2323. Women Can Lead or Provide Unobligated Sex, Not Both — I

Women are born with the instinctive wisdom to be faithful to one man. It arises out of: 1) Self-interest of each female to have a man as her mate. 2) Understanding that fidelity to one person breeds mutual respect and vice versa. 3) Subliminal recognition that women make men better when they become more alike at wanting men to be better. 4) Women compete among themselves with the expectation that a better one is out there. Thus, females free to outdo one another raise the bar for men to clear.

Competition to capture a better man elevates womanly standards and expectations, which pushes men to improve their value, which makes better men because women seek the best or good one at least. It’s all done for the universal purpose of making one man faithful to one woman. With her man’s faithfulness, women can create and prolong the domestic life that fits their primal drive to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones, which fulfills their primal need for a brighter future, which also helps calm their greatest fear of being abandoned.

All that is inborn even if not used. Our Judeo-Christian culture enabled American wives’ female nature to first weaken and then leverage male dominance so that female instincts reshaped the culture into a more female-friendly society. Wives came to where they dominated American social and domestic values and standards, which made our society the greatest ever for females. Especially if judged by female freedom, domestic life, or generations of children better than the previous one. Viewing American history until the Sixties makes all that fairly evident.

Back in the day, men dominated the workplace and society, where people did what they did. Women, however, dominated the home and culture. They determined the values, standards, and expectations that determined why people did what they did to make up society.

From that historical process and background, women learned how to earn respect and charm, coax, and coach fidelity out of men as part of the process of competing for a better man. Those things go together, because an unfaithful man is not a good man. At least not good enough for a wife.

However, faithful comes in two forms and one can ruin the other. Emotional faithfulness exempts all other people, but physical infidelity threatens it. Consequently, women ‘go to war’ against their man’s physical infidelity out of fear and being hopeful of preventing the far more devastating emotional unfaithfulness.

Radical politicos and leftist revolutionaries changed all that. They stripped female dominance from our culture, if we judge it by respect of females by males, success of family life, or ever-improving generations of children—all of which are in steep decline.

Their primary weapon of change: Sex dominates the social and domestic arenas. That which our ancestors sought to keep in the home and out of mainstream exchange, is now used repressively against females. It’s easy to defend the proliferation of more open sexual relations. But no one wants to blame it for what it’s cost our American culture: less self-respect, less personal pride, less respect for opposite sex, and less respect, trust, and appreciation of others. IOW loss of American identity to the collectivism that’s required to hold so many other conflicting personal identities in check.

Women are not born with the instinctive understanding of how to fight back. They try to regain their former stature and status, but they use manly weapons and techniques. It sinks them further into the slime they naturally abhor. Single women just can’t improve, nor can they hold together, what wives used to do when they were the majority.

Men don’t help for one simple reason. Their ego, dominant nature, and primal urge to conquer attractive women benefits from cheap and easy sex. That which women tamed into female-friendliness over the first few American centuries has been lost to the return of ever-increasing male dominance.

One masculine instinct causes all the male-female turmoil. I plan to describe it tomorrow. I will show how easy to blame men, but you gotta realize that God, Nature, and hormones make them that way.


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6 responses to “2323. Women Can Lead or Provide Unobligated Sex, Not Both — I

  1. surfercajun

    ….because an unfaithful man is not a good man.

    In your honest opinion, Sir Guy. What makes an unfaithful man?

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Timely question. Today’s article 2324 provides answer and amplifying details.

  2. My Husband's Wife

    Really good article! So many good quotes to come out of this, but this is especially good in describing what happens today: “Women are not born with the instinctive understanding of how to fight back. They try to regain their former stature and status, but they use manly weapons and techniques. It sinks them further into the slime they naturally abhor.”

  3. surfercajun

    OH! I have to share what happen to me! I was going to Fazoli’s (pasta place) to pick up something for the boys working with me in the yard this morning. The conversation follows….

    Man on speaker: Welcome to Fazoli’s, this is Joe. What would you like today?

    Me: (in a cheery voice) Hi Joe! I would like to place and order!

    Joe: Oh you did not come here to order! You came to talk to me!

    Me: ( shocked then a plethora of giggles) AWWW, Joe you found me out!

    Joe: (laughing) Ok darling what would you like?

    So after I pulled up to the window… it was darling this and darling that. (not that I minded in the least!) Handing me drinks, bags, and card back. In fact the last thing he said, “Now darling be careful because at the bottom of this bag is hot bread sticks.” I smiled and thanked him. Then said,” See ya next time, Joe!” Which he laughed as he shut the window.

    I don’t know what these women are complaining about on ”Where have all the good men gone.” I hit black gold or Texas tea every time I go out! (have to throw that in for my dad) :o)

    Or like this one guy whom was walking with this aged lady in the grocery store as I was trying to pass them with a cart…(very back wood I would say just looking at them from behind) she suddenly turned into where my cart was passing her and we both stopped (and for an older woman she had such a *girly* face!) “Oh heavens!” She said as her delicate hand fluttered to her chest. “That’s my fault!” I smiled and insisted that the fault was mine. So we made our apologies and moved on. Her tall son in faded blue overalls and a country twang then spoke up. “See, my mom escaped from the nursing home and I have been trying to return her.” I tossed my hair back and laughed out loud, glancing backwards at him and smiled. Without men’s antics our colorful world would be rather… well, boring! It is just so much more fun that way! (even if they are trying to scare us in the process! Spouse scaring me making us fall of a seadoo, not only once but twice!) I threaten to swim to shore the next time it was tried and he knew I would! …giggle

    Ask me if I get on seadoos any more….

    • Meow Meow

      Your positive attitude and friendliness is clearly a breath of fresh air to them! Every interaction we have with another person can bring them up or bring them down. Like you I try to err on the “Up” side (smile)

    • gonemaverick

      delightful story…

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