Blog 2375 — Oops! I Went Too Far

I believe that I began disclosing something about women that they DO NOT want men to understand. They think and expect to do better by keeping a certain trait and the expectations that flow out of it to themselves. It gives them more latitude to be their unique selves.

I shall honor what appears to be a womanly wish until something else shows me to be wrong. Consequently, I won’t publish the article on the subject I had ready for today. I also removed the last item in the Advisory for Men series, since it was the first mention of the trait and female nature.

We’ll wait and see what the future brings about the subject.



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5 responses to “Blog 2375 — Oops! I Went Too Far

  1. prettybeans

    BUUUTTTT, if men don’t listen to the advice of other men, then there’s no harm in you going right ahead with what you had planned for the day.
    After all, you light up our lives as ladies and that’s exactly how we like it Sir Guy…;)

  2. I’m chuckling here, but I think you needn’t fear! A bit of mystery is always a good thing, but you could reveal every single feminine secret and place them on a color coded flow chart and still many men would fail to fully understand us. You can lead a horse to water but you simply cannot hold his head down and force him to drink. 😉

  3. Beloved

    Going to have to agree with the other ladies here. Most men aren’t reading this anyway and you actually do us a huge service by helping us to better understand ourselves.

  4. Mia

    Please go ahead, Sir. First of all 1) now I’m curious and s) some of us less mature ladies don’t even realize these traits about ourselves. 🙂

  5. Some Other Guy

    Yeah dude, marriage is not for pikers. I need all the inside dope I can get!

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