2353. 8th Anniversary Vacation

November 23 completes eight years of WWNH. Over 2.4 million hits, and a million words posted in the articles plus those added to your comments. They’ve been good years for me. I hope the same for you. Unfortunately, except for a few reports, relationship success is not yet as good as I hoped. Not quitting yet, though.

If I’ve touched lives, this is my favorite. A gal first commented in June 2008 (in college). She has interacted over the years with others and me. I can’t find the details now, but in order for a guy to become her boyfriend, she imposed demands to forgo his partying and develop his scholastic ability, or she was no girlfriend of his. He did, they graduated, eventually married. She probably recognizes her story, and perhaps she’ll let us know if they’re living happily ever after. She has been such a continual delight to chat with and exchange thoughts. I’m hopeful her WWNH education was more valuable than Dartmouth’s for her future life. Babies yet, darling?

As with hundreds of other readers, comments inspire expansion of many principles and clarification of my thoughts. I learn much from you all and especially those with questions. Love all of you; wish we could meet face to face.

I depart tomorrow for a trip that will last 14-15 days. Going to pay respects to friends and family in three states farther west.

I have and want no laptop. I’ll respond to comments and questions when I return in early December. So, you can keep asking. I may, however, drop in every few days if I find a friendly keyboard.

While I’m gone, mull over what I can do to improve the blog. Interest seems to be waning and I’d like to give it a rejuvenating jolt when I return. Married to a beautiful redhead for 59 years and married to the U.S. Navy for 23 years, I never learned to handle boredom. Don’t want it to set in on the blog.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Grace’s family invited me to theirs and it makes me feel kingly. Good people are great; good friends are greater, good family is greatest.

I’m in the Dallas-DFW area the weekend after Thanksgiving. If you would like to meet, I’ll be lunching at PFChang’s in Grapevine on Saturday at noon and PFChang’s on North Dallas Tollway Sunday at 1:00 pm. Visit if you care to; love to meet you.

Meanwhile, ponder these thoughts both for light-heartedness and a measure of reality. God gave chocolate to man so he could get the attention of woman. God told woman, don’t blame a man if you want to get and hold his attention.



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34 responses to “2353. 8th Anniversary Vacation

  1. I think I would drop in to the blog more often if the format made it slightly easier to reply to specific comments. Especially when there is a lot of discussion, it can be hard to scroll through everything and then go through the process of replying.

    Relatively hard.

    The Internet and blogs create an expectation of immediacy in communication, as if one were having a chat with someone. Writing and posting comments is not the same as writing and sending letters when I was a kid. I would send letters across town to friends and not expect a response for a month. These days, if I send e-mail and don’t get a response within thirty minutes, I get antsy. My problem, but also a problem due to the overall expectations created by Internet culture.

    Your Highness Edith,
    I agree. Have had the same complaint for 8 years but can’t find an alternative. I think it’s just the nature of the beast that my mind goes blank after lunch, so I almost always lag until the next day.

    • Your responses are always lucid and to the point and timely. It’s navigating the particular format of the blog that is the challenge for me. There is so much to see and think about and respond to. So much advice to benefit from and not enough time to figure out how to take advantage of it all. If you’re not producing new challenging material for a few days, you’ll get a nice rest, and your audience will get a chance to try and catch up. So that will help! 🙂

      Happy Turkey Day.

  2. Dear Sir Guy
    Please be encouraged as you set off on your trip – there is a quick miracle and a slow miracle – and both are still miracles, right? You have planted seeds which will bear fruit – believe it. I thank God for all your input in my life. Meantime I sure wish I could make that lunch invite but for those who do – enjoy 🙂

  3. prettybeans

    Happy thanksgiving and congratulations on bringing the blog this far Sir. It’s been a delight mulling over the life changing contents of this blog.

  4. Shermy

    Oh Sir Guy, you certainly know how to make a lady feel appreciative of all you give to her! Thank you so much for this blog, it has brightened my future and I grow from every post. Even the ones I don’t like, lol. Have a WONDERFUL vacation, and if you are ever near NYC, please DO have a meet up of some sort. I’d love to shake your hand in great admiration and appreciation! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family!

  5. MLaRowe

    Happy travels.

    When you get back I would hope that you might talk a bit more about leadership only because that subject seems to be rearing it’s head in my life these days.

    I found it so helpful what you said the other day about when leaders have to use their authority it actually weakens it. That is a real gem and I’m thinking you have quite a few more.

