2350. Favored Quotes—Collection 47

  1. “I’m a little freaked out that my husband is crying at Disney Channel TV shows and I’m being snuggled to death!” [MeowMeow at 2342 that explains the sex-role switcheroo caused by hormone losses as we age.]
  2. “If someone else is to blame then someone else is the only one with the power to make things better.” [Instanitybytes22 at 2347.]
  3. “Our bodies are the number 1 possession, it is priceless and no-man should have access to it unless he is willing to also give us his number 1 possession, aka freedom.” [Emma at 2149]
  4. “…we speak to each other kindly and we do not hit below the belt when we are upset.” [The lady-author of the PRiM article, 2306]
  5. “I had an interesting revelation…. I realized it was more important to me for [respected male coworkers] to think I’m pretty than for them to think I’m smart. Obviously it’s important they think I’m competent – this is a job – but I’d rather they think I’m pretty-and-competent than brilliant-and-competent. … This is really counter-intuitive for someone who’s always worked and studied hard to ‘keep up with the boys’ in a male-dominated field. … I also finally think I can forgive my grandfather for saying, “You get prettier every time I see you,” and dismissing me every time I tried to engage him in discussions of his work in the same field as my father, my brother, and myself. On a related note, I don’t really care much what the coworkers I do not respect think.” [Meggrz at 1690]
  6. “One of the many problems with feminism is that it teaches women that there is something wrong with “wanting to live up to someone more important than us,” generally men. But that is what makes us happy, that is what brings us joy. Within feminism, to seek the approval of men is thought to be debasing oneself, so what is innate and instinctual to us is at war with what is socially acceptable.” [Insanitybytes22 at 2210]
  7. “Remember ladies. Wanting to be chased is a feminine desire. If a man requires it, you’ve got a problem.” [Tooconfused at 2322]
  8. “The women say men and women can be just friends PERIOD. 🙂 The men say, men in friendships with women never view it as “just friends”, but rather men just respect being in the holding pattern until the woman opens the door for more. I tend to agree with the men.” [Shanna at 2321]
  9. “Men are wired by nature to move on from rejection and try again, but for a woman it hurts and feels unnatural to be UNWANTED by a man, so of course, I strongly disagree with themes that encourage women to actively pursue men.” [Sarina at 2326]
  10. “Another little thing I would tell my kids… How you think in your heart, will eventually show up on your face.” [Surfercajun at 2334]


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4 responses to “2350. Favored Quotes—Collection 47

  1. jubilee

    Women pursuing men is UNNATURAL!!
    even men know it. REAL men.
    It turns her into ‘mother”
    But, a woman needs to go somewhere so she could be found

  2. MLaRowe

    Loved all these but especially number 10- wow that is so true.

    So Dear Sir Guy here is my latest thought:
    This weekend I saw a very old cemetery plot which only contained 1 family’s headstones. The stones were all from around the 1820’s.
    An infant died with no name, the mother (age 35) died the same day.
    The father, 19 years older died 2 years after her.
    There was also another child whose information had mostly been blown off the unreadable sandstone.

    It reminded me that in those times death by childbirth would have been relatively common. Also that pregnancy itself would have been a bit more scary of a condition. If one knew or were related to someone who had died in childbirth it would have cast a different light on both sex and pregnancy.

    In reading this blog and thinking about this subject what I have come to believe is that sex really is sacred. It is the act of creating a life whether a birth comes as a result or not.

    So Hollywood and the pop music industry and all the other sources that are spewed into our society do so much damage to both men and women by proclaiming otherwise.

    In my view there never was and never will be any sex that is truly “casual” or without meaning.

    A woman suffers the most from the notion of casual sex because it is practically impossible to have sex as a woman and not have one’s heart involved (I would hate to think of a woman who did not feel anything at all in her heart- that seems to go against nature).

    But the idea of “casual” sex also hurts men because they are the ones who can become addicted to the novelty of many partners, always needing more and dirtier (for lack of a better term) experiences. If they are addicted to sex for it’s own sake (and many men are) then that separates them from their chosen mate. It drives a deep wedge whether they realize it or not.

    So in the end we have to grow up and keep ourselves and our desires in check. Anything else is a road that leads to nowhere good.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    Good thinking. You’ve triggered proof that you’re right in tomorrow’s article (2351). Slightly ahead of schedule and more relevant.

    • surfercajun

      AAAAWWWWwww thank you so much, MLaRowe!!!!!
      Great thoughts you had!

      I am always intrigued with that time period. (more like with speech and how people took great care when speaking.) Not like now.

    • jubilee

      Separating men from their chosen mate could be a reason they are going ‘MGTOW’
      many of them are into PORN

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