2315. Where We’re Headed with Enemies at Your Door

I personify three classes of people in the world.

  • G is all governments and consists of all levels of management decision makers including the political class currently out of power but striving for decision-making roles. Their self-interest focuses on defending their best interest, building political power to influence others, and making a good income and mostly in that order.
  • F is the financial class from local bank managers up through all the moneyed hierarchies that run through the highly competitive financial industry. It includes the highly competitive billionaires that team with, guide, and support that industry and often tamper with how G operates. The self-interest of F is to stay glued to the process of dominating the supply and trading of money such that those at and near the top wield power to promote making more profit by governing both the money supply and lower order bankers to their benefit. Their primary competitors are national and international financiers and top bankers, but they use G and P to accomplish their goals.
  • P is the public, aka non-G and non-F, aka the rest of us. Our self-interest is to better ourselves and our way of life. It used to be that. Nowadays, it’s planning for survival from something we can only imagine; we tend to fear the worst because hope wilts as we observe events foreign to the American culture.

F and G compete but more importantly they depend on each other. Evidently they are now hip-locked by fear, which is the worst kind of motivation because it spreads and others are drawn in. Among elected officials in G, they fear that F will withdraw financial support in favor of political competitors. And F promotes such thoughts in order to get more mileage for the buck. Among financiers at the top, F fears G will cause economic disaster. IOW unplanned financial disaster. The top dogs work together to alleviate each other’s fears.

Consequently, G and F conduct an undeclared war on P. Oh, not open warfare as we think of it. You’ve heard it called cronyism to make it sound bad but correctable, to hide the extent and importance. But war nevertheless, because G can only gain power with F if it’s done at P’s expense. It slates us to lose before we know we’re at war or what’s happening behind closed doors.

The signs of war:

  • G expands endlessly. Top leaders have morphed the rule of law into the rule of man, political man. (Check into how the legislatures and chief executives weaken the constitution and support anti-Christian legislation in this nation founded and made prosperous by Judeo-Christian principles).
  • Laws are purposely written as general requirements, which empowers bureaucrats to interpret and make the rules for P to follow as laws. It has turned bureaucratic power into the law of bureaucratic rule. (Except in one appeal procedure limited to a particular court, most federal courts can’t overrule the bureaus and legislators are ineffective to help with appeals. Ask the California farmers who can’t get irrigation water. Or check out other bureaucratic overreach by the EPA et al.)
  • G always needs more money, so they can be controlled by F in order to hold on to whatever power G has acquired. Print money? F will do it. Borrow? F can accommodate it. Need campaign cash? F can find a way. Who worries about legalities? Only P. When G and F work together, the power is automatically absolute enough for corruption, called cronyism today to hide the nature and extent and the role of participating big business execs. IOW, huge G enables huge growth of F, who return the favor with more financial support to further grow G. It’s a closed loop because the fight has turned global with enormous political and financial opportunity. F is armed, choosing dance partners, and getting organized for the long haul battle over who will run the world during the next few decades and lay groundwork for beyond that. (G grows weaker relative to F, because F doesn’t depend on P the way G does for supportive power. To compete with F more effectively for global influence, G needs P but has to victimize P to better fight F. It’s a paradox of vital importance to top level politicians.)
  • It’s not to say that G and F don’t compete. They ‘fight’ to see who will be king of the hill. To integrate the global economy into one, politics has to follow when G wants to lead. That means that we shall see either One World Government with the politicians in charge. Or, we shall see One World Governance with the financiers on top. What’s the difference?
  • One World Government is effectively the UN on steroids. You’ve seen how that works. Internecine warfare turns P into victims over here to benefit victims over there. Theft over here, gifts over there. Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Also, corruption defeats the political mileage that P expects from their representatives giving away the wealth created by P. (Neither G nor F builds wealth.)
  • The UN’s efforts are a zero-sum game. Members won’t adopt the ideology of capitalism and the benefits of universal prosperity, which work to raise all boats as JFK phrased it. Universal prosperity works against the interests of individual members and member states in that G becomes less necessary and no one voluntarily gives up power. Power has to be taken or outweighed and individual self-interest religiously guards against both.
  • One World Governance is F governing all the Gs in the world. Gs are expected to govern their respective countries according to the needs of F to balance global economic conditions into success for F. You see, F has one ideology, one measure of success. It’s to prevent financial collapse that might take down the informal structure of global F and the cooperation that has been integrated to dominate Gs. So, F has to manage and keep alive all the economies of the world. They do this by managing G with money made available or not available.
  • Back to P. Everyone needs some power to protect and defend their self-interest. The best protection is more power/influence, so growing one’s power is natural. With G and F competing for power to overcome and then rule the other globally, it constantly reduces the power of P. Specifically, loss of freedom, endangered savings, weakened property rights, spreading of immorality, denial of religious practice, ever-increasing taxation, poisoning of middle class morality, G assuming responsibility for raising children, undermining parental guidance, nationalizing of education, and no end in sight.