    And after all what is the position of mother but one of leadership?

    Have a good time. You will be missed by your online folks.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,

    It’s a favorite subject of mine also. Remind me again when I return as I will be starting on comments received later than yours. Memory is great, recall ain’t.

    And you’re right, mothers are leaders of they lose their kids.


  6. Eric

    I hope that you have a good vacation! Sometimes it’s necessary.
    I’ve been off/on-line lately too, but slowly catching up on things lol.

  7. I just recently discovered your blog. Will be doing some catching up reading while you are on your vacation. Have fun. 🙂

    Your Highness Ashley,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  8. gonemaverick

    Sir Guy,

    here is what you didn’t know… i used to get withdrawal symptoms when you would go away or not post when i first found your blog. even though there was plenty reading material to catch up on, my mind would hope for a post on those particular days. i am addicted to your blog. always will be.

    enjoy your break Sir.

    • Cinnamon

      “i am addicted to your blog. always will be”

      You have a way with words, gonemaverick!

      Sir Guy, I hope your interesting is not truly waning because ours is not. There is no way to adequately convey what an immense influence you have had, and continue to have, in nearly every aspect of my life. Relationship success is better than I ever thought possible and continues to get better every day.

      You have such an amazing gift for understanding and explaining these rather arcane matters. I hope some day you will tell us in more detail about how you and Her Majesty Grace discovered these principles and together decided to share your wisdom and knowledge with the rest of the world. Although you have always been the CEO of WWNH many times I have wondered how many of these ideas originated first with Her Majesty Grace, and how many with you. Was it a “light bulb moment” or did this unfold gradually?

      I agree with MLaRowe, the leadership information is fascinating and extremely valuable.

      Finally, speaking further of redheads, in Princess in Uniform I know it was love at first sight for you, but why did Her Majesty Grace give you the lukewarm shoulder for so many months? Was she being coy or was she focused on someone else during that time, or simply not interested in marriage? Would love to hear more LOL.

      Enjoy your vacation!

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      I will start with your questions when I get back. If not the first one I address, let me hear about it. I love for pretty women to keep me on my toes.

  9. Magnolia

    I ❤ WWNH. 🙂

  10. Some Other Guy

    Sir Guy, first off, congratulations on your work. It always amazes me that you have more to say about the topics you cover. I don’t know how you do it.

    From my perspective there is usually not much reason to comment on your posts. Why is that so? Well, I agree with almost everything you write. Not much need to discuss something that is 100% agreed upon. But I do enjoy your work.

    If you wanted to generate more comments and activity. Maybe you could take things out of the theoretical realm and get into more day to day applications of your theory. For example, have you discussed whether the man or the woman should be doing most of the chores? If so, which ones?
    Will a husband get more sex if he does more of the chores? What should a wife do to keep her man from cheating? Should she forgive him if he does? Is it her fault if he cheats? Should a wife cheerfully offer up sex on demand or is it a good idea to play a little hard to get? Should she initiate sex? Does that work out well? Why is it that some husbands devolve into laziness, giving no effort into the marriage? Is this the wife’s fault? Did she do something to bring this on? Why is it that some wives become shrewish and snarky. Is this the man’s fault? Is her behavior a reaction to his behavior? What kind of behavior do women want from husbands and what can the women do to encourage that behavior? If the wife wants the husband to step up his leadership, how should she encourage this? Should a wife expect “dating” behavior after marriage? Dinners out of the house. Romantic vacations. Movie nights, etc. Does it matter who drives the car when the married couple goes places?

    You may or may not have tackled these kinds of topics already. But if not maybe there is a post or two in them.

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    I have been reluctant. No, actually I have avoided such questions, situations, and such very personal issues. The answers depend too much on each couple’s relationship. However, you’ve given me plenty of ammo so I will try to tackle it on return. It should generate more discussion and argument. Thanks.

    • I don’t think it hurts to have specific examples of how general principles get worked out (or not).

      Obviously, general principles can be applied in a whole variety of ways. There are a whole variety of ways they can work, and a whole variety of ways they can wreak havoc. But having specific examples of things helps make the general principles seem more real and practical and possible.

      • Some Other Guy

        Yes Edith that is exactly what I was going for. The examples I gave can help illustrate the concepts. I do understand your principle though Sir Guy

  11. Meow Meow

    Have a great trip Sir Guy! Know that you’ve touched my life for one and helped give me the strength to deal with life’s challenges. Wishing you merriment, hugs, blissful memories and Happy Holidays!
    Meow Meow

    Your Highness Meow Meow,

    I love it when pretty women throw all those virtual kisses around.

