2353.1 — 8th Anniversary Vacation (add on)

As I posted earlier:

I’m in the Dallas-DFW area the weekend after Thanksgiving. If you would like to meet, I’ll be lunching at PFChang’s in Grapevine on Saturday at noon and PFChang’s on North Dallas Tollway Sunday at 1:00 pm. Visit if you care to; I’d love to meet you.

I will be in beard, blue blazer, and water-proof hairpiece once I doff my hat. Also, I could be tardy Sunday if church lets out late.



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21 responses to “2353.1 — 8th Anniversary Vacation (add on)

  1. surfercajun

    awww… you need to be in Austin… (nods head) yeah, in Austin

    You sound devastating handsome!

  2. surfercajun

    ps. anyone around close to me wanna carpool? I so want to make this trip but I get nervous in big cities….and don’t want to be alone… I can caravan as well. I like being in a group when traveling or with trusted people.

  3. Cinnamon

    Hey y’all – if you can manage to travel to dine with the dashing gentleman in the blue blazer have a GREAT time. I so wish I could be there! I would drive hours for this one were I in the general vicinity.

    You really like that PFChang’s don’t you Sir Guy? LOL 🙂

  4. Cinnamon

    Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to Sir Guy, Guy Jr. , Lauren, and all the extended Dean family, and all the American commenters who bring so much knowledge, humour, wisdom, and love to the readers here at WWNH. I am grateful for all of you.


    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      Thanks for the video. It’s inspiring to have Canadian friends. My memories remain keen about working with the Canadian Navy in 1962.

      • Eric

        Sir Guy,
        OT,but did you serve in the Navy in the late 1950s?

        Sir Eric,

        Good to have you back. Hope recovery speeds up.

        Yes, I served in USN 1951-1973.


        • Eric

          Thanks Sir Guy, I hope so too. I think I understand now why so many men die right after retirement. Being inactive is worse than being sick!

          For another project I’m catching up on: I’ve been trying to locate USN/USMC veterans who served with the US 6th Fleet Mediterranean in the Spring of 1957. If you know of anybody or some veterans’ groups I could contact, please let me know!

          Sir Eric,
          You may try USNA-AT-LARGE@yahoogroups.com. Many naval academy officers served in the 6th Fleet in that year. It’s the most likely source I know of.

  5. surfercajun

    Happy Gobble, Gobble day, ya’ll!! ~from little ol’ Texas

  6. Sharon

    Blessings on you in all your travels and family times, Sir Guy. Would LOVE to be a part of the Saturday or Sunday lunch times if we lived in the area. Hope it’s a real party for all!

  7. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Wish you had a great time during your vacation period!

    May I welcome you with several questions?
    1. A mother was telling her friend that her 30-year-old son and his girlfriend have broken up and come back together numerous times in the past few years. Then her friend responded, saying, “Usually couples like this will finally be together (aka get married'”
    But from what i learnt from wwnh, i sense many red flags in a relationship like this. Even when they get married, fighting will continue. Do you think so?

    2. I sense that that son is not committed/devoted to his girlfriend enough. This girl is not his most beloved one yet that he would settle down for her, fight for her and even die for her.
    Am i dreaming? Do guys really fight and die for their dream girls?

    3. I read a guy’s profile saying that he wants to say goodbye to loneliness. It makes me wonder how guys view and deal with loneliness. Do they just deny it? Hide it? Share with friends? Fill their emptiness with porn and drinks???

    4. A few men said to me, “why are you so quiet? Why don’t you speak up?”

    I am generally shy and introverted. I speak when i am among the girls. But when talking to men, i feel awkward and will look more shy, taking the role of a listener. After becoming a wwnh reader, i learn to take a passive role, waiting for the men to begin the conversation first.
    Am i doing the right thing?
    Regarding what the guys told me, is it a compliment? Do they expect me to speak up?

    Thank you again for responding to my questions. Your wise words have helped the ladies a lot!

    Your Highness Lilac,

    Responses by your numbers:

    1. Yes, I agree with you.

    2. Two factors determine a man’s willingness to die for his woman. His devotion to her and his sense of responsibility aka duty to do the right thing.

    3. The guy is fishing for a woman by appealing for sympathy or he has nothing to do to fill his time with accomplishments. Either way, he’s not a good candidate. Men don’t suffer loneliness as women do. They find ways to replace it with actions, such as accomplishments, entertainment, and getting a woman to listen o them spout their worth.