The road looks clear to head this way. As globalism expands, F aims to eventually control each national G aka One World Governance. In the U.S., G will expand its power by nationalizing more state and local functions. Consequently, state and local power will melt behind doors closed to hide the corruptive results of individuals trying to seek federal jobs in order to retain power. As state and local Gs lose power, representative government evaporates, which means at the expense of the power of P. In the end, as F overpowers G, G will be forced to rule P in such ways as the pressure of F dictates. An ever-poorer peace will likely be maintained for P. Facing P, G has but one fear, revolution, so G does nothing more than is necessary to prevent it. At least that seems to be G’s operating model.

F has no interest in what kinds of government they deal with; dictatorships are okay. In fact, both F and G benefit from greater control over P. But that puts them at odds again. Without free economies, F eventually hits the wall of little return from stable, little-growth, zero-game economies being governed by central planners. But F and G have already found a new way in America. G central planners tell large corporations what to produce and F helps the companies. That way, economic disturbances can be blamed on the producing companies rather than the planning bureaucrats and elected officials. Thus, a potential cause of revolution can be suppressed.

For the past hundred years, under the influence of F, our society has been shifting toward more direct control by G. Now, it has arrived with more direct control of G by F. P has little influence and nothing to say. G keeps what’s happening under wraps by dominating the F-enhanced media and F and G buy off elected representatives such as members of Congress, state legislatures, and governors. Money rules and the source is F, the beneficiary is G, and the victim is P.

The American past has been migrating in this direction since 1913 following the establishment of the FED and passage of the 16th and 17th amendments (income tax and election of senators by popular vote). Our present time has been under preparation since then and we are now ruled by the bureaucratic side of the political class, G, and dominated by the big money class, F.

Closed door decisions keep P uninformed because the press is no longer free. To quote FDR again, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

I describe above the end-result of plans made daily throughout G and F and behind closed doors. P stays home to look for better ways to improve life, but G and F are hyperactive both planning and already interfering with that very thing.


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6 responses to “2315. Where We’re Headed with Enemies at Your Door

  1. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Sir Guy,
    I don’t know how you do it—putting the puzzle pieces together and then writing so clearly that one can easily see the whole picture. I’ve tried for years to figure out this relationship between the financial class and government. Usually information calls out one group or the other—yet you know more parties are involved, so things get rather confusing. And of course the government / financial class / people all blame each other and point fingers at each other. I get it completely now.

    In moving forward, I think it’s important that “We the People”, even though we’ve been victimized, do not remain a perpetual victim. This also keeps the government / financial class in a one-up position if we allow this—and they are counting on this to continue to be powerful. Personal accountability and responsibility for one’s own life is key.

    “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor E. Frankl

    What a great article, thank you for your hard work!

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you, darling. Women are never prettier than when their sincerity shines through.

  2. Some Other Guy

    Wow, talk about dystopia. Very eye opening. That certainly explains why people are getting more and more fed up with all politicians. The political class cares not one whit about the public.

    I suspect that these trends you point out will continue on their present path unless some form of world war interferes with the establishment of a “one world” government.

    Fantastic explanation for the things that we see going on all the time Sir Guy. It was brave of you to venture in to politics on this blog. But I am glad you did. You are a good man.

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    Thank you, sir. I’m pleased if I just made it clear for understanding. I’m still amazed at how I was lucky enough to strike gold by personalizing three institutions into three letters G, F, and P. That simple technique made the rest of it simple to conceptualize the interdependency. After that the writing came easy.

  3. MLaRowe

    Although you and I are on different political paths we arrive at the same place. Namely that the financial folks have entirely too much influence over our government which is why I believe election reform is crucial although I do not see any real evidence of it coming about anytime soon. Discontent in places like Ferguson for example show that many in the P sector are miserable.

    I asked someone wise I know the other day what happens after an oligarcy (which I currently believe we are in). The answer I got was: dictatorship. So here again I agree with you.

    Thanks Sir Guy and please don’t ever take my differing with you as a sign of disrespect because you know I think so highly of you for all the help you have given to me and to others through this blog.

  4. Tooconfused

    This video is not as sharp, wise, or well designed as your writing but it supports this post, just thought I’d share.

    Your Highness Tooconfused,
    You give me too much credit. The video is intellectually accurate, clear, and vital for every American to understand. It and the two others are cited in today’s post, 2317. Thanks for the lead to it.

    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Tooconfused,

      Thanks for the additional information in posting the video. I have to say, I always have to smile at your screen name “Tooconfused”—as your comments on this blog have shown you to be anything but confused 😉

  5. Cinnamon

    Nothing of significance to add here (I would have no idea where to start) but I want to echo Some Other Guy and My Husband’s Wife by saying “thank you” for putting this together. It was quite a read.

    I also want to say “thank you” for all you do for your readers. Although I am acutely aware that you will not be with us forever and dread the day when that finally occurs, amidst such bittersweetness I remain profoundly grateful for every day that you are.

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