    But let me make this announcement and see what you gals think while I’m gone. The first few kisses make a greater impression on both sides than does a couple’s first sex together. (I admit ulterior motive; I’d love to teach gals how to kiss so it’s memorable to men — not just her, him. There are techniques, you know. Such a thought will keep me entertained throughout my time on the road the next two weeks.)


    • MLaRowe

      There are kissing techniques? I didn’t know that. Tell more at some point please.

      Also, for Some Other Guy’s thoughts maybe the folks here could say what they do in their homes?

      For example the housework: I don’t have much expectation that my husband do many chores because he works outside the home and I don’t. However, if I become overly burdened or tired (resentful) at some point because there is too much going on I can honestly say that could play a part in my level of desire. Fortunately for me he is smart and can read the signs and pitches in (usually) before I get to that bad place.

      • Cinnamon


        He has already covered the topic of kissing techniques: See 1167 – 1170 in the “Bootcamp for Girls” series (an excellent series for all, regardless of age, by the way) 🙂

      • Learning and applying kissing techniques requires someone who believes I am eminently kissable.

        At my age, it seems like overwhelming work to be or becoming the kind of woman who could absolutely convince a man that I. Am. The. One. He. Must. Kiss. . . . and kiss again. And again.

        Is there really enough positive thinking and confidence to substitute for being nineteen, skinny, and pheromone-rich?

        • Shermy

          What has convinced you that being “19, skinny and pheromone-rich” is the pinnacle of attraction?

          • Just looking around me. I have not recently seen an overweight yet attractive and lively single woman past child-bearing years causing men’s heads to turn on the street. I have not seen her snuggled close to a boyfriend in a dark corner of a restaurant. I have not seen her standing in the front of a church with wedding flowers in her hair, smiling like crazy along with her beloved because she and her soon-to-be hubby are going to be having a kick-ass honeymoon.

            If you have, details would be appreciated.

            • Meow Meow

              Yes…my talented friend (in her 50s now) does not lack for male attention (She is a merry widow now, and I don’t know if she will marry again, but has no trouble finding boyfriends.)
              She is artistically and culinarily talented, overweight but dresses with style/verve/colors, and does have a gorgeous head of long hair which she can decorate or style. She can line dance up a storm to draw some attention. At 26 her daughter just married….overweight and quite beautiful, with sparkling eyes, a great smile, and her mom’s sense of humor and style.
              Everyone is just scraping by, but they look like they know how to enjoy life!

        • A.GuyMaligned

          Your Highness Edith,
          Being eminently kissable is a function of your attractive appearance. So, you’re in charge of it.

          • Wish I could post a picture. As I said, I clean up nice. Work usually leaves me too tired to do anything fancy during the week, but I work in an office that is largely women, so that doesn’t matter.

            I have a lot of pretty time in preparation for Sundays.

            I have thought for the longest time that it would be just the best hoot to be kissed in the middle of the sanctuary after the sermon . . . but I have come to see that stuff like that kind of manly spontaneity only happens in romance novels written by women.

            It would help maybe to know what about an available, smart, attractive, friendly middle-aged woman would encourage a man of similar status to think, “I have got get to know her and to kiss her?”

            Your Highness Edith,
            When she’s the best dressed, groomed, and top competitor among her peers for most careful and dedicated to always looking her very best. On top of that, she smiles a lot and is silent a lot around men. She lets them figure her out rather than telling them who she is or expects.

            • Shermy

              I COMPLETELY agree with Sir Guy here. It’s best to focus on what you CAN control to make yourself eminently kissable. It starts in the mirror, continues in your mind with your belief that you ARE in FACT eminently kissable and then becomes a reality to the right man who earns the privilege.

    • Beloved

      Oooohh can’t wait to hear about the kisses! You always have a new topic up your sleeve that we didn’t even know mattered! Have yourself a safe, happy & blessed Thanksgiving. And, I also love me some PF Chang’s….but way north of Texas unfortunately:(

    • gonemaverick

      can’t wait for the lessons in kissing. #hiding and giggling

    • Etu

      It’s so unfair to keep us hanging like this!!! Enjoy your time, in plenty of thought, Dear!

