2356. Single Women: Hook up or …?

Hook up, link up, shack up, hurry up, muck up, ‘fess up, break up, split up, and end up looking to start over. That’s a typical cycle for modern women with marry up, knock up, and pay up crammed in somewhere along the line. Many who have not been around that loop at least once claim to be the exception. They claim their relationship stable. But, their lives are not yet over.

Current trends in social and domestic behavior put every woman’s relationship under threat from her sisters. The heartache of break up spreads as females victimize each other reaching for a new boyfriend, hopeful husband, or one-night stand.

I dedicate this blog to single women who complain about men. Especially those that have trouble understanding male-female interaction, grasping the magnitude of first-time sex with each man, identifying the right man, avoiding hit-and-run relationships, capturing the Marrying Man, dodging the Manipulating Man, inspiring a man’s faithfulness, living successfully with a man for more than a few years, or being the right person to hold a man for life.

I offer ideas and suggestions, because individual female problems are too complex for an outsider’s advice. I describe truths about relationship pressures. From these, women in a learnable mode can craft their own solutions by exploiting their natural strengths and advantages.



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8 responses to “2356. Single Women: Hook up or …?

  1. It’s always frustrating to see women complaining about men, when all they have to do is make a few adjustments about how they react to men. Women don’t understand how much power over their outcomes they can really have.

  2. Etu

    Have we got that kissing article brewing by chance? 🙂 🙂 I’ve been thinking about it since you went away.

    Your Highness Etu,
    I too have been thinking about it since I went away. I may have let my alligator mouth overload my hummingbird courage. More to follow, tho.

  3. Lilac

    Guys are never more handsome than when they devote their lives to help women and to make the world a better place!

  4. How should one deal with today’s onslaught of traditional marriage and the modern promotion of polygamy? Also, how should today’s ladies deal in relation to the reported shortage in the number of men?

    Your Highness Thcuthcu77,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Answer: By sticking more closely to the way you were born by studying this blog. Its aim is to inform you about that.

    Focus on earning respect rather than becoming popular. Men don’t love women because of their popularity but because of respect of women and one in particular.

    Listen to wise women such as MLaRowe who says, “A kindhearted woman gains respect but a ruthless man gains only wealth.”

    Don’t associate —declare yourself proudly as different and too feminine—with people who talk up polygamy, cheap and easy unmarried sex, and the other modern promotions.

    As to the shortage of men, out-compete your female competitors in daily appearance, display of character, feminine mystique, female modesty, monogamous commitment, and sincere femininity (and avoidance of feminist thought.)

    Best of luck. It sounds like you may be at odds with your associates. It’s unfortunate. You can change your associates but you can’t change them.


  5. Peach Blossoms

    Dear Sir Guy,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Although not much has been happening lately in my life, I still come back here sometimes to reread your posts even if I don’t comment. 🙂 Keep writing, Sir!

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