2368. Advisory for Men #05a

41. Your wife will remain and keep herself as attractive as you directly praise her efforts and appreciate her results. She needs YOU to: a) recognize and appreciate how she pampers to cover the signs of aging. b) Spend heavily if needed to allow her to recover from baby deliveries. c) Show patience as she eats up your time with her primping. d) Forgive her spending on clothes and grooming. e) Lift her spirits after sad events. If you don’t go out of your way to make her feel special, she won’t look special for you or feel important to herself. If she doesn’t have the sense that she’s ‘special to you’ and ‘important to me’, she will soon tire of both and can easily do without you.

42. Women marry expecting you to take care of the present and let them worry and prepare for the future. This is the toughest part for you: Wife needs extra resources to prepare for the future. Before you marry, ensure that’s how your intended expects to live and you can support her in planning family hopes and dreams.

43. As Billy Crystal said, “Women want a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.” As a hunter-conqueror, pursuit makes you admire yourself. Conquest satisfies you. Women understand neither; they are unfamiliar with your natural urge to conquer attractive women just for the purpose of having done it. It’s a major cause of female confusion about men. What to do? Not much you can do except pledge your loyalty and vow your fidelity to one woman and use your integrity to live by your commitments to self and her. Weaken and you likely cheat. Don’t cheat and you’re a better man to yourself.

44. When with a woman and another woman passes, it’s natural that the motion attracts your eyes as a hunter-conqueror. Women don’t know that, but they learn to adjust when it’s mere eye movement that immediately returns to them. To stare at the one you’re with is to compliment her; to stare at another in her presence is to insult her.

45. If you’re a player, MGTOW, or Manosphere member, you’ve given up your manly ability for improving your life. I know, so what? Just this: You are of significant worth to someone other than self. Provided, of course, you can prove that you’re worthy of a woman of choice. But you have to first Man Up before you Rooster Up. You think ‘balls’ but that ain’t where it’s at. Play the “Your Gotta Have Heart” here: http://www.search.alot.com/landing?slk=damn+yankees+songs&nid=2&cid=10173590889&kwid=21079224546&akwd=damn%20yankees%20songs&dmt=b&bmt=bb&dist=s&uq=songs%20from%20damn%20yankees%20musical&device=c&ismobile=false&msclkid=80146a97b1ec436b94009174247ffba2&accid=35000642&campid=61726917&agid=4092616759&vx=0



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5 responses to “2368. Advisory for Men #05a

  1. Amen! Wise words, indeed. Happy New Year!

  2. Sarina

    43. Sir Guy, I need to mention something. Being loyal and faithful is one of the reasons I love and respect my dad so much. Obv he’s full of qualities, but I’m talkin specifically about your point because I’m aware how hard it can be for a man to be fully dedicated to one woman physically. I honestly believe he never cheated on my mom (of course I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m actually sure), simply because he has convinced me of his behaviour, I know how he acted around other women when mom wasn’t around, even when little I heard conversations between him and various women when they thought I couldn’t be able to hear anything, it was impressive how steadfast he was in not allowing anything to happen. He isn’t the type to cheat, that’s why I think women that say ‘all men cheat’ are selling themselves short.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    You’ve learned a valuable lesson. Keep this in mind. It was your mom who convinced him to please her to the extent of denying his nature. It takes a good woman well informed about the male nature and dedicated to taming her man of choice.

    • Meow Meow

      Sarina I feel the same way about my Dad too. His faithfulness to my mom even when other men around him were betraying and breaking up their families stood out in my mind as a determination and strength worthy of my respect, so even when I was angry at my dad, I couldn’t disrespect him. Faith to one woman makes a man respect-worthy to more than just his wife. And this was a decision he clearly made for himself, because my Mama was not always an easy person to live with. He held himself to a high standard regardless of what she did, as if what she did had no bearing on what he did.They weathered many storms together, but as far as I know infidelity was not one of them. They ended up being quite a team.

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