  12. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Have a good holiday and a happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Cocoa

    Happy thanksgiving sir Guy. You will be missed.

  14. Jen

    Enjoy your holiday and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

  15. Miss Gina

    God bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving. Thank you for all you do. I’ve been working a lot on my two businesses, but I’ve also been busy putting your info to work. I can now say with certainty that when my husband comes home worn out from traveling, taking his shoes off, giving a quick footrub, getting his slippers, and offering a beer make me a very popular lady. 🙂

  16. Sir Guy,
    I just saw this post today! I took a few months hiatus from the Internet except what was necessary for work. Brightened my day so much I promised my husband a special meal tonight 😀

    How did you know? We got married in June and I got pregnant in July. It was a surprise and at first I was totally overwhelmed as we did not plan on having kids until we bought a house which isn’t in the cards for another 3 years. But as my husband said it’s a “blessing in disguise” because it turns out by the time the baby is born I will only have 4 hours of mandatory classes per week left for medical school this year (and it’s the type of class I can probably bring the baby with me) and the rest I can do from home. And after that it is an ideal time in my training to take a year off to be a SAHM. I’ve come to the conclusion God’s plan was better than mine.

    As for living happily ever after, last night I cooked lasagna for the first time. I told DH I hope it comes out okay as I’ve never even watched someone make lasagna before. He responded that he knows it will because everything I cook tastes good to him. At his family’s Christmas the subject of being a lady’s man came up. DH exclaimed that he is no lady’s man and he has no idea how he managed to convince me to even date him never mind marry him. He presumes he just got “really lucky”. We’ve been married 6 months now and I’ve came home to roses 3 times. Twice “just because” and once because I was having a particularly rough go-round with morning sickness. Recently we played a trivia game where the men have to answer questions about women’s hobbies and the women have to answer questions about men’s hobbies. Much to everyone’s surprise DH was quite good at it. I flirtatiously asked him how he knew about these girly things after only being married a short time. He said he pays a lot more attention to me than he lets on. All this is to say he thinks he married over his head and I think I married Mr. Good Enough who certainly has the potential to become Mr. Right over the next 50 years. Time will tell 😉

    Of course life isn’t perfect. DH gets upset that he can’t afford to buy a house yet and he isn’t able to save as much as he thought he would with his good job. I try to tell him we are actually doing quite well (and by we I mean him because I am still in medical school and have 0 income) given that he only graduated from his master’s program a year ago. He fully supports us both including my medical bills from pregnancy. But no matter what I say he is still frustrated he can’t afford more. Any advice on how to help him stress less?

    I stumbled upon WWNH as a freshman in college wondering why my ex-bf had broken up with me out of the blue (another time God’s plan was better than mine). After hours of studying your hard work on WWNH I realized I had been going about dating all wrong and changed my attitude completely. It took me 6 years to go from confused and lonely college freshman to happily married wife with baby on the way. At 24 years old I have everything necessary for a happy life and I say with confidence this would not be the case if not for your teachings on WWNH. I feel similar about WWNH as my DH does about me–what did I do to deserve such a blessing?

    Happy belated 8th anniversary. Your work here has brought at least one lady far more happiness than her Ivy League degree has.

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    Thank you, darling. Another great Christmas present.

  17. P.S. That talk about my ex-bf reminded me that I once wrote you for advice on how to forget about the fact that he had a new girlfriend a year or two after he dumped me. She was naturally gorgeous and it was getting me down because I felt like I wasn’t good enough for him. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. You gave me some advice and I took it. It worked so well that I forgot I had even asked for advice on the topic and never reported back that it worked. It certainly did! I now find it laughable that I was ever concerned with that and have felt this way for many years now. How do you know so much about human psychology and interactions? I’ve never encountered anyone else nearly as astute as you.

    P.P.S. A man in uniform is like a woman in heels. Navy service dress blues happen to be my personal favorite. Ever watched the TV show JAG?

    Your Highness Anonymous,

    I love it when pretty women tell me they favor the Navy uniform. (I’ve seen JAG but not for years.)

    I prefer spikes. On the other side, I liked the officers’ high collar service dress whites until we had to sit down, wrinkled badly. Fewer opportunities to wear whites so I felt more dashing.

    Once I wore them as grand marshal in a July 4th parade. Small town, no convertible. Had to march and had boys running alongside trying to touch or take my sword and four Legionnaires as color guard behind me who couldn’t get in step because of the night before. Fun memories.


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