2360. Dominance, Submission, and Sexual Past

Just a few reminders:

  • Women program themselves for defeat keeping a man as soon as they concern themselves with beating the game of male dominance. It’s Nature, and men are automatic winners until out-witted, out-smarted, or out-maneuvered on particular subjects. Women have to pick the battles they hope to win, and they are born with the skills and talent required. [326]
  • Women also invite defeat by rejecting a submissive spirit. Submissive accommodation makes a sustainable relationship work. Two bosses never stay together without clear-cut division of responsibility and authority, which means one or the other yields regularly to one or the other. There’s a rhythm required for successful mating. [326]
  • Relationship expertise, the essence of female nature, can deal successfully with both dominance and submission. (If not, see chapter 8 of my book on dealing with the subject of submission.) [326]
  • If he won’t honor her privacy about her sexual past, he probably won’t honor her other expectations either. [327]
  • Her undisclosed sexual past defends their relationship, because his ammo box lacks her historical bullets to fire back in domestic squabbles. [327]
  • He may very well hold against her what he knows nothing about. Especially when he’s jealous, irrational, or flawed in character. Courtship is the time to figure out if it’s likely to happen. [327]
  • The forward-thinking woman convinces all her female friends to never leak anything about her past to her dating partner, boyfriend, husband, or any other man. (But this ultimately fails too, because friends betray friends. They even steal dates, boyfriends, lovers, husbands.) [327]



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5 responses to “2360. Dominance, Submission, and Sexual Past

  1. anon...

    Does anyone think the MGTOW movement will get popular?
    or is it because modern women don’t know how to get the men to marry them.

    Your Highness Anon…,
    Good question. I think I’ll respond tomorrow with an article on the subject.

  2. Beloved

    Sorry to be off-topic Sir Guy, but where is that kissing article? You got me so curious about it a month ago and I’m dying of suspense!

  3. Meggrz

    Oof! I got egg on my face with that one when I good friend I’ve known for a decade made a joke about my sexual past (from seven prior!) with my boyfriend at the table. *facepalm*

    Red faces all around.

    We had a quiet conversation later, as did my other close friends…

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