    4. They seek to learn more about you more quickly: red flag. Your listening habits are far more valuable to keeping a man around. You’re doing the right thing if your actions match your habits. Example: modest clothing matches shy listening. They expect you to speak up when necessary to defend or stand up for yourself.


    • MLaRowe

      For too long of a time in my twenties I dated a man that appeared to be perfect. He treated me well, was a good friend, my family liked him and so on. He had a very good job.

      Toward the end of our relationship there was a lot of on and off. I simply could not wrap my mind around the fact that this seemingly perfect relationship was not going anywhere (and I waited too long).

      Even after we finally broke up we remained “friends” although I always felt as though he was competing with me which I didn’t understand. When I married my husband said to completely end the friendship so I did.

      Much later I saw Brokeback Mountain and there was a scene in that film that played out like a scene with my old boyfriend and I.

      Finally I understood then what had always (sadly) eluded me. My old boyfriend had really loved me as much as he could but he was homosexual.

      Although I know not everyone here agrees, I personally believe that people are born desiring a relationship with a same sex partner. I know I don’t always have control over my finding a person of the opposite sex attractive (although I do not act on such feelings).

      Right now I know a woman who’s marriage is ending and honestly I always thought this was the case with her husband. She mentions the hours of therapy that didn’t help. How she and her children have always been close but he has always been distant and so on.

      Looking back if I had screened that boyfriend in all the ways I’ve learned here at WWNH I most likely would have seen the red flags of lack of devotion a lot sooner than I did. Anyway I hope this is helpful.

      • Meow Meow

        i have a talented friend at work,”Pete”, who I suspect is in the closet. We live in a fairly liberal part of the world but perhaps he has family back home that just wouldn’t understand if he came out. He married briefly, then divorced (no kids) and no one will say why. We almost ridiculously avoid any talk about relationships anyways although i think he admires me as a woman. When we talk its about TV, fashion, books etc. Regardless my husband is not really comfortable with our relationship so out of respect for that I don’t spend as much time with “Pete” as I otherwise would.
        Its my belief that being gay or bi is not a choice. i have had many openly gay friends over the years and there is no agenda they have advocated for other than for their equal rights. True, some are deeply unhappy with themselves and feel having been born this way is an unwanted embarrassment. But, better I think to for all concerned to accept oneself rather than marry opposite sex spouses and then drag families through turmoil later when orientation can’t be denied.

        • Lilac

          Thank you, Sir Guy, MLaRowe and Meow Meow!
          I do not intend to shift the topic to SSA.
          For a long time, I did not consider myself a woman because I lacked a mother figure since I was very little. But I also could not consider myself a man because I was not strong physically. Until I read and listened to teachings on femininity and biblical womanhood, I came to realize that my womanhood was wonderfully created by God.
          I still have a long way to go along this feminine path. Many thanks to Sir Guy for helping me to recover my femininity and my blessings as a woman.

          • MLaRowe

            Blessings to you. I do not know a life without a mother but it seems a grandmother or mother figure could fit the bill nicely.

            I’ve had wise women friends that helped me along (in adulthood).

            The writing here at WWNH is filling in for me nicely where a grandfather or father could have given me advice on men.

            So happy to have found these words in a world that is constantly demeaning the beauty of the feminine and femaleness. And here is finally a place where one sees the compatibility rather than the men vs. women approach that is so prevalent.

          • Meow Meow

            As long as you are happy with yourself, (And can thus spread the joy you feel, ) I think that’s all that matters! 🙂

    • krysie869

      “They expect you to speak up when necessary to defend or stand up for yourself.”

      Why would they assume this? Is it because they believe she is a pushover?

      Your Highness Krysie869,
      Perhaps, it’s easy to conclude that shyness signifies weakness, which suggests pushover. It’s why modesty is a woman’s best defense against males taking advantage. Modesty suggests female strength and silently sends signals of proceed cautiously, don’t jump to wrong conclusions.

  8. Eric

    Good that you’re back Sir Guy & hope that you had a good vacation.
    Just to give everyone a quick personal update: I’m sorry for being away from blogging & writing recently. Late this Summer, I had a slight injury which reactivated an old injury and so I have been at about 1/5 of my normal levels of activity since. And proportionately running behind on everything lol.

    • surfercajun

      Gentleman Eric,

      Hi there, stranger… ((giggle)

      Nice to see your name up here in blog land once more. I hope you are feeling better as well.

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