to serve and protect our great country by so clearly pointing this destructive agenda and doing what you can to help us ladies appreciate the gentleman in our lives. No matter what happens, we will always have the freedom to help and serve those around us in any way we can, in any place we’re at, under any government we have—thanks be to God!

    P.S. A “wow” is in order for all the last week or so of WWNH articles/comments…just catching up! Really good discussion and information. I’ve learned a LOT!

  5. surfercajun

    Oh Wow!

    You have expanded my mind today with political landscaping. (bows to her sensei) 🙂

    Along the lines of this I happen upon a newspaper from another state. It was talking about a vote that was taking place in Houston about gender neutral bathrooms. Both sides are up in arms. I remember one man explain this way. Well of course companies WANT this. Less people using the bathrooms, they have less cleaning, more people scared to go out, no interaction with others, more control they have. I have to admit here, I’ve never thought of it that way. There are usually an underlining of just *rights* of someone as a domino affect seems to be in place. But funny enough in the same page was a university taking steps to *separate* the bathrooms (they were neutral before) after voyeurism was becoming more ramped and the women feeling unsafe. IT just seem strange that it was in the same paper and since I live in Texas, I am more than sure I will hear an earful of what others think of what is going on in Houston as I always seem to stumble on some conversation going on ( even though I don’t MEAN to listen…example: like in a grocery isle or line)

    • Eric

      Miss Surfercajun:
      The same issue came up in Seattle as well. I suggested on the news blog that they give the people who want gender-neutral bathrooms shovels and have them build outhouses they can use instead; but that suggestion was massively downvoted. lol

      • surfercajun

        Gentleman Eric,

        giggle @ shovels ( that would be all they need, right?)

        You validate my concerns with mixed bathroom guests. Once again, you are my hero! 🙂

        Thank you for the reply back to me on perhaps getting another article out. (if you are encouraged or so inclined, I would LOVE to read another!) I enjoy taste testing your way of thinking and would love to pick your brain sometime.

        If this helps, let me add… a man is never more handsome when having a woman think outside her realm…

        I believe Sir Guy might have suggested another when replying to you on another thread…Oh pretty please?? (jumps up and down… awww pleeeeeease??)

        • Eric

          Miss Surfercajun:
          Thanks—lol. There’s a new article in preparation.

        • Eric

          The City also cancelled Columbus Day and re-named it Indigenous Peoples Day. They were asking for ideas for new holiday traditions, I suggested that we get a free tomahawk and celebrate by scalping Liberals. That suggestion was downvoted too…

          • surfercajun

            @ scalping Liberals…..ROTFL! Oh (gasping for breath) YOU are too much!

            (people in my house were asking WHAT are you laughing at so hard?)

  6. Some Other Guy

    I am so glad that you have written this piece. You know, I used to think that it was only the Democrats that were Marxists. But with the GOP endorsing anti middle class legislation like expanding the # of H1-B visas, the Trans Pacific agreement, the recent acts that would deny states the ability legislate food labeling laws, and countless other legislation that hurts the middle class. I now realize that they are all against every day Americans.

    Sir Guy, can you explain why ruling elites are betraying us? What is in it for them if they destroy America as you layout above? Wouldn’t those people suffer too if America suffers? I accept that the progressives want to tear America down. But everyone operates in their own self interest. So what’s in it for them if America declines?

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    In response you and encouragement by My Husband’s Wife, I’m working on what motivates them for an article hopefully for tomorrow. It’s the big picture, and I think you’ll see how events point and accumulate in that direction—and have for a long time.

    • Tooconfused

      Really enjoyed this one …. Thank you for the research you did here – and for your constant generosity.

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