2379. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 01

  1. The trait that women condemn so easily, a man’s ego, reflects his sense of self-admiration, self-satisfaction, and significance. Unwise to attack it.
  2. A man’s friendly touch in passing is a small price for a woman to pay. It signifies the respect of men other than her own and magnifies her worth.
  3. A man’s physical infidelity isn’t terminal; she wants to talk. His woman’s physical infidelity, however, is considered the end; he expects to walk.
  4. A woman expects her ears to be filled frequently with her man’s words of affection and appreciation. Her sense of self-importance depends on it.
  5. A woman expresses love through closeness, nurturing, and intimacy. She reveals her love with words that keep her spirit more alive.
  6. A woman wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by powerful people. Two men won’t knowingly share her; one man works best
  7. Female charm, indirectness, and patience enable women to dominate interaction and values that shape relationships. It’s her inborn expertise.
  8. Femininity’s inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness.
  9. Flowers as gifts have one purpose, to please women. Flowers are worthless and border on inappropriate for men even in sickness.
  10. Men can more easily forget than forgive offense. Women can forgive but almost never forget offenses.


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4 responses to “2379. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 01

  1. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Can you explain more about charm, indirectness and patience in number 7?
    To some people, charm means sexiness and temptation. Indirectness means being passive (when many other girls are aggressive, loud, direct, how can indirectness win?).

    Another question unrelated to this post is about travel together of unmarried couples. The media is saying: if you want to see if you are compatible, you should travel together and see the true side of each other (e.g. Daily habits, how you look when you wake up…). What is your view on this?

    Have a blessed day and continue blessing us with your posts! Many thanks!!!

    Your Highness Lilac,

    The words work this way in relationships: Charm means friendly influence. Indirectness means hinting and planting seeds. Patience means waiting for charm to work and seeds to sprout.

    As to travel together of unmarried couples, get separate rooms at night and use them separately. Sexual compatibility does not indicate marital compatibility. In fact, premarital sex discourages long-range marital compatibility. His respect of her stops growing when she yields; he conquered and is free to hunt and conquer elsewhere.


  2. Mandy

    Hi Sir Guy,
    I’m not sure what #2 means. Could you provide more detail?

    Your Highness Maddy,
    Sure, a friendly pat on the back, touch to the shoulder to confirm friendliness, touch on the arm to get attention.

    • Mandy

      Thank you Sir Guy – so you mean that when a man touches a woman on the arm or a pat on the back he is likely just doing so as a friendly gesture and women should interpret it as friendly also?

      Your Highness Maddy,
      Sure, start with that assumption. If his intent is otherwise, your senses will wave a red flag and you’ll know how to handle it. Then you treat him differently and unfriendly.

  3. Magnolia

    About point #1, there is some really good information in article 1027-His Ego: Insecurity or Significance?

    Someone else asked a question and I realized that somehow I’d missed that post. I thought the ladies would be interested. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a great one.

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