2318. Compatibility Axioms #981-990

981.Cheap and easy sex to males means no permanent obligations. The easier the conquest and escape, the cheaper and more expendable the female. [319]

982. Cheap and easy sex turns mature men into teen-minded boys. The things women consider vital have little or no value to adolescents, such as personal responsibility, faithfulness, marriage, family, dependability, truthful promises of commitment, reliable pledges of devotion, adherence to vows. [319]

983. By cheapening sex, women cheapen themselves. Consequently, it makes males more powerful, dominant, independent, and valuable for more assertively invading the natural female domains. Those domains are the home and the culture (aka the values, standards, and expectations that people follow in society) And the hand that rocks the cradle no longer rules the world. [319]

984. The cheap and easy sex process that makes males more independent forces women to compete with each other, to make themselves more worthy of men and for a man. Cheaper sex is the easiest way to reduce or avoid female competition. It also reverses the natural way of men competing and making themselves worthy of a woman as mate. [319]

985. Sex outside of marriage gets ever cheaper as men grow more independent and dominant relative to women and vice versa. It empowers and rewards men who are eager to look elsewhere even when committed to someone. [319]

986. In the final analysis and part of male nature, men do whatever women require for frequent and convenient access to sex. Unmarried sex has the appealing benefit of no loss of masculine independence. Consequently, wives have to provide far more than married sex to compensate husbands for loss of their independence. Too often even that is not enough, because devotion to one woman is almost foreign to male gender thought. [319]

987. Refusing sex teaches females to judge males more accurately. The more they judge, the better become their future decisions.

988. Reject or refuse yielding sex? Outright rejecting a man for sex comes across as harsh, competitive, masculine, and personal. It squelches his urge to earn self-admiration and offends his masculine dignity, which can bring out his worst side and may bring hurt to her. [323]

989. Clear and persistent refusal for sex without making it personal to him comes across firm and strongly feminine. This earns or retains his respect for her and reinforces her self-respect. [323]

990. The outcomes of both rejection and refusal apply before or after conquest and even after marriage. The cusp lies between making it personal or not. [323]


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2 responses to “2318. Compatibility Axioms #981-990

  1. Lyndeeloo

    Sir Guy,

    I’m having trouble fully understanding 990. Would you explain it more fully?


    Your Highness Lyndeeloo,

    It follows on the heels of 987-989. I use refuse as softer and impersonal term for not yielding. Reject as a harsher and more personal term.

    As a single woman, you may not care if you reject a guy and he takes it personal.
    OTOH, if he’s man of interest, rejection goes against her self-interest.

    Because he has the innate ability to fornicate, the male nature tells a man he’s entitled to access every vagina. If he hasn’t been trained otherwise earlier in life, outright rejection calls his manhood into question, whereas a woman’s just as strong refusal based on religious or moral reasons, does not. With men not raised to respect females as very different and deserving of personal independence, calling their manhood into question can too easily stir men to violence.

    Wives had better care. All it takes for a wife is to in any way refuse that indicates husband’s sexual ability or performance are the reason. IOW, reject husband, he takes it personal, and she can expect him to find something else to do than associate with her amiably.


  2. surfercajun

    If wife better care of the rejecting or refusing of husband based on ability or performance, and this might sound a bit like playing devil’s advocate, What about a husband that rejects wife after sex?

    I am not saying what you stated does not happen to men. In FACT when last pregnant I was on bed rest (doc’s orders) for about a month. Upon seeing the doc, I was requested to ask when conjugal rights might return. The answer received was, “Yes, it is fine now.” Long pause….. ” But most women usually ask me, can’t this be delayed longer?” (insert: head snap and shock look)

    Along with another woman (from different place and time) telling me she had kids in order to, and I quote directly, “……get it over with”
    (insert: horrific look)

    And yet another that allowed their 3 year old to sleep with them nightly. ( i think it more her than him and child was not sick or needed to be watched over) And then attacked by group of women when I vocalized, “Why would you do that? It’s wrong.” (insert: felt I was being bullied)

    I wanted to show support for your comment as I never thought women could think or act in this manner, but it is conformed that they often do with their own inflated egos of self interest. Sometimes I keep hearing one man’s comment. “Well, he married her.” But then I hear you, Sir Guy, “…but he did not expect her to change!”

    Sorry for going a bit a way around about this. 🙂

    Your Highness Surfercajun,

    As I summarize your comment, you seem to ask these two questions,. 1) What about husband’s disinterest in wife after sex? 2) Why women look for excuses to deny sex to husband.

    1) Post-coital, she seeks intimacy and he goes to sleep. It’s natural for him, he doesn’t know better unless taught/trained differently by her or women before her. Why? Perhaps she never thought she had to. Perhaps she never figured out how to. Perhaps she thought he should know without her having to teach him that she expects it. Perhaps because she never earned enough of his respect or let his devotion develop before their first sex together; if she had he would naturally want to bundle intimately just because he thinks so much of her that he’s sensitive to her needs.

    2) It boils down to this. Wife has lost interest in pleasing her man for his husbanding and fathering. Just the process of denial invites her imagination about other men, which too easily makes husband seem even more inadequate whatever his faults; TV in the bedroom stimulates a lot of it very easily and subconsciously.

    Perhaps he deserves it, but is he that bad a husband and father? Denying sex is the greatest punishment she can dish out; she denies his greatest expectation for giving up his solitary independence for her. IOW, the odds are that her punishment doesn’t fit his crime. OTOH, she may think that he’s manipulative and she’s skilled enough that he won’t notice.

    However, denial presumes she’s in the right and gives her rationalization to justify later dumping or cheating on him. And since he gets screwed out of what he married her for, he doesn’t need to rationalize dumping or cheating on her.


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