2382. PROVERBS — Singles 02

  1. Female independence exhibited by masculine-style sexual freedom makes marriage dwindle in importance, vitality, longevity, and appeal to men.
  2. Cheap and easy sex teaches men that women are playthings easily fooled and dumped. Chastity teaches men that women are not easily bamboozled.
  3. Cheap and easy unmarried sex for males means no permanent obligations. The easier the conquest and escape, the cheaper and more expendable is she.
  4. Cheap and easy unmarried sex means that the hand that rocks the cradle no longer rules her world with a man. It applies to each woman and affects all.
  5. Cheap and easy unmarried sex turns mature men into teen-minded boys. The things women consider vital have little or no value to adolescents.
  6. College girls major or minor in booty for reasons incomprehensible to any father.
  7. Compliments to men presented by a female’s actions are believable; those presented in words are less so.
  8. Conquest stops a man’s looking for weaknesses to get her in bed, and so he no longer discovers her strong qualities that he can admire as virtues.
  9. Craving the competitive distinction of being first, virginity thus impresses the male nature. Women mistakenly think it’s the main female virtue.
  10. Devotion ‘locks’ a man to one woman. Except when a man falls in love at first sight, it’s almost foreign to male thought. Women must earn it.

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