2378. PROVERBS — Singles 01


  1. ‘Full disclosure’ by a woman is foolish. She will be judged, so less information is better. Her intention to be ‘fully known’ works against her.
  2. “A kindhearted woman gains respect but a ruthless man gains only wealth.” [Source: Michelle LaRowe’s comment at post 571.]
  3. A man changes dramatically after conquering a woman. He inherits the conqueror’s right to manage their sexual agenda, or he dumps her.
  4. A man’s respect for a woman is essential for his love. Among women, love can come before respect.
  5. A woman seeks family and economic, social, and domestic stability. She seeks safety of health, life, and family—a brighter future.
  6. As more and more women take up bedpost notching, they generate disrespect for selves and gender. Raunchy and feminine are mutually exclusive.
  7. Booty call is the screwing she gets for the screwing he got. Duty sluts have lost more male respect that they can ever imagine or recover with him.
  8. By girls insisting on and upholding feminine, social, and domestic standards, boys learn they must please females for no other purpose than it is right.
  9. By planning to treat and qualify all men alike, a woman conditions her thinking to not go off the deep end with infatuation.
  10. By their nature, women favor equality for decision making. Men favor fairness. Resolve it early or arguments compound and bitterness follows.



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4 responses to “2378. PROVERBS — Singles 01

  1. MLaRowe

    Ha- It’s funny to see my full name. Glad I never said anything I’d regret here.

    As for the quote, I don’t deserve any credit of course because I believe that was King Solomon who wrote it (wonder what he was like in real life, amazing I’m sure).

    As for being kindhearted, I’m a work in progress. I think of myself as on a path to being a better person.

    Recently I was listening to some ladies at a table next to me gossiping away. My judgmental started to kick in (because I do try not to gossip) and then I re-thought about it and decided that on their paths to becoming kindly and gracious those women are just not far along just yet.

  2. MLaRowe

    What I was trying to say in that last paragraph was that I’m getting better about letting others just be where they are (and trying not to judge them). Wasn’t sure that got across once I re-read it.

    So see, there is work to be done before I’m full blown kindhearted myself but I’m getting there.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,

    Of course, you have to judge them, but you don’t have to express your thoughts. We all judge all the time. We have to or we couldn’t survive.

    Those who promote non-judgmentalism are motivated to prevent being blamed or found guilty of something. They’re unhappy with themselves and suspect that the thoughts of others match their negative thoughts about themselves. Most likely they have low self-esteem, low self-image, and perhaps even shame. Their problems are internal and not with others who they suspect judge them harshly. Essentially, they can’t stand themselves and so they blame others as judging them. The way out of their morass is for women to pursue more self-gratitude and self-importance and for men to pursue more self-admiration and significance.


    • MLaRowe

      Thank you, you have said this before other places and I’ve found it helpful since I have been accused in the past of being judgmental and so it’s a subject/possible character flaw I dwell on.

      What I’m starting to believe is that I need to use the word discernment instead of judgement (for example after hearing the gossip I wouldn’t like to be friends with those women). However, I am not in a position to condemn because really only God knows the whole story.

      When I was accused I was in a more angry time in my life than I am now so most likely it may have been true. I’m happier (more grateful) these days than I was in the past and it makes a difference in my outlook toward others.

    • Miss Gina

      Absolutely right, Sir Guy. It’s just a cover for their desire to go on in their pet sins unchallenged by conscience or societal disgrace.

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