2355. Tribute to the Female Nature — Morality and Religion

It’s how we’re born differently. Morality and religion serve and protect females and children from male aggression, and women believe easily in the merits of both. Once women are convinced from lessons learned in life, they become stronger supporters.

Their beliefs confirmed and reinforced by evidence in life guide them to live up to something more important or someone higher than themselves, which enables them to find self-gratitude, which enables them to be grateful for others, which makes them better givers as individual persons, and which leads to female happiness.

Men need neither morality nor religion; they can handle life well enough—thank you very much. If taught the merits and inculcated with moral and religious habits in childhood, they become more faithful by living a deliberate moral or religious life.

Faithful actions program masculine hearts with beliefs that women accept on thought rather than action. Without faithful actions, a man’s beliefs are weakened and moral and religious pressures don’t withstand the disruptions of life. IOW, such men don’t live up to something bigger or someone higher than themselves, which makes them weaker as givers, stronger as takers, and less responsible toward others.

Men can fall in love at first sight. So too can they find religious conviction in a heartbeat by being saved, by accepting Jesus Christ into their heart. Judge not, ladies, by what you hear but what you see in a man’s actions.



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3 responses to “2355. Tribute to the Female Nature — Morality and Religion

  1. Very interesting! I’ve been studying some differences in the way men and women believe, in how we view religion, in how we perceive God Himself. For me it was somewhat easy, I fell in love with Christ, as if that explains everything. It’s a bit different for most men who are more action oriented, who don’t put the same weight on feelings.

    • jubilee

      This could also be a reason women become believers first.
      It’s wise for Christian women not to go with most non-Christian men.
      Since the men man not be believers for years.
      If a Christian man Is a believer, and the woman isn’t, she soon will be

      • I think in many ways women do conform to men, we entwine ourselves with them, I like to say. We begin to show an interest in the things they like, we start to adapt ourselves to their traditions. So yes, it is wise to chose a Christian man, because in general it is much harder to get men to bend in their ways.

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