2342. Old Age Switcheroo

Ladies, here’s what you face many years down the road. Men and women exchange places. Regarding sexual relations, that is. Other hormones are involved but I simplify for ease of explanation.

The combination of high testosterone and low estrogen brings on horniness and the motivation to conquer attractive females—natural for males. The alternate combination of high estrogen and low testosterone motivates one to be more cautious; that is, make love with a particular person—natural for females. Those different default conditions change as hormonal shifting begins slowly after their sex drives peak.

You know what it’s like now but think of it reversing later, most noticeably after your menopause and his mid-life crisis and into the decades that follow.

Men lose testosterone faster and women lose estrogen faster. The change in ratio of one versus the other shifts their sexual urges accordingly. By late in life, she’s the horny one and he’s interested only if he wants to make love to her because of who she is and what she means to him.

So, ladies, to avoid the discomfort of not seeming to be wanted late in life, train your man now to always want to please you. It’s more of the eternal story. Men become what women turn them into because women have the patience and fortitude to do whatever it takes to keep brightening their future.


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8 responses to “2342. Old Age Switcheroo

  1. surfercajun

    By late in life, she’s the horny one….

    I would not necessary say late in life as in *after* menopause…. but that sentence is partly true. ((blush))

  2. Oh gosh, you’re making me blush, too! What you say is very true, “men and women exchange places.” There are some studies that even suggest women don’t hit their sexual peak until we are in our 40’s, just about the time men are experiencing a slight decline. I say “slight,” because I don’t mean they lose their desire, but they mature out of that sexual, uh, aggression and frequency?

    It sounds a bit like a Divine comedy, but actually older men then get to focus more on intimacy, companionship, conversation, the things women traditionally crave, and women get to experience a new kind of sexual freedom within themselves and renewed desire.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    You always write the most pleasant distinctions. Light-hearted pleasure.

  3. Meow Meow

    I am laughing/smiling at this post in agreement because of the funny way we’ve been designed….now men get to see what its like to be more emotionally attached and women get to see what its like to be more dynamic. In my case theres quite an age difference so it seems a bit exaggerated, but good to know what we’re going through is normal. I’m a little freaked out that my husband is crying at Disney Channel TV shows and I’m being snuggled to death!
    Sir Guy thank you for this post I would love to read more of your thoughts about the switcheroo and how a woman can best show respect for hubby and older men in general. I find many older guys can be complicated emotional mine fields as they deal with seemingly newfound moodiness, aches and pains and unfulfilled dreams. Sometimes its hard to tell what they are looking for in conversation—sympathy? Empathy? Sexual interest? Respect, but when they are acting childishly? Generally I just go still and quiet until I try to figure out the nuances of the situation.

    Your Highness MeowMeow,

    After about age 60-70 and with nothing to do after retirement, listen to them and their stories. Let and even encourage them to reminisce. If they don’t, inquire about stories you’ve heard before. It’s a much better compliment than sympathy and empathy which they feel they don’t earn.

    Remember when you were young. Did men want to tell you of their glories? Did you listen enthralled by the ones you loved? Sex is good but boiled down to the essence of what thrills a man more, a woman he admires listening closely and inter-actively is about the best.

    In old age, if she doesn’t have the patience to listen to repeats, it’s a good sign that she constantly internalizes her thoughts and has little or no appreciation for someone else—even husband of many years. (It does come to all of us sooner or later, the turning inward of thoughts, the internalizing from ailments I mean.)

    A man telling his stories and glories is externalizing and it lifts his spirits and delays internalizing because he’d rather live in the past than with his present ailments.


    • Meow Meow

      Oh and BTW the first part of my comment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. (I very much appreciate this newfound love of snuggling!) Didn’t mean to sound “catty”, haha.

      Still it is interesting subject, we don’t hear too much about men’s side of getting older, mainly about menopause instead.

    • Meow Meow

      This sounds exactly right, and beautiful. Thank you, Sir Guy.

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