2377. Favored Quotes—Collection 48

  1. “A man can be a still mountain until the river carves her groove into him. The river may play and flow and run, but ultimately the mountain sets her course.” [from Superslaviswife at 2361]
  2. “So increasingly men are coming to understand that women do not need a man. The rational thing for men to do is to drop out of that scene.” [from Some Other Guy at 2361]
  3. “I add a quote from John Adams, 2nd President of the United States: ‘…the manners of women (are) the most infallible barometer by which to ascertain the degree of morality and virtue in a nation.’” [from Sharon at 2362]
  4. “MGTOW is conformity to women’s attitude that men are unnecessary and expendable. Game is conformity to women’s sexual looseness and vulgarity. Male Feminism is conformity to women’s feminist ideology.” [from Eric at 2361]
  5. “…men who make women feel beautiful and women who make men feel powerful stand a better chance of connecting and staying together than men and women who try to apply feminist ideas about a meaningful relationship.” [from Edith mcklveen at 2359]
  6. “In general women are not attracted to men we do not respect and if we focus on faults and flaws we can kill our own desire.” [Insanitybytes22 at 2357]
  7. “To put it in perspective for the men…criticism of your woman’s cooking is the equivalent a lady’s criticism of her man’s sexual ability…in my opinion anyway.” [Ari at 2365]
  8. “…my take on many a ‘frustrated woman’ who ends up breaking up sometimes is…..he said he didn’t want …., but she still kept dating him…saying “I can change him” and then one day finally she’s had it and leaves. But it was maybe there to see all along!” [MeowMeow at 1436]
  9. “The good and bad men are still greedy jerks and their whole motto is no hymen no diamond. So you see you can’t just have fun and [not] become a slut! Just gotta play hard ball. *sigh*” [Tooconfused at 2310]
  10. “Both Stalinism and Nazism are forms of emperor worship (turning the state into God), which is violation of the first commandment.” [Cinnamon at 2363] NOTE: Also a violation of the U.S. First Amendment of government generating or sponsoring a state religion, since Progressivism (euphemism for Stalinism as Cinnamon points out) is a religious ideology that everyone is expected to follow sooner or later.


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8 responses to “2377. Favored Quotes—Collection 48

  1. Honored to be quoted. A bit odd to have an aha moment about a truth I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever experience. But truth is truth, and when it comes to recognizing it, they do say better late than never.

  2. anon...

    Number 5 is one of the best ones.
    It’s also a reason we should bring back a form of ballroom dancing as standard

    • Meow Meow

      I love Ballroom/social dancing! I wish it was back in the schools and that more young people were taught how to dance. It gives men/boys confidence and allows ladies/girls to feel like the princess of their dreams. A good teacher will be the most focused on the man (leader) for if he can do his part right, the lady will be happy just to follow. (And as in life….if he isn’t leading, out of anxiety SHE will try to “Lead Herself”!) A good teacher can start things off right if both partners can have an open mind….

      • MLaRowe

        Ballroom dancing is just fabulous.

        My grandmother was spectacular at it and she spent her last years going to dance after dance with a “friend” where everyone’s favorite song was (listen up Sir Guy because I know this one means a lot to you also) In The Mood.

        I took ballroom dance classes once and remember them fondly.

        Ballroom dance is one of the most romantic things I can think of.

  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    This is somewhat related to the issue of depreciation of masculinity in our society: but as an ex-Naval officer, what did you think of the conduct of the Naval personnel recently captured by the Iranians? They had a token female ‘sailor’ among the crew, but in my opinion they all behaved like feminized men.

    Sir Eric,

    It’s easy to think what you describe as causative. But I don’t. The feminized men are their leaders, managers, and military executives. The men in the boats follow the example of their leaders.

    I’m reasonably certain that the presence of the female crewmember was a discouragement but not the cause of not fighting for the reason in 1st paragraph.


    • Eric

      Sir Guy;
      I think that’s not only following their feminzed military leaders, but also decades of being feminized in the public schools and by the modern media. This and a few other incidents in the military have me concerned that—if this the level of today’s fighting men—we’re going to have a serious problem if we come up against a more virile society, like Russia or China, that have technological parity with us.

      Sir Eric,
      I agree with all that you say. Very perceptive and accurate.

  4. Ari

    Thank you. I am honored you quoted me Sir Guy! ☺💖

  5. Sarina

    Number #2 and #3 are so powerful. I honestly see how men simply ‘don’t care’, some are so reserved and shy, it’s like a reverse role, they won’t even lift a finger in the metaphorical sense in order to impress a lady unless they’re horny for some scantily-clad babe. Women nowadays are doing everything to chase and to obtain a guy so men don’t have to. I even know many girls who proposed to guys with matching rings; simply ridiculous.

    And the worst part is how men expect their partner to bring equal income or even live on the back of a woman. I know a friend that works 2 jobs to support and keep her guy around. ‘He’s handsome’ she tells me and I see how he doesn’t protect her or give 2 cents about her opinion or anything.

    I’ve already decided that I won’t marry a guy who expects me to work full-time after having a baby. No way will that happen! Spending time with a baby during its infancy is the most required and wonderful experience to satisfy a woman’s nurturing desire. Working jobs quickly after giving birth is for single women, not for wives that have a healthy, capable husband